Tourism marketing

State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy applies marketing concepts in the travel and tourism industry as well as carries out promotional strategies and incorporates promotional activities in target markets. Promotional activities range from creating awareness of Lithuania as an attractive tourism destination, to achieving growth in tourism by maximizing the satisfaction of tourists.

The purpose of State Department of Tourism is to improve Lithuania‘s competitive position within the tourism industry, increase inbound tourism to Lithuania and encourage domestic travel. Major promotional activities include presenting Lithuania at international tourism fairs, publishing brochures and creating promotional souvenirs, organizing B2B events in target markets, organizing press and fam trips, communicating through social and digital media, participating in international projects such as European Destination of Excellence, developing and marketing the World Amber Road etc., all of which strengthen Lithuania‘s appeal as a visitor destination and provide quality visitor experiences.


Tourism market surveillance

State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy, following the competency as assigned by Lithuanian laws, carries out monitoring and control of travel organizers, travel agencies, travel agents, guides, providers of accommodation services (which are determined an obligatory classification and only in a scope, in which the provision of accommodation services is related to the implementation of classification requirements), tourism information centers (in a scope of mark order of the usage) performance.

The organization of market surveillance process:

  • Reception and examination of documents required for certificates of tourism services providers
  • Issuance of the certificates
  • Market monitoring
  • Certificates validity suspension and annulment
  • Representation of tourists (consumers) rights
  • Application of preventive measures
  • Informing the society


Tourist rights protection

Before September 1998, the Company Law regulated supply of tourism services. Pursuant to the established procedure, State Tourism Department issued licenses to entities providing tourism services at that time reaching a number of 360. Regulation of tourism activities largely depends on its international character due to its relation to foreign consumers; it also depends on maintaining high quality services and consumer protection. Thus, having taken into account the experience of foreign countries and having harmonized it with EU directives there have been determined minimum requirements for the supply of tourism services and conditions necessary for consumer protection. In order to implement the law appropriate rules will have to be worked out regulating supply of tourism services and business entities will have to be issued special certificates registered in Register of Tourism Services. Norms and requirements stipulated in the Law on Tourism form a legal basis for preparation of specific tourism standards and classification systems to be used then by business entities for the planning and organizing supply of tourism services. Main point of all requirements is to create conditions satisfying consumer needs and ensuring fire-prevention and common safety, hygienic norms and qualified service. These standards will form a legal basis for a consumer to lodge any complaints against suppliers of services, monitor the compliance of those norms and classify services as a means necessary for tourist information. The law stipulates that legal acts when adopted should be assessed by appropriate tourism structures and be implemented.

Measures and action priorities:

  • to ensure that normative acts on the supply of tourism services be implemented.
  • to provide statistical data as prescribed by the Tourism Law.


Other activities

Tourism projects

State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy is implementing, administrating and coordinating more than 7 EU funded projects. These Projects are financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The main purpose of all projects is to implement Lithuanian tourism image and enchase the tourism products and service awareness in Lithuania and abroad. Marketing activities includes: B2B events, promotion in social media, participation in tourism fairs, big outdoors activities in target markets, publishing brochures in various languages and etc. State Department of Tourism also supports various European initiatives/projects: participation in European Commission project EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence), European Neighborhood Policy Twinning project “Strengthening the capacity of the Department of Tourism in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan” and submitted application for European Commission project “Enhancement and promotion of the World Amber Road “.


Tourism statistics

State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy cooperates with national and international institutions and organizations in the field of statistics. The Statistics Lithuania, the Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania and other national institutions provide statistical tourism data to State Department of Tourism. Lithuania is a member of two international tourism organizations - UNTWO and ETC. The statistical data of Lithuania tourism sector is regularly provided to these organizations and Lithuania is included in UNWTO and ETC reports.

On regular basis tendencies of Lithuanian accommodation establishments statistics, domestic, outbound and inbound tourism as well as European and world tourism results are analyzed. The Lithuanian tourism statistics and analysis are provided by request.