One more semester, one more Lithuanian delegation joined annual international ESN event organized by ESN Sweden in cooperation with all Scandinavian countries and Baltics. At the late evening of 22nd of April more than 40 students from ESN VMU, ESN VGTU, ESN Vilnius University, ESN MRU Vilnius, ESN KK and one Group Leader of Lithuania Sandra Baltkojytė gathered together in Cathedral Square, Vilnius ready to experience what does really mean being with ESN, being at Sea Battle.

After 9 hours journey from Vilnius through Latvia, Tallinn was finally reached where the cruise Baltic Queen was already waiting. But before the boarding possibility to see one more capital of the Europe couldn’t be left apart, so delegation moved through the beautiful streets of the capital and largest city of Estonia. Only few hours spent in an Old Town, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it was already the time to come back to the port.

Boarding, which started at 4pm, didn’t last for long and soon cruise with more than 400 exchange students and ESN’ers inside headed to Sweden. During those 17 hours inside the ship a lot of happened. While Group Leaders from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia listened for the Head SB Coordinator Anton Lukeniuk, Sea Battlers tried to settle into their rooms, to make new friendships. Evening of the 22nd also invited for the much more activities. After a great dinner everyone was invited to the Starlight Palace for the Ships House Band. After that – Midnight Show started, which was followed by Disco in Ibiza Club. Party lasted until the morning. People who saw that would assure you that the motto of that night was “sleep is for the week”.

23rd of April was already there then everyone in their cabins were woken up by the voice announcing that there is only 1.5h left until arriving.  That day invited to explore beautiful Stockholm, to find many new friends since there were already around 1500 Sea Battlers in the ship after Scandinavian students were let into. Speed dating, karaoke, dance floors in Ibiza and Starlight Palace – that’s what the Sea Battle 2012 Spring has offered for its guests. And of course thousand of different things, which were left at the other side of the story.
During these few days lots of things have happened, hundreds of people met hundreds of new people, someone enjoyed seeing new capitals of Europe, some people were happy even about going with the cruise for the first time, but finally everyone came back home safely. Sea Battle is more than you can imagine. In all the possible ways. That’s why it’s worth going, because there everyone finds its own.