First weekend of June, 2016, sections of Erasmus Student Network Lithuania joined their forces to create something unforgettable for international students in Lithuania. About one hundred and fifty students went to the part of the country which is known for its lakes and relaxing atmosphere - Molėtai - to participate in ESN Lithuania national event ESCAPE.

The combination of a festival and a summer camp let students spent 3 days in Lithuanian countryside: fresh air, forest, lake, no wifi, at some time even no showers… and, most important, not so typical Lithuanian weather with sun shining all day long and wind keeping out of reach.

From the very first moment all ESCAPE participants had numerous activities. Everything started with orientation games on Friday which helped students to get to know the place and their group members. Saturday evening got a little bit out of hands with more aggressive Capture the Flag than expected - now we can say that all camp participants were really competitive! Yet, the game ended with the smiles on people's faces. Apart from the planned activities, everyone could find something for his or her wishes: all day open basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, card and board games, frisbee or simply enjoying the lake and sunbathes.

Don’t forget the evenings! Live music from “Melted Core” and “Joel Band” on Friday and “Only Once” and “Freemen” on Saturday continuing both parties with DJ playing all night long till the last tired person went to sleep.

Some students jokingly said that there was only one bad thing - vicious and always on the mission - mosquitos. But even these creatures slightly stepped back when few hours lasting bonfire was lighten up.

The peak was reached with colour fight and white t-shirt party. Saturday evening everyone had a chance to write some sweet, funny, sometimes even cheeky words on each other. Friends, who met here in Lithuania in the beginning of semester, new bonds, which started only on the same weekend, everything went on the clothes.

Time flew imperceptibly fast and separation on Sunday wasn’t easy when students had to go back to 4 different Lithuanian towns where ESN functions: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai. It is already known, all the memories of time spent together will be unforgettable.

ESCAPE was the first national ESN Lithuania event of this type. As the main organizer, Projects and Events Manager Lina said, even though it was the first event, it went even better than expected and organizing committee has already have the plan in their heads to make this event each semester so all “Erasmus+” and other exchange programme students who come to Lithuania would have a chance to spend a weekend surrounded by Lithuanian nature and new international friends.