ESN Lithuania has two more partners! Let's know about them more.


“Hussar” is the only such sworsmanship school in Lithuania, which has schools in three biggest cities - Kaunas, Vilnius and Klaipėda. Maestro Linas Gudonavičius (2 level master of swordsmanship) is a founder of “Hussar” school in Lithuania and its honorable teacher.

The art of swordsmanship has always been regarded as a noble occupation, but nowadays it is accessible to everyone! Profesional instructors from Lithuania and Hungary pass on the hussar experience that they learned from the last pupil of the Royal Toldi Miklos Institute. So during the practices and courses you will be given authentical, not distorted, high level knowledge about swordsmanship history and origins.

You do not need any exceptional physical preparation. Ability to master this art is open for everyone who wish to improve and become a part of our community. Do not be fooled into thinking that the swordsmanship is intended only for men, because women take huge interest in our trainings too!

What benefits can swordsmanship have to you?

  • You will have the chance to learn from certified instructors and advanced students during practices and courses.
  • You will get to know not only our community members and teachers, but also get to see the magnificent Lithuania's history through the eyes of elite hussar cavalry.
  • You can test yourself and learn to manage the most honorable weapon in the world - a sword.
  • You will easily recover from everyday stress, relax your body and mind.
  • You will develop a better concentration in studies, work or other daily activities.
  • You will strengthen your wrists, arms, shoulders and improve your posture.

Do not miss the chance and feel the indescribable calmness and concentration during training, when in the background you can only hear the majestic sound of swords.

For those who want to learn the art of swordsmanship quickly, but effectively, we can offer “Six cuts” courses which originated from Hungary. In just four practices you can learn how to correctly manage the sword and precisely carry out the most important crossing and cuting actions while also learning how to defend yourself from the oponent. Everyone who completes “Six cuts” courses will be given a certificate that proves their knowledge and will have a great oppurtunity to enhance their skills during further practices.



Wing Tsun - Baltic Wing Tsun KungFu Association (BWTA) which is a part of International Wing Tsun Organization (IWTO) for more than 15 years forward the knowledge of the great master Si-Jo Leung Ting to their students. Si-Jo Leung Ting is current International Wing Tsun Organization president and the only living great master.

Only Baltic Wing Tsun KungFu Association has deep and strong roots, reaching the ancient Chinese  masters. Led by the world's great masters (Level 9 Master Si-Kung Norbert Maday (EEWTO) and Level 5 Master Si-fu Lino Gudonavicius (BWTA)) all the masters and instructors constantly improve their skills and expand knowledge. In addition, all masters and instructors are qualified and recognized all over the world.

What benefits can Wing Tsun have to you?

  • You will improve your reflexes, coordination, breathing, therefore your overall physical condition improves;
  • You will get stronger, become more patient, more energetic, feel great, not only during training, but also after them;
  • Your body becomes more flexible, in addition, you learn to control your body weight;
  • The exercise will have a positive influence on your heart and the entire circulatory system, help you to maintain a good physical shape.
  • You will develop a better concentration, which helps both at work and education;
  • Your body will reduce tension and meditation exercises will help you to relax;
  • The perception that you can defend yourself and protect your loved ones, will offer a spiritual peace;
  • You will get more self-confidence, self-control, better self-esteem and optimistic look on life.

For those who care about your well-being and want to learn to defend yourself, we have special self defence courses A.R.M.O.R. which are based on Wing Tsun KungFu martial arts techniques.

A.R.M.O.R. can be interpreted as:

A – attack;
R – react (react quickly, do not hesitatre);
M – move (always move around and do it quickly);
O – orientate (value the situation and orientate in it);
R – respect (forget the anger or other negative feeling and always respect your opponent).

Why you need to chose self-defense courses A.R.M.O.R.?

  • You will learn about main trends of assault;
  • You will understand how to avoid conflict;
  • You will learn how to react in a stressful situation if conflict is inevitable;
  • You understand how to manipulate an attacker to take over them and manage the course of the attack;
  • You will learn self-defense moves that will help you to defend against a stronger opponent.