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Terms and Conditions

I. General provisions

1.1 The contract is made according to the Civil Code and other regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.2. The main purpose of the contract is to ensure the rights and responsibilities between ESN Lithuania and the participants of the event called Spring Erasmus Games. This contract defines the basic rules that must be held and the main responsibilities which occur if the contract is not held.


II. Definitions

2.1 In this contract, the most commonly used definitions:

2.1.1 OC – organizing committee.

2.1.2 Participant – a person who is participating in an event called Spring Erasmus Games.

2.1.3 ESN Lithuania – Erasmus Student Network Lithuania.

2.1.4 Spring Erasmus Games – the name of the event.

2.1.5 Joint liability – a form of damage repairment when the damage has to be repaid equally by two or more people.


III. The formation of the contract

3.1 The contract between ESN Lithuania and the participant is automatically signed by the participant when s/he registers for the event.


IV. The commitment of the parties

4.1. ESN Lithuania commits:

4.1.1. To ensure the event will happen if no then organizers takes responsibility to inform the participant about the cancellation of the event.

4.1.2. To ensure the program of the event, sports and leisure facilities.

4.2. The participant commits:

4.2.1. Not to leave the location of the event without informing the OC about it.

4.2.2. To pay for the damage during the event if the damage was done to the third parties. If it is not possible to tell who damaged the inventory, then people who were related to the incident (were living in a particular house or room, were near the equipment and etc.) has to repay for the damage in joint liability.

4.2.3. To keep the environment and the place clean.

4.2.4. To protect the property s/he brings to the event; in case of the thefts, ESN Lithuania is not responsible for the loss.

4.2.5. To be responsible for her/his safety during the event.


V. Rights of the parties

5.1. Rights of ESN Lithuania:

5.1.1. ESN Lithuania has a right to change the contract before informing the participant about the changes in the contract.

5.1.2. To eliminate the participant from the event Spring Erasmus Games if s/he endangers himself, people in the event or property (includes going to the water source while drunk, fights between people, using any sharp objects to hurt people and etc.), disrespects OC (uses verbal or non-verbal disrespectful words or signs).

5.1.3. OC of Spring Erasmus Games has a right to accept the highest power decisions related to Spring Erasmus Games during the event (such as the elimination of the person, changing agenda and other decisions related to Spring Erasmus Games). The decisions cannot be appealed.

5.2. Rights of the participant:

5.2.1. Has a right to find a replacement for himself/herself if s/he cannot participate in the event but not later as one week before the event. Also, informing OC about the changes by writing an e-mail to [email protected].

5.2.2. Has a right to know about the changes in the contract or event agenda.


VI. Disclaimer of the contract

6.1. The contract can be disclaimed by both parties – the participant and ESN Lithuania.