ESN Lithuania invites to join goodness campaign „Nebūk daiktistas“ (“Don’t be a Thingist”) organized by our friends!
Project encourages you to give away things you do not need any more in change of gratitude of people, who need these things more.
All and each of you who read this are more than welcome to join campaign of sharing and helping each other!
Check your cupboard and think - maybe there are things you don‘t need or don‘t like anymore?
It could be:
– clothes – shoes – utensils – stationery – books – toys/board games – many other things.
By participating in the campaign “Nebūk daiktistas” (“Don’t be a Thingist”) you will not only help others with things they need, but also you will help to built a proper image of international students as energetic, creative, mobile, tolerant and  socially responsible people. At the same time you will help to increase the visibility of ESN in home institutions and local community.  
Campaign will be held from 1st to 16th of March. Soon more information will appear and each participating ESN section will indicate places where things can be left. All the given things will be registered in system. Each participator will be able to see its profile.
(e. g.: Profile of ESN Vilnius University,
Event for all Lithuania HERE.
By pressing on your ESN sections's name below you will get more information about the project:

• ESN Vilnius University 

If you belong to the section which is not mentioned above then you can contact to any other section in the city!

Go social with ESN!
Reach highier! Go further! Go social!
SE national coordinator: [email protected] 

SocialErasmus is a project where with minimal expenses we can implement the most beautiful ideas, so this time our SocialErasmus coordinators team agreed with the idea that international wind could take over Lithuanian schools by sending them postcards.
Project “Erasmus Postcards“ is easy to realize: before going to Lithuania Erasmus exchange students are asked to brought few cards with them. Each ESN section chooses the most convenient time them to collect and during certain event students are asked to fill their cards by writing few  phrases in their native language, few sentences about first impression being in Lithuania (in English), the favorite phrase in Lithuanian and other things they want. 
After collecting postcards, ESNers will divide them in equal parts and send to the selected schools of Lithuania, where postcards will be exposed (how – it depends on agreement). ESNers need creativity there: each section has to present ESN Lithuania and themselves as well, ERASMUS exchange program, tell schools about the flows of international students each semester and traditional  activities that ESN offer to them. Also we are glad that our expired SocialErasmus projects as video "Erasmus Unites", telling what Erasmus exchange program is and "Erasmus Letters" are beneficial there – they let us explain better the essence of ESN activities and SocialErasmus goals. 

What is more, most of ESN Lithuania sections for the first time joins “Anti-bullying Week“, which will last from 18th to 24th of March where the main goal will be to implement activities that stimulate tolerance and empathy at an early age children in kindergartens, schools, social centers, children homes. By sending Erasmus postcards, information about ESN and our activities to Lithuanian pupils, we will try to break stereotypes, to emphasize the need of understanding of cultural differences, encourage discussions about Lithuanians‘ tolerance. 
Realization of the project also aims to reveal that ESNers are active, social and open-minded youth and that Erasmus exchange program is direct connection with European youth and that it lets us become more tolerant!
“Erasmus post cards“ + “Anti-bullying Week” = Powerful “Erasmus in Schools” project
This is the way how soon Lithuanian ESNers are going to reach Lithuanian schools!
For more information you can write to National SocialErasmus coordinator Kristina Selezniova:
[email protected] 


A girl, who makes ESN VMU events look exceptional, because this is her hobby, her passion and her talent. Designs which you could start noticing in the sky of ESN Lithuania since the September, 2011 then the final PRIME conference was organized in Vilnius and a sudden need of a person, who could make a final flyer for the event, emerged. Probably that is the time then IG designs came into the light for us.

Already 1,5 years passed away after that event, but Indrė Gutauskaitė is still with us. After creating logo of ESN VMU, badges/diplomas for national events, numerous posters for the section. So maybe the time came to get to know better what do precious designs hide.  Few questions from ESN Lithuania to ESN design pioneer Indrė!  

What was your first impression you recall about ESN in Lithuania?  

To join the organization I was encouraged by my friend, who saw that I am always aware of the new challenges, which I could accept and in that way find an opportunity to express myself. At the time I was still involved in the activities of other organizations, but ESN attracted me by the unique opportunity to directly work with international students through mentorship program and other projects, where I could see myself as a possible useful help and support. Then I was also thinking about my future participation in Erasmus program, so I realized, that it is a great chance to better get to know other cultures while I was still here, in Lithuania. And as I was thinking before joining, so I do know – I still can describe ESN as a strong, youthful, focused organization gathering friendly people.     

Why have you decided to devote your time and talents for ESN?  

I always try to show off in the areas, I think, I have what to show. Because of the reason that at the time I’ve joined ESN VMU, they were in need of the person who could implement certain tasks, which I was able to, I agreed to do so.   How did you discover designing hobby?

I suppose it has started already in the childhood, when I used to draw with a hand and all the stands and posters in the school were made by me. After joining university paper was changed by a computer with various graphic design programs. Self-reliant lessons and creative surge, which was always with me – it was everything what did I need to start working in this area. What is true, that until today, I haven’t finished any studies or courses related to that, so I still have a long way to go. So for now it’s just a hobby.  

Where do you find an inspiration for your works?

It depends on the topic and the variety of the ideas for the specific task, which I am asked to realize. I never want to create anything what I have seen before. Generally I try to unveil the main idea and after that continue everything that later spectators (most of them, because you cannot please everybody) could enjoy it visually.  
What would be the first step for the person, who would love to learn to work with graphic designs?
Just to be creative, have ideas (even sometimes I also do feel lack of them) and learn how to work with one or another graphic design program, what anyone can do.   
Did ESN help you to improve your skills? In what ways?  
It is certain that working with every design I learn things I didn’t know before. So for me it is a self-education in this area and an escape from my Economics and finance studies in Vytautas Magnus University at the same time.   Because of the reason that this organization has always been a sign of quality for me, I was trying that my works for it would also look professional and quality. What helped me to create my portfolio, which I hope to be useful for my future plans related to studies or work in the field of graphic design. 
Which is your favorite work you have done for ESN so far?

I am happy that logo of ESN VMU, which I have created, is valued and appreciated. I managed to hear some rumors that not only in local, but also national and international levels of ESN. While working on it I was trying that to make a logo, which could expose the section of my university the best and I think that I’ve succeeded. So this my most favorite work from all I have ever done for ESN VMU. I also do hope that all members of ESN could say the same.  

Thank you, Indre, for your thoughts! More works of IG designs might be found HERE.


Just before Christmas, when the first snow has covered streets of Kaunas ESN KTU (Erasmus Student Network Kaunas University of Technology) team with international and Erasmus students went to Vilijampole Social Care Home. Vilijampole Social Care Home takes care of the young people which have physical and/or mental problems. With warm hearts, energy and the presents donated by students for this event, everybody went to visit the youth with special needs.

Accidentally or not the chosen day was magical 2012 12 12. Due to the magic number or the warmth of students’ hearts – that afternoon there were a lot of smiling faces.  Comfortably sitting on the carpet, youngsters with foreign students created a Christmas city. While coloring details of the Christmas city everybody forgot all the problems and enjoyed the time together. It was a surprise to see how easily children found connection with the foreign students despite the language barrier.  When the painting was finished everybody had a chance to enjoy the sounds of guitars which accompanied the famous song for children ‘Naktelės žiedai’. Some children from Vilijampole Social Care Home also showed their singing and dancing skills.

The children were especially happy about the Santa Claus Cat (thanks to KTU Career center) which umused the kids the whole afternood and finally awarded them everyone with presents. The greatest present - special medical hygiene items - bought with the donated money, went for the kids with difficult health problems.

Eventually, students from Azerbaijan and their traditional dance crowned the afternoon. This event was an unforgettable experience for the international students and the ESN team. It was a great reminder to pay attention to the small things and people who surround us and make our lives worth living. Moreover, students had a chance to meet another foreign people who have volunteered in Vilijampole Social Care Home before.

ESN team wants to say a huge thanks for Vilijampole Social Care Home personnel who warmly welcomed us and  everybody who participed and spared time and energy to create the biggest magic in the world – a smile!

Last weekend was really special to ESN KTU (Erasmus Student Network Kaunas University of Technology) team. Current members and freshman were going to spend their weekend together in homestead not very far away from Kaunas. The main reason of this weekend was to make our TEAM BUILDING.

Every semester ESN KTU awaits many new members different in age and specialties. A lot of them have not been acquainted before but one thing attracted them to ESN Organization – to help Erasmus students! In order to work for Erasmus we need to have a strong team which everyone of us can always trust in occurred serious problems. Therefore, team-building weekend was organized for strengthening relationships between ESN KTU members.

Day one started with personal trainings which were presented by KTU Career Center representative – Eglė Šliurpaitė. Many questions were discussed such as „How to compete with fear of public speaking“, „Why do we need challenges in our life? “, „How to do works in time without physical exhaustion?”. During the day ESN team was learning communication, time planning and working together skills in various practical activities.

The most remarkable and extraordinary exercise was a walk in silence. 20 minutes all people were going by the road without talking to each other at all. Of course there were many ways how to communicate without speaking – emotions, gestures, text on mobile phone and etc. but the silence test was passed – no one was talking.

Activities of responsibility also took place in training schedule. Students were learning how to lead people with their eyes closed tight and how to be leaded when you can’t see anything. The answer was CONFIDENCE in your friend. There were many temptations to leave the partner somewhere on road, mislead he/she but hopefully, no one was injured during this training and everyone happily reached home.

After all day works the evening part started when all ESN KTU team decided to relax and enjoy they time grilling sausages, chatting or simply resting. But the night wouldn’t be interesting without something unexpected happening. First time in ESN KTU history freshman were baptized in real members. They solemnly swore to ESN KTU president to love and respect Dovilė Žemaitytė, be obedient and do all works they are asked to do. All novices are full-fledged ESN KTU members now and are ready to work for Organization.

On the day two a lot of information was provided to members about ESN work. Some of it was known and some of it was new. Sandra Baltkojytė, Public Relations Officer of ESN Lithuania, presented ESN Organization and its activity in national and international levels. Members were acquainted with all positions of National and International Boards, International meetings, projects and etc. Sandra’s presentation truly inspired go working and changing Erasmus people life.

In the end of the weekend all team was exhausted but also was happy. New friendships came to ESN KTU and we are expecting that it will even strengthen the team in future projects organization and implementation.

When ESN VMU was approved as the OC of the following National Platform not everyone wanted to leave the capital and move to Kaunas for these few days, but seems that hard work, consistent planning and united team fulfilled their promise that there will be No Problems in Kaunas from 1st to the 2nd of December.

Second NP in Kaunas during the history of ESN Lithuania brought together more than 50 active members including and the first Chair of NP in ESN Lithuania’s history. It was Orinta Movsesjan who bravely stood in front of everyone and kept the right order. Therefore at the end of the NP all the sections approved that CT should be elected for every single NP. One more step forward a better work quality was made continuing with the fact that even 6 different workshops were organized by 6 different members of the NB covering the topics from visual identity and marketing finishing with the basics of HTML code. 

Besides that during winter NP much more various information about present projects, outcomes of recent activities and future plans were presented. Kristina Selezniova (present SE LT coordinator) gladly represented visible SocialErasmus improvement in Lithuania, which might be followed on the new SE Lithuania page. Sandra Rimavičiūtė (present ESN LT Project Coord.) talked about the Sea Battle 2012 Fall and about the better level which this project has reached even with plans to organize a Responsible Party in the following SB. Gintarė Vaiginytė (present ESN LT president) together with Augustė (ESN Vilnius University) explained about the new action plan for the reviving project Invest in Lithuania, which is starting from the following February. Later on it was followed by the presentation of Being a Jew, which is officially starting already from this Sunday. Many other topics related to Responsible Party, CEP Graz 2012 and even new partners were covered. 

Apart of that many other opportunities for the members of ESN Lithuania’s networks was offered. One of them – Eduk8, which is inviting to participate all the potential future trainers on almost any topic. In the past workshops have been organised on topics like effective communication, team building and leadership, constructive feedback and conflict management. Also members were encouraged to join international committees of ESN and use opportunities to Reach out for more – go international!

While trying to improve skills of ESN members international students mustn’t be forgotten as well, that’s why the idea brought back from CEP Graz 2012 to participate in ESN Olympics were presented for the NP and approved by 8 from 9 sections, who were present on 2-nd day of NP. International students should start practicing their running, swimming, soccer skills, because already this spring they will be invited to Poland to show the best they can and ESN Lithuania will be there for them with all the help to win the gold!

From activities for international students to Corporal Identity of ESN, to energizers and even development of future ESN Lithuania with inclusion of strong Alumni role. Presentation made by ESN VGTU Alumni Julius Zaburas offered to appoint 5 places for Alumni in every single NP together with the right to choose and approve the participants themselves. Moreover, creation of Alumni network was initiated with more results soon to come. 

NP finished, members left motivated and prepared to seek for more goals, which might be shared with the entire Lithuanian network in the following NP, which will take place in ESN ISM for the first time since the establishment of the section. Expectations are high, so what is left it is only to wish that after the ESN LT NP Spring 2013 the survey giving the feedback about the event would show the same as it does now, that it was “amazing! Thank you, guys!”. Thank you for being together! ESN unites. 

 By Sandra Baltkojytė.

Attachment Files: 

For 11-18 of November North-South Centre of the Council of Europe organizes “Global Education Week”.

This year Erasmus Student Network of Lithuania also joins this event providing the society information about the Erasmus exchange possibilities and its’ importance to the development of the global citizenship.

Here you can find short movie how ERASMUS, and exchange programs at all, can be benefitial for the person, local society and all the world! ;)

Attention: exchange students did a great job - explained everything in Lithuanian!!!

Thanks for all participants for educating our society!

This year all Europe celebrates Erasmus 25th anniversary. Let’s hear and see how about her Erasmus experience feels current student in KTU. Here is Valina’s from Greece story of Erasmus life:

“Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to be. You never know who these people may be (possibly your roommate, neighbor, co-worker, long lost friend, lover, or even a complete stranger) but when you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment that they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart. Erasmus life can prove to you that everything happen to you for a reason and  to make you to think more that the today will never come back so make every day count!!! I will never forget how I felt the first day in Kaunas, it was midnight -25C degrees and I was thinking that I had to enjoy it because I will be here for 5 months. So I started to laugh and here I am to say my feelings for the five best months in my life .What I say to myself and it will prove to me that Erasmus life is not only 5 months with people and some good moments but something special and wonderful is that after all this period in Lithuania I will understand who are my real friends and who are people that I just met here …. So don’t forget to show to your “Erasmus friends” how much you love them because moments never come back and you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Ps.  The following few words that I heard from some people in Lithuania make me believe that there are real Erasmus friendships: “Why did you do all this for me?" I asked. "I don't deserve this. I've never done anything for you. - ”You have been my friend” - replied  x friends.

Photo called: “Erasmus is the cold weather with warm people around you…”

Written by Vasiliki (Valina) Traikapi

April 27, 11:00 am everyone wakes up and starts to prepare for the “Culture sauna party” that’s how it should have been, but as always Spanish were more “lazy” than anyone else so they were taking they time to wake up and prepare for the event. 11:15 am I reach second dorm doors expecting that there will be a bunch of people and we will be able to move to the bus stop, but I was wrong. Outside were standing only 5 people. Naturally all the mentors were worried where are  the students and right about when we were thinking to go inside the second dorm to wake everyone up. Like the rain from the sky a lot of students from the 5th dorm came in the meeting place. So with the calm stone in our hearts we were able to move to the bus stop. We left a few mentors behind to wait for the other Erasmus students (most for the Spanish). So everyone was a lil bit sleepy but excited and thinking about they adventures in the trip. After “early morning walk for about 1km”, the ship dock were reached and everyone could take a deep breathe of relief. Viktorija (the Head of the event) met us at the ship dock and carefully counted us as we would be her little ducks.

When registration was over we entered in the “Caribbean pirate” ship, put our stuff in the corner and quickly took our seats in a deck. The journey with the boat took something about 1 hour or more but it felt like it was 10 minutes. The greatest thing was the heat of the sun and terribly good weather, so that most of the students were chilling outside, taking sun bath with cold drinks.
Some of the students were singing or playing with the guitar, so we had some live concert too! 2:30 pm we reached our destination for handcrafts, get out from the ship in the place, where you could see plenty of trees and untouched nature by humanity. At some time you could really thought that you are scouting somewhere far, far away from the loud noise of the city and cars. Everything was so calm and relaxing and you could even hear the beautiful melody of birds. Yes, we have reached our first goal “Rumšiškės”! Every Erasmus were attracted by old houses, which were brought here 100 years ago, big fields of freshly cut grass and fantastic smell of the forest trees. By the lead of good experience we get to the center of handcrafting place and separated all Erasmus into 2 groups: first group went to make some pots, animals or any other figure from the clay; second group went to make traditional Lithuanian candles from wax. 
From the picture above you can see what kind of stuff were made from the clay and how people were interested in making of candles. Little by little our cold drinks “went off” because the day were very hot. Thank goodness we manage to find a refill were we could refresh our thirsty bodies and to wet our dry lips. With knew refill, went to explore a lil bit more of “Rumšiškės” and you will not believe than I will tell you that most interesting or I should say unseen thing was outside toilet. Yup, yup the real wooden outside toilet, which, for most Lithuanians, who are living in private houses, are still quite natural thing, for the Erasmus it was like an archaeological finding which was extinct from the earth more than 100 years ago  After such an “amusing” finding we went back to “Kauno marios”  coast with the smile on our face and good memories from handcrafting and more. Near the ship were waiting the captain and his one person crew with the warm smiles, which were saying: “Welcome back from successful journey my adventure warriors”. The trip back home to where we started was also relaxing and full of sun bath with a brilliant seaside view. 5 pm reached the ship dock were the bus was waiting for us take to the last trip destination “Šaltupys” homestead. After about a half an hour we were standing in front of this beautiful homestead which personally for me was like a dream hose just with the dancing pole inside :D The ground of the yard was covered with well-rounded wood and smooth stones. Here we were waiting for the last attraction – traditional Lithuanian dances, songs and games. The professional traditional dance group “Gauštauta” arrived at 7 pm so we had exactly 1h before our dinner was ready. “Gauštauta” kindly introduced us to old Lithuanians dances and games. Probably most funniest dance was “Bear dance” because you need to join the hands with other person and scream like a bear: “Urgh, urgh, urgh …”. In the picture below you can see how our Erasmus succeeded to dance this dance.

In the end of the show/presentation we took a group picture to remember each and every of us who were in this wonderfully crazy day. 
After that, took our dinner and shared our experiences of the trip. The food was great and cold drinks were really refreshing. Later everyone had an opportunity to enjoy traditional Lithuanian sauna, hot tube and to try dance po…. Heh hem it’s a different story.

Written by Evaldas Jankus

ESN Lithuania knows how to combine fun and work. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and you get a perfect team;) So, here we want to keep you a bit updated what happened during our last National Platform, which took place on 7 May, 2011 in Kaunas.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate our two members, who now took important positions on our national level. In our National board we now have Edgaras Žydelis as ESN Lithuania Treasurer and concerning other national positions, we congratulate Cihan Keskin as our IT coordinator! It should be mentioned that Cihan is from Turkey, so as you see, ESN has no borders! Congratulations to both!

What other topics were covered:

- Evaluation and presentation of the most important events of ESN, including AGM;

- Presentation of Sea Battle. From now on, Lithuania is the permanent member of it!

- Project RIDE FOR YOUR RIGHTS. You can find more information about it in speacial article on our webpage or on facebook.

- Presentation of Responsible Party which took place in Kaunas. The next such party is planned to be organized in Vilnius! We will inform you about it!

- Is it worth to have reports, annual plans of the activities of ESN Lithuania board? Unanimously voted for it.

- Presentation of Paintball which took place in Šiauliai on 23 April. Winners - KTU "hunters". Congratulations once again!

- ESN ISM as section candidate.

- PRIME report. Results of Lithuania are very good: we have 338 answers!

- some reports of the sections and other questions which make us keep going further and further.

- Summer Camp. Registration will start on 15 May!

Next National Platform of ESN Lithuania will be held on 24 September, 2011. Organizers: ESN KuK. It is planned to last for two days, so get ready!