ESN Lithuania is happy having a chance to offer an opportunity  even for 144 people from Lithuania to be convinced that this is one of the greatest party you may have!
Sea Battle keeps growing and so we have:
• 2200 international participants
• 777 cabins
• 38 local ESN sections
• 6 ESN countries
• 7 DJ’s – 3 dance floors
• 5 restaurants – 5 shops
• 4 saunas – 2 pools
• 3 days – 2 nights
• 2 harbors 
• 1 unforgettable event!

Places were shared according to an amount of exchange students studying in that university, which ESN section belongs to. Here are the numbers:
• ESN Vilnius University - 25 places,
• ESN VGTU - 24 places,
• ESN MRU Vilnius - 22 places,
• ESN VMU - 20 places,
• ESN KTU - 23 places,
• ESN KuK, ESN KK, ESN ISM, ESN ISLB, ESN ŠU, ESN SMK gets 5 places per section.
!Some sections might not to fill up all of their places, free places will go to the people who will be in the waiting list according to their registration time!
Registration form >>HERE<<
DEADLINE to registrate - 2nd of October, 23:59.
You have to give money to your section coordinator. Registration is over only then money are paid.
Deadline for sections to transfer money - 8th of October, 23:59.
Who is responsible in your section?
ESN MRU Vilnius - Karolis Sakalauskas, [email protected];
ESN VMU - Sandra Baltkojyte, [email protected];
ESN Vilnius university - Gabrielė Lynikaitė, [email protected];
ESN VGTU - Aist Zentelytė, [email protected];
ESM ISM - Gritė Zaboraitė, [email protected];
ESN KTU - Indrė Čebatavičiūtė, [email protected];
ESN KK - Modesta Džiaugytė, [email protected];
ESN KuK - Karolina Čižaitė, [email protected];
ESN SMK - Gintė Skersytė, [email protected]
or just contact via email [email protected].
Participators must agree to the rules of the organizators. Every participator will have to sign a contract. Documents are attached below.
ESN Sea Battle 2013 Fall for exchange students from Baltics will be held on 17-19th of November.
Official Facebook event here.
For more info contact your section coordinator or Karolis Sakalauskas, ESN Sea Battle national coordinator by email [email protected].
Sea you on the Boat! And traditionally... it's time to start learning the ESN Sea Battle Movement!