ESN Lithuania and its Public Relations have grown a lot during the recent few years. Now is the time to step further and to try something new and innovative. 

It is an official ESN Lithuania's Newsletter, which subscription was released only few hours ago inviting all the network to unite and to have basic knowledge of what is happening in Lithuania under the sky of ESN.

With the help of ESN Graphics Team, work of ESN LT PR Officer and inspiration of ESN LT NR the project hopefully will be successful enough to encourage all the rest of the network in LT to participate and to add their own details into this initiative. 

First news will be released in Lithuanian language. In case of high interest from abroad, language might be changed to English.

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Responsible Party is a project implemented all across Europe. It’s about smart and simple tips everybody actually knows but doesn’t use while drinking to avoid getting totally wasted. Most of people miss opportunity to join these parties because of the wrong opinion. They say that Responsible Party is the one where the use of alcohol is prohibited but it is not like this. Every RP ambassador would tell you that it’s even healthy to have a glass of wine during your meal every day. And drinking in parties is also available – we just want to stop “binge” drinkers.

The most interesting thing of being a part of this project is organising parties. Preparing everything from the very beginning is like one huge creativity game.  First of all we choose dates, then party themes. After theme is chosen we start brainstorming about party activities. It is really nice when ambassadors meet for their first times in their lives just for this project and they start relaxing together, hanging out with one goal – to make the best party each time. We had really great ideas which made us enjoy our parties such as ambassadors “disco” dance, which attracted people not only to watch but also repeat our moves and make not planned flash mob inside of the club.

Really great experience was parties in other Lithuania’s towns. It was like team building for ambassadors because we spent a lot time together while preparing to go there. We were singing and taking “Responsible Family” pictures, preparing perfect dinner before the party and then going to rule the club! Of course, we couldn’t avoid challenges. On the way to one party which took place 400 km away from Vilnius, one of our tires burst but we didn’t stop, we have reached the party and spread RP spirit.

This project taught all of us many things. We can react fast and smart in critical situations, we know much more people, our point of view to drinking and partying has changed. Some ambassadors learnt a lot about drinking, health, humans’ body, some of them found new friends, good friends, some – their second couples. 

After small ambassadors quiz with a question “What is Responsible Party for You?” almost everyone of them answered the same. They said, that this project gave opportunity to understand how important could be good company, socialising, having fun by feeling free and making such a games as craziest photo competition or looking for your second half. We became one big nice and strong family experienced in organising events.

We do not say stop partying, we do not say stop drinking, we say ENJOY ALCOHOL. That’s what we actually did during whole year.

by Indrė Kasiliauskaitė, National RP Coordinator

After half of the cadency and the recent report of ideas realized during it National Platform was cheering for the work done by ESN Lithuania SE Coordinator Kristina Selezniova. Visiting schools, collecting coins, filming videos, contacting tens of people that projects would become real and even writing articles after all of that – this lady could teach us a lot about  multitasking. 

Today we will try to steal some of her time and find answers to questions why ESN and why Social Erasmus? 

How did NBM in Dijon go? Came back with lots of motivation? 
NBM was the great opportunity to see once again all the motivated and ESN-inspired personalities. People from different countries, different positions, with various experiences and ideas, but the same goal - ESN.
The most motivational thing was Dijon OC team work – they were amazing! They thought about all the details and made our time in Dijon unforgettable, what once again proved, that together people can really do incredible things.  

But it’s not your first international event. How the SE meeting in Brussels helped you for career in ESN? 
I was elected as ESN Vilnius University social committee head in the end of 2012 spring.  During few months of action I’ve realized that I really enjoy social activities, and during the summer I started to think about national position. But I still had questions and doubts – what it is and won’t it be too difficult to work on national level. But during SECM I was so impressed by what others are doing in their countries that I decided to be the one, who will motivate Lithuanians to reach higher in SE activities… and one week after SECM we had NP, where I was elected as first national SocialErasmus coordinator.

How does ESN Lithuania look in International context of SocialErasmus?
Recently we have uploaded one video-project (for “Global education week” 2012) on internet and international SocialErasmus coordinator Tarek Keskes commented on it:  “ESN Lithuania ROCKS”. I think that what he really meant was that Lithuania really implement lots of various and original projects, in that way promoting SocialErasmus Lithuania activities much more than it was ever done before. 

I believe that Lithuania really needed national SocialErasmus coordinator, but not because that sections were not realising social projects before. No. What we were really experiencing – lack of visibility – in local and International level. New ideas as well. And now we really work to make us visible – we write articles (even small ones on Lithuanian Ministry of Science and Education page), post photos and videos on Facebook and ESN Lithuania web page, upload videos on YouTube. 
Which of the projects is your most favorite? 
Difficult question! I like them all. But if I have to choose… I really like “Erasmus Unites” video, which was created for 2012 “Global Education Week” (because Erasmus students are speaking in Lithuanian and it’s perfect promotional material for “Erasmus in Schools” project implementing) and also our spring semester “Erasmus Post Cards” project, which, I hope, will become tradition of ESN Lithuania, because it is very simple and involves Erasmus exchange students into social activities from the early beginning. 
What are the biggest challenges you face while coordinating SocialErasmus over entire Lithuania?
I think the biggest difficulty for sections and at the same time challenge for me, is too frequent changing people in local SE positions. It negatively affects transfer of knowledge about SE activities.  But I try to compensate this by creating some guidelines about already implemented projects, by workshops during NPs and SocialErasmus coordinators’ meetings (we had one, but I hope there will be more of them in the future).   
Who or what inspires you not to stop, to reach higher, go further, go social?
I think that the main motivation for me is my SocialErasmus coordinators team, who are realizing really wonderful ideas. After one and a half of semester I can bravely say that Lithuanian SocialErasmus coordinators’ team did a huge step forward – we are searching for new partnerships with other organizations or associations, we are not afraid to try something new, we try to be visible and share our experiences with each other. I’m really proud of my team ;)
For sure, another inspiration – active Erasmus exchange students, who are extremely happy having opportunity to discover Lithuania while participating in social activities. When in the end of semester Erasmus exchange student says me, that “SocialErasmus activities were the best moments of my Erasmus in Lithuania” I really believe that it’s worth doing.

What skills and character features should the following SE coordinator have to continue your successful work? 
Inspiration and deep believe into this project – the best ideas come if the person believes in something, not forcing himself just to do one’s duty. That is the most important for SocialErasmus coordinator, whether on local or national level. And then – creativity – to have new ideas for projects, patience and flexibility – to transfer the knowledge and experience for new coordinators and finally, lots of optimism, to motivate ESN’ers and foreign students to be social.

And finally: why ESN and why SocialErasmus?
Thanks to ISI (International Student Initiative) — organization working like ESN in SciencePo de Grenoble (France), which helped me to discover France, its culture and people during my Erasmus exchange in there. After this wonderful time I decided that I also want to help others to discover Lithuania, but I never expected that my experience in France will lead me to such activity as SocialErasmus.  
After my year experience in ESN I can assure that me, and other SocialErasmus coordinators, we not only help to get acquaintance with Lithuania to foreigners. We also experience it in new and unexpected ways by ourselves. And it is the biggest discovery for me. 
On behalf of ESN Lithuania Board and entire of the network we thank Kristina for the successfully made effort during all the recent months. Keep up the sprit!

Creating future few years ago for me was something I have never imagined. Now I can bravely say "YES, I CAN". Why? Because I have found a place where all dreams can come true!

Once I had decided that I must apply for ERASMUS - I do not know why, but since school years it was something I had to experience. And finally, I got on the bus which led me to the Warsaw where from  I have almost successfully reached my final destination Ostrava Czech Republic by train. I got tricked by the taxi driver, I got lost in the city at the first day while looking for the super - market when some homeless tried to "take" me while waiting for the train. But still it was the BEST decision in my life to seize this opportunity. 

But the real benefits of this adventure started to show up after getting back to Lithuania. First days being at home, going to lectures were SOOO depressing that I had to do something. It seemed that life is going nowhere as everybody was so sad, wasn't smiling... And forget  (wasn’t thinking) about English for sure! 

This is why I have applied to become a mentor - it was interesting - many parties and friends. However, I have started to ask more. As the ESN office was near the house I was living at that moment, I was attending all meetings, I have also started to help other students to find what they did need and finally I had my first project! At that day I felt the opportunity to create something new, I felt the potential of ESN VGTU which were not exploited. Soon I was elected as the Head Coordinator of the Social Projects Committee. It was 100% new as nobody ever tried to do this - maybe this was the main reason which forced me to go further, the possibility to CREATE. My biggest dream to prove that ERASMUS is not only parties and trips became true - for the first time in Lithuania ESN went SOCIAL. 

Now my tenure is over, but new leaders of the committee continue the traditions to follow the earlier events. They continue develop traditions, which came from my heart and were realized with the help of sleepless nights. In my opinion, this is the biggest reward you can get.

Moreover, ESN changed my personal life and character as well. I have met many new people, who became my new friends. I have learned to communicate with different cultures, I have expanded my horizons and showed to others and to myself that everything is possible. Really! Funny story is that I have even got a full-time job as an Engineer with the help of ESN. 

Nowadays, I still cannot stop. One very clever ESN'er said: "ESN is like a drug – at the moment you try it for the first time you either give it up or you never stop using". And I have not stopped untill now and I won't (sorry for those who doesn't like me :) ). At the moment we have started the ESN LT Alumni club - also something we have never done before. Maybe this is the reason I am here - the reason of possibility to CREATE again. 

To sum up, I cannot imagine a day without ESN. There are still many things to do and many challenges to meet. Thank you all who have worked with me, thank you all who are still working - you are the best! 

ESN is the best place to be in!

by Julius Zaburas

More about ESN LT Alumni HERE.

ESN LT Alumni Facebook.

An event, happening three times in a row might be called a tradition. For ESN Lithuania it is so called Bling Bling party, this time organized for the 3rd and not for the last time. Idea to dress up and to spend a night together with international students from 5 different universities and ESNers from 5 different sections this year seemed to be attractive for more than 700 participants.

But who is standing behind all of that and makes the ends meet and everyone enjoy the results of it? These are 4 people who are hiding under two letters “OC”. Today we will talk with one of them - Darija Kupstaitė.

Why Bling Bling?

The organizers of the first party (a year ago) wanted something not so hard to prepare (either for exchange students or for organizers) but at the same time something memorable, shining and sparkling.  That was how Bling Bling theme came up.

So what does the OC made of? What are you responsible for?

OC is made of people from different sections in Vilnius (one person from each section) and those who were organizers of previous parties. We are responsible for everything actually. We are looking for the place, DJ, musicians, dancers, we even had a violin player. We are also trying to get some discounts for students and trying to keep everything in order. Personally I was responsible for tickets, for counting money and paying for everything (I think it is because I am an economics student :) ), also for decorations and together with all other organizers for keeping the order during the event.

As shortly as possible, what are the main stages of organizing this kind of event?

In my opinion the most important thing is a good team. A clear plan of the event should be in the second place and the third stage is about being stick to the plan.

What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced while preparing Bling Bling 2013 Spring?

Definitely the biggest challenge was the place for the event. We couldn’t get the same place as we had during the previous parties. We called to more than 5 places and every time we got an answer “Sorry, no”. But finally we succeed, we found a very nice place, it wasn’t perfect but it was the best option from those that we have had.

Are you happy with the final results?

I’m quite happy, we did everything we could. Of course we made some mistakes but I believe it will be a lesson for everyone. 

What, do you think, is the reason of Bling Bling’s success?

The main reason, I think, is that students were interested in this event more than ever before. We couldn’t believe that there are so many students who want to attend this party.

Maybe something fun or interesting have happened during the evening what all ESN Lithuania would be interested to read about? :)

The most interesting and a bit unexpected thing was that a group of students was waiting for the last tickets since 9 pm (the door was opened at 10 pm). 

ESN Lithuania sincerely thanks for all the organising team for their amazing job done before, after and on 8th of February!

ESN Lithuania in cooperation with “Invest Lithuania” presents a new project -“Multilingual Lithuania”. The main goal of this project is to give Lithuanians an opportunity to learn foreign languages for free, give a chance to know new culture and make friends here in Lithuania and abroad.

Foreign students will become language teachers and have their lessons each week at university. Lessons conducted by native speakers will start from the 25th of February and last 2,5 months.

Now we have over 30 participants from 15 different countries all over the world who accepted a challenge to become a teacher.

On 14th of February in Vilnius at ISM (University of Management and Economics) project participants will have a seminar where they discuss each together about language teaching strategies and methods. Visiting lecturer will share experience and give some advices for efficient lessons.

Information about timetables you will find next week on your university ESN FB page or contact us: [email protected]

Social Erasmus with the project Erasmus in Schools invites to share some joy between the schools and pupils of Lithuania. All what do you need - the help of international students. Steps to follow:

1. Kindly ask international students to bring 2-3 postcards from his homeland. Few things should be mentioned on them:

• name of the country; 

• few phrases in the language of the cards' holder;

• few sentences about first impression of Lithuania (in English);

• phrase in Lithuanian (written with a help of a mentor);

• and everything else you want to share with pupils!

2. After collecting the postcards, ESNers will divide postcards in equal parts and will send them to the selected schools of Lithuania, where postcards will be exposed.

Let the International winds take over the schools of Lithuania!

During WWII in Ponar near Vilnius more than 70 000 Vilnius Jews were massacred and buried in mass graves. In this way Vilnius, Jerusalem of the North, lost almost the entire Jewish population. In 1943 an 11 year old kid Tamir won a ghetto song contest with his song 'Shtiler Shtiler', known as 'Ponar Lullaby', he devoted to the new graves in Ponar after the massacre.

For the purpose of this project students of different European countries will be invited to an event in Vilnius called 'Ponar Lullaby'. 8 groups consisting of 50 persons will be formed between December 2012 and April 2013 (on Sundays). They will spend a day in a former ghetto - a typical day of a Vilnius Jew. The aim of the project is to trigger a discussion among young people of different nationalities who are not familiar with neither the history of Jewish people, neither the Holocaust, about the lessons of the past and values of democracy in Europe and make them eager to build the future of democratic Europe.

More information about the project can be found here.

On the 18-20th of November delegation of 51 people moved from Vilnius straight away to the capital of Estonia where from the biggest adventure ever called ESN Sea Battle started. More than 2000 international students, 760 cabins, 3 dance floors and 2 harbors – experience worth attention of more than 40 ESN sections. ESN Lithuania was represented by ESN VMU, ESN KTU, ESN VGTU, ESN KK, ESN Vilnius University and ESN MRU Vilnius with the help of 3 amazing Group Leaders – Sandra Rimavičiūtė (ESN LT Project Coord.), Dovilė Žemaitytė (ESN KTU) and Simona Aršulytė (ESN VGTU).

According to Sandra, it was an amazing experience worth trying over and over again. Well organized various activities in the boat, active participants and of course amazing parties – that’s all you may want when going to the cruise like this. Despite of that, people got even more. It was Tallinn and Stockholm which were charming because of their historical surroundings and unique stories which were revealed by professional guides.

This time Sea Battle came back different. With new coordinator – Oscar Boije, new logo, lots of promotional material and even seek of feedback. From now on ESN Sea Battle means not only joyful time, but also a qualified project, which is worth attending. Spring is coming, so consider joining ESN Sea Battle 2013 Spring!

Thank you for all the participants who sent “Letter for ERASMUS exchange student in Lithuania“!

The most original were students from Klaipėdos siuvimo ir paslaugų verslo mokykla (3KP 3 gr ir 3D 6 gr., teacher - Irina Basalyga); they will get our special prize :)

Other prizes go to:

Justina Miliūtė - Seirijai Antanas Žmuidzinavičius gymnasium

Mažvydas Juščius - Vilniaus rajono Paberžės „Verdenės“ secondary school

Indrė Kaminckaitė - Neveronys Secondary School


Dėl padėkų ir prizų atsiėmimo prašome kreiptis į „Lietuvos vaikų ir jaunimo centro“
projektų koordinatorę Jolantą Markevičienę ( tel: +370 5 272 53 19, e-mail: [email protected]). 

ESN Lithuania team