Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come! All year we have been working for the same causes. And now it is our time to shine! We proudly announce the third Gala Dinner in the whole history of ESN Lithuania, which will gather more than one hundred beautiful ESNers in one place at the same time.

Dress code: dresses for ladies, suits for gentlemen

Distribution of spots:

• 5 spots per section (5x16);
• spots for National Board members, National Coordinators and National Committees Chairs(16); 
• 5 spots ESN LT Alumni; 
• spots for OC;
• For additional spots please contact ESN LT Projects and Events Manager via [email protected].

We kindly invite you to register here till 21st of May: 

Also we kindly remind you to nominate best of the best for GO PUBLIC awards till 21st of May.

Campaign of the Year
Cooperation of the Year 
Event of the Year 
Idea of the Year 
Picture of the Year 
SocialErasmus Event of the Year 
ExchangeAbility Event of the Year 
Video of the Year 
Surprise of the Year 
Phrase of the Year 
Newbie of the Year 
Educator of the Year 
ESN'er of the Year 
Mr/Mrs Curious of the Year 

Looking forward to see you all very soon,
For additional information and extra spots contact our Projects & Events manager via [email protected]

03/06/2017 - 19:00

The time has come... All year we have working hard for the same cause. And now it is our time to shine... We proudly announce the second Gala Dinner in the whole history of ESN Lithuania, which will gather more than one hundred beautiful ESNers in one place at the same time.

28/05/2016 - 19:00

GoPublic awards are already here again!

Send your applications for:
• the best event;
• the best social project;
• the best picture;
• the best new idea;
• the best best project

until 5th of May (23:59), 2012 to [email protected]!

Your application has to contain a short description of your project/event/photo or idea, provide some visual material as photos from the project or promotional material as posters, leaflets, stickers and etc. Add links to the websites and articles, which have promoted your activities. Writewhy you deserve this award and add anything else what would prove the commision that YOU were the best during the year 2011.

More info in the file attached or [email protected].

Don't be shy & apply!

Attachment Files: 

During the NP of ESN Lithuania on 26th February, 2011 new event was held - GO PUBLIC! The idea of this was to encourage sections to share their ideas with each other and let others know more about what they are doing. And now we are proud to announce the winners of the event!

Congratulations go to:

Best event: ESN VU - Wild Dates. The ideas of blind dating and wild dating were connected. Both Erasmus and Lithuanians could participate and show their best. It was fun, it was new, interesting, it was WILD!

Best social event: ESN MRU Vilnius - Erasmus Fundraising. It was initiated by Erasmus students themselves. During the whole term, they collected empty bottles, white cents and in the end of the term used all the received money for buying presents, games, candies and so on for children sick with tuberculosis. When visiting children, Erasmus also presented their countries, so children could learn more about different cultures.
Best new idea: ESN VGTU - ESN MAN. The idea of ESN MAN is to make a plastic man to promote ESN. The artificial man would be situated in several places, which are quite visible to the public, e.g. entrance of university.