Traditionally, as spring progresses ESN Sweden invites to the legendary battle in the sea, for the international ESN community  better known as ESN Sea Battle. Thousands of participants, over night ceasing dance floors, two historical capitals of Europe and nearly one thousand booths for ESN members and for ESN countries visting exchange students. Huge event annually attracting more and more attention this year has awaited for a delegation of 150 international students delegation, supervised by 7 Group Leaders and a national ESN Sea Battle coordinator Karol Sakalauskas.

This time to share her experience with us agreed ESN Lithuania‘s Project Coordinator Sandra Rimavičiūtė, who is attending ESN Sea Battle not for the first time:

Every time while coming from the Sea Battle I bring lots of positive emotions together. First of all we were really lucky with the weather both in Tallinn and Stockholm, where we could enjoy the sunlight, so it wouldn’t make sense to complain about the weather. Probably this time one of the greatest our merits was a big Lithuanian delegation, which this time was tree times bigger than the last time, so we didn’t feel that little anymore between other Baltic sections and the possibility to meet your exchange student in the corridors of the cruise was definitely bigger. This time we have managed to avoid any big problems.


Program as always was involving and interesting; I’ve also managed to attend two hours lasting salsa workshop, which I wasn’t bad in though. 

Also what I could tell is that at the first night Ibiza night club was took over by the members of ESN MRU Vilnius and we stayed there till the very morning and then we met the sun on the deck. Half of the day in Stockholm also didn’t take too long since we had a guide, which leaded us trough the city for the few hours and then we had few hours more to explore city ourselves. 

At the second night we had a Responsible Party and Write on Me – White T-Shirts Party. Both clubs were crowded with people. The ones who wanted to improve their Latino skills at that time were invited to the Latino Party in Tango Lounge.

I am also really satisfied with the work done by Group Leaders. Oscar (the Head OC of the SB) and the security team of the cruise were also satisfied. Quoting the Head of Security at the ESN Sea Battle regarding the security and order at this springs' event: "This was the best event I've participated in so far!". Amazing job everybody!

I think that the result of it is the newly updated GLs standby system.

Also it was a real pleassure to meet people from the previous Sea Battle and to see other known faces.

Long story short, I loved event a lot, every semestre it‘s getting better than the previous one, we‘ve come back full of nice memories, positive emotions – these are the reasons why I wouldn‘t refuse to participate here once again.

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