For the Central European Platform, approximately 100 representatives of ESN sections from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia are expected to gather in Cracow for a truly  memorable event! 
Can you think of a better way to spend quality time than while meeting a group of about 100 ESN members in a Magical City?

Official website:

Facebook page

Attention! CEP event is dedicated for local ESN level - for ESN sections and their members.
Every ESN Lithuania section member has right to participate in the event, however the places are limited. Each ESN section from Lithuania have 1 seat guaranteed. However, more than 1 member from a section can registered, provided that there will be free places left. In any case, you should inform your section president about your intent to participate in CEP.
From this year registrations to all ESN international events will be done through centralized system with Galaxy account.
In order to register for CEP (or any other event) you should register to Galaxy and hold your account. 
Registration to CEP:
If you already hold  Galaxy account:
a) Go to
b) Press Login and enter your Galaxy account username and password
c) Fill in registration form
d) Wait for approval by CEP organizators
If you do no hold  Galaxy account:
1) Go to
2) Press register (up-right corner) and fil in the form
3)  Inform your section president ASAP, so s/he could approve your account (by assigning you a role, e.g. local active member)
4) After your section president approves your account in Galaxy, please follow steps a) b) c) d) as described above.