Mentors Days 2012 has started on 18th of May with opening a registration at 10am, share of welcome packs and chatting with the cups of tea and coffee. Exhibition of Different Erasmus was opened as well. People were invited to enjoy moments captured in photos sent to us by past and present Erasmus students. Everything what MD participator could see alive may be found here.

Program has started at 10:30 with an opening word by ESN Lithuania president Gintarė Vaiginytė and Education Exchanges Support Foundation Director Daiva Šutinytė. They were glad to see so many active volunteers in one place already for the 3rd time since Mentors Days are happening for the 3rd time (2008, 2010) as well.

Later we have continued with presentation by Ilona Kazlauskaitė, who presented activities of Education Exchanges Support Foundation, possible mobility programs and all the possibilities connected to this institution. Then stage was given for ESN Lithuania, represented by the Board members. Our NR Ieva Vezbergaitė presented international level of organization, working methods, structure and opportunities of working inside the Network. National Public Relations Officer Sandra Baltkojytė talked about national level of our organization, our inside structure, ways of communication, mean of NP and other things, conserning ESN Lithuania itself. President Gintarė Vaiginytė has finnished the presentation describing various projects, organized all around Lithuania by ESN.

At midday we were invited to a lecture about intercultural communication by VMU lecturer Aurelijus Zykas, who explained many possible differences in different countries like that thumbs up in some countries may refer to something even worse than showing middle finger here. After delicious lunch we continued with session about sensory marketing where unique examples and stories about uncrushable brands as Coca Cola or 4 ways how sound affects people were given. Then we continued with a break, which lasted for 3 hours and gave an opportunity for participators if not to visit a city with a beautiful castle, then enjoy SPA procedures. Evening of 18th invited everyone to a live performance of the band "Do NOT translate". Good old songs and something really new invited everyone to dance until late evening.

New day, new challenges. 19th of May with few more lectures has came. It has offered to listen about about public image of organization - thoughts, which were given by VU lecturer Vilija Gudonienė and will be useful for the future of ESN. Counting almost half of the week after the event we already may see some results here. From 12:20 lecturers and topics has changed. From communication to methods how NGOs should be organized and what are sponsorship opportunities by Martinas Žaltauskas. At the end of this session official and theoretical part of the event was over and only the most beautiful part was left - time of awarding the best of the bests.
First of all winners of the Different Erasmus were announced. IIIrd place for Justina Kraulėdaitė from ESN KTU, IInd for Modesta Gedminaitė from ESN MRU Vilnius and Ist for Justina Kozlovksa from ESN MRU Vilnius. Winners were selected after counting votes of Mentors' Days participators. Congratulations for once more! And those who haven't won... just check how much support have you gained on Facebook by your friends, families and people you haven't even met!
Different Erasmus was changed by Go Public awards. Here the best of 2011 from all ESN Lithuania were awarded:
- Best event: Bling Bling Party by ESN MRU Vilnius, ESN Vilnius University, ESN VGTU, ESN ISLB.
- Best new idea: ESN Diary by ESN KTU.
- Best photo: "Trakai" by ESN Vilnius University.
- Best social project: Help children with cancer by ESN VGTU.
- Best project of 2011: Cultural Nights by ESN VMU.
Day was coming to an end and after lunch only one activity was left. It was National Platform, which traditionally invited to discuss about the latest issues in organization.
Two days, hundreds of people. New ideas. Good old and recently met new friends. Active leisure and lovely weather in a beautiful city. Experiences you won't soon forget. That's why it is worth to be an ESNer!

Photo album here.

From 14th to 16th of November ESN Lithuania delegation was participating in an International ESN event "Sea Battle", which is organized two times per year by ESN Sweden sections. This time Lithuania was represented by 50 participants (including 2 Group Leaders) from 7 different sections of ESN Lithuania: ESN Vilnius University, ESN VGTU, ESN MRU Vilnius, ESN ŠU, ESN VMU, ESN KTU and ESN KK.

In the morning of 14th of November our delegation finally arrived to Estonia, where they were met by cold sea breeze and a unique old town, which is included in the list of UNESCO's World Heritages Sites. Having a few hours before departure, it gave them the opportunity to explore the city. In the evening everyone gathered around in the Tallink Cruise ship Terminal-D, where they have shared tickets and signed participant contracts which binded to take responsibility for their own actions. Time to step in to the Tallink Silja Cruise ship "Baltic Queen" has finally come!

All the participants were settled in 4 place cabins, which were located on the same floor. This allowed them to communicate more conveniently. First evening they headed to Stockholm with only about 300 students from ESN sections of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The program of the first night invited everyone to parties, which were located in two different ship clubs: "Starlight Palace" and "Ibiza Club". Culmination of the evening was then few exchange students encouraged by hot blood and unfading enthusiasm were running on the deck half-naked :)

In the morning of 15th of November they have finally reached Stockholm. Here students could already feel the spirit of Christmas floating in the air, while Christmas Trees and Christmas Towns were being built in the centre of the city. After having some time for sightseeing, they came back to the cruise ship terminal, where it was very hard to get through queues, formed by Scandinavian students, who were waiting for their checking and getting on board.

After students from Sweden, Norway and Denmark have joined them, there were more than 2000 students on the cruise! Each of them had a great opportunity to participate in the informational meeting, where the NR of ESN Swedenn was teaching everyone the already so extremely popular ESN Sea Battle Movement dance. Later the evening program offered activities for everyone – starting from Speed Dating, Crazy Games, Pub Quiz, ending with a Karaoke event which turned out to be quite popular among international students, Salsa lessons or two different parties in the two clubs of the ship.

While foreign students were having fun, Group Leaders and security of the ship (in other words "the people in blue or yellow T-Shirts" as they were called by passengers) were taking care of everyone’s safety and maintaining order in corridors and territories of clubs.

In the morning of 16th of November ESN Lithuania delegation left the ship. "Sea Battle’11 Autumn" was over for them, but continued for students from ESN Sweden, ESN Norway and ESN Denmark. During those days and nights many things have happened. Some of them were funny, some – painful, but all in all everyone came back safely, with many adventures to tell and ready to repeat ESN Movement in up-coming "Sea Battle" events!

Julija Garšvaitė

ESN Lithuania and Student Travellers present:


Preliminary programme

Saturday (26 November 2011)

Free bus shuttle from Vilnius and Kaunas
Arrival at Druskininkai in the morning
Registration for the event. Souvenirs. Check in the hotel.
Free time in Druskininkai with the group leader (mentor). City tour with possibility to taste mineral water.
Parade for all international students. Be ready to represent your university and your nationality! Bring your country attributes, flags and colors!
Welcome from ESN Lithuania. Meeting with the representatives of Druskininkai town and Lithuanian National Agency – Educational Exchange Support Foundation. Free time.
Night clubbing: International Party    

Sunday (27 November 20101

Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Aqua park. Don’t forget to bring towel and your swimming suit
Free time
Departure home

Registration and payments have to be done before 6 November, 2011 via your own university ESN section. Please see sections list here.

If your university/college does not belong to ESN. Register at [email protected] , email Subject “Exchange days 2011 registration” by providing:
First and Last name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Sex, Mobile number, email, your university/college name

By registering you agree with Terms&Conditions

Even after more than a week, participants of the ESN Summer Camp, which was held on the 11-15 August, are sharing their positive experience and photos on social networks. That shows the Summer Camp was really successful and memorable! ESN members are therefore grateful for organizers from ESN Lithuania and for KTU, VDU and KK as these universities supported the event and in this way contributed to a great success.

There were totally 59 ESN members from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Sweden, Germany and Lithuania. As the Camp was based on team building, both lectures and games were organized. Organizers invited Nijolė Petkevičiūtė from VDU and professional trainer Andrius Jarašiūnas to conduct some lectures. During the trainings, it was concentrated on the personality, team building and the problems related to this. Participants were learning to cope with their fairs, work together etc. Funny team building games were played as well.

For sure, various attractions also help to build a team, so organizers thought about this and prepared some nice surprises. Participants could use sauna, hot water tub, drive water bikes, play basketball or valleyball. Eurodinner was organized too. Campers were extremely happy to have the water fight as well as night orientation game. For some of the participants it was completely new experience. After the busy day, it was possible also to spend the evening nicely sitting by the fire place.

Summer Camp by ESN Lithuania was organized also in 2010, but at that time only Lithuanian members of ESN could participate. So, this year the conception of the event became broader as it became international. With lots of positive experience, fun memories, bigger motivation to work further on for ESN, participants promised to come back to Lithuania once again. Organizers are also happy about the success, so ESN Lithuania is seriously thinking to continue this nice tradition of having Summer Camp for ESN members.