The PuRe Committee (PuReCom) is the first committee of ESN Lithuania. It was established after 18th National Platform in March, 2014. The committee members work in close contact with National Communication Manager and provides support for National Board and Sections of ESN Lithuania.

Committee has it‘s own structure, which consists of main Chair and two teams - Branding and Copywriting. Each team has a Vice-Chair. Branding team works with graphics, videos and gadgets, whereas Copywriting focuses on proofreading and press&publications. Members work within and across various teams. At the moment committee has 8 active members.


Chair of the Committee

2017/2018 Ieva Januškevičiūtė

2016/2017 Monika Banytė

2015/2016 Mikas Macijauskas

2014/2015 Dominykas Graibus



For general information contact the Chair of the committee: [email protected]