During the recent weekend 50 ESNers of Lithuania have gathered together for Spring National Platform 2012. Event was hosted by ESN ŠU in Šiauliai University. More than 10 hours were spent for discussions, new decisions making and of course improving communication between sections and national Board, which this time was represented by Gintarė Vaiginytė, Julija Garšvaitė, Roman Šarpanov and Sandra Baltkojytė.

At the first day of Platform we were finally introduced to the work of ESN ISM, which was represented by their president Pavel. Later we got to know what effort was paid to make BLING BLING party such a success, what are plans for collaboration with Let’s Do It World, how is cooperation with Education Exchanges Support Foundation is going on and what grand event will be organized in Lithuania soon together with their help. Rumor has it that Days of Mentors are coming back once again!

The most important part of the day was when all the participators were invited to sign the documents for the establishment of Erasmus student tinklas ESN Lietuva – organization, which will soon officially represent ESN Lithuania in Lithuania’s law.

Second day invited to discuss about AGM and tools necessary for appropriate representation of the country. Later new budget of the quarter was confirmed with the decisions taken to delegate our ESN LT President to NBM Switzerland and our ESN LT NR to CNR in Island. Furthermore, decisions were made about our new partners – Cocainn Bar and changes of the present national mobile phone operator.  After Gintarė and Julija have shared their experiences from ESN Estonia NP and discussion about communication were made Spring 2012 NP was closed.

Next stop – Mentors’ days, real spring and even more fun with a great company!

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Photos here.

On the 25-26th February, Gintarė Vaiginytė (President of ESN Lithuania) and Julija Garšvaitė (Project Coordinator of ESN Lithuania) attended the 13th National Platform of Estonia. On the first day, we found out a lot about the projects Tallinn and Tartu sections are organizing and participating in. We met the candidates for the next NR of Estonia and heard the presentation about ESN Italy projects and structure. Also all participants got the chance to find out more about “Let’s do it World” environmental project.

On the 26th February we presented ESN Lithuania, the projects we participate in and our structure. Afterwards we got a private tour in Tallinn by an ESNer from Tartu section.

P.S. Congratulations to Katre Trei – the next NR of ESN Estonia!!! 

More photos may be found here.

On 10th January Vilnius sections of ESN Lithuania wellcomed all ERASMUS students by organizing them a huge Welcome party. According to organizators, there should have been around 450 ERASMUS students from Vilnius, Vilnius Gediminas Technical and  Mykolas Romeris universities, International School of Business and Law as well as mentors and their friends. The party took place in Pramogų Bankas, Vilnius.

The topic of the event was BLING BLING, so girls had to wear cocktail dresses while guys were in their suits and shirts. Despite the bad weather and Lithuanian cold, there were lots of people who prepared and shined all night long. The party lasted until 6 am.

This welcome party was one of the first events organized by several sections of ESN in Vilnius. After success like this there will certainly be more unforgettable events organized so follow the news!

New season of ESN Lithuania has started since the 1st of October then the new Board has started their cadency. Not long after, first changes became visible then this website was moved to a new server. Since then everybody could notice not only new design of esnlithuania.org, but also rising visibility of our 10 sections, because of their new websites, which were created for every single section of ESN Lithuania. You can find them here.

Changes weren’t about to end here. Along with the old facebook group for common issues as flat renting or simply experience exchange, new page was created for posting news under official ESN Lithuania’s name. Same was done with Twitter and YouTube. The latter one still feels lack of your attention, so create or recheck your archives and send video files [email protected] that information about your activity would be spread all around the world!

During 3 months not only technical issues were solved, but also many international events have happened. And gladly not without participation of members of ESN Lithuania. Starting with CEP ending with Winter’s National Platform. More information is given below.

CEP Krakow 2011

3rd-6th of November
Organized by: 
ESN Krakow United
Participants: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary.
Coordinator Team: Italia, Lithuania, Slovenia.

ESN Lithuania delegates:

  • Toma Rimkevičiūtė (ESN ŠU);
  • Ieva Balinskaitė (ESN MRU Vilnius);
  • Kristina Gruodytė (ESN VGTU);
  • Eglė Skulskytė (ESN Vilnius University);
  • Kristina Butkutė (ESN VMU);
  • Justina Kraulėdaitė (ESN KTU);
  • Kristina Kaziukėnaitė (ESN ISLB);
  • Orinta Movsesjan (ESN VMU).

NBM Dublin 2011

11-13 of November 

Organized by: ESN Ireland, Supported by the Higher Education Authority – An tÚdarás um Ard-Oideachas: Irish National Agency for LLP: Erasmus.

ESN Lithuania delegates:

  • Gintarė Vaiginytė (ESN Lithuania President);
  • Sandra Baltkojytė (ESN Lithuania PR Officer).

Only for ESN Lithuania Kenny Ho (NBM Dublin Head OC): 
At first I was wondering why on earth did I apply for an international event? Their were high expectations from my NA and from the delegates which created my insomnia! However it was worth all the stress and I realise the best reward that I and the OC received was the memories we gave to the all the delegates.

The social night events we organised, the city, the university and the Irish people themselves all left an everlasting impression that will last forever and it can never be taken away from them. The OC and myself cannot hide our delight on how well the event went and more importantly we're very proud to be Irish, our friendly attitude, the love of a drink and our hospitality and just as proud to be European. It was a amazing and incredible experience to host ESNers from all over Europe, one that gave me priceless memories and new friends!

PRIME Final Conference in Brussels

13-15 of November

Sea Battle Autumn 2011

14-17th of November

Exchange Days Druskininkai 2011

26-27th of November

Organized by: ESN Lithuania, Student Travellers

CND Siena 2011

1st-2nd of December

ESN Lithuania delegates:

  • Ieva Vezbergaitė (ESN Lithuania NR);
  • Giedrė Gelšvartaitė (ESN KTU, ND);
  • Aušra Balčiunaitytė (ESN KTU, Vice-ND);
  • Cihan Keskin (ESNLithuania IT Coordinator).

ESN Lithuania National Platform

10-11th of December
Winter's National Platform organized by ESN ISLB invited various members of ESN Lithuania to discuss about the latest issues, possibilities and what has been done during the recent years. Also a desicion has been made that next time NP will be hosted by ESN ŠU. See you soon! 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

That's how second half of 2011 looks like in words and pictures. New Years has came with new plans and new challenges. With your initiative, positive mood and cooperation we will make them real. See you all soon.


This weekend National Platform of ESN Lithuania was organized in Vilnius for the last time these years and for the first time of a new Board, working from the 1st of October. 29 presentations, hours of discussions, new ideas and experiences for sharing surounded by Christmas decorations and music. 

Saturday's program included presentations from various international events as PRIME in Brussels, CEP Krakow,NBM Dublin and CND Siena. The latter event offered to rank sections from being regular to reaching level of good, successful or perfect section. Reflections of NBM Dublin have informed everyone about new ERASMUS program, which will be offered from 2012 with hard working ESN team on its side again. Presentation of CEP Krakow gave all the NP participants some thoughts about possible future cooperation with ESN Poland.


After covering these topics and coffee break National Platform could move forward and discuss about such important issues as ESN Lithuania Budget, ESN cards and future of ESN VPU, which candidacy was rejected after voting of 10 other ESN Lithuania's sections. 

Besides all discussions and reviews all 47 participators of the event had an opportunity to improveESN communication tools using skills, including reminder of  a little bit forgotten ESN Galaxy or ESN Lithuania InfoCentre, during the workshop organized by Ieva Vezbergaitė, ESN Lithuania NR. Furthermore, all participators were introduced to new ESN Lithuania's public relations tools as YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter profiles or separate websites for every single ESN Lithuania section.

Time of the first NP's day has run out with presentations of SeaBattle'11 Autumn and Exchange Days'11 with desicion being made to continue this event in coming years, making no more mistakes and going only further.

Sunday has offered an informative program with presentations of sections, which can be already found in ESN Lithuania InfoCentre, and voting round, which has changed a lot. From now on ESN Lithuania:

• is no more in partnership with S-Travellers;

• in a following NP there will include 5 places for ESN Alumni;

• has new ESN Lithuania's Human Resources Coordinator - Roman Šarpanov;

• Cihan Keskin has bacame ESN Lithuania's IT Coordinator;

• will organize next National Platform in Šiauliai with help of ESN ŠU section.

We thank everyone for active participation, ESN ISLB for organization and hope to see you soon with even more ideas, smiles and experiences to share!

 Photos can be found HERE.

This week is important to ESN Lithuania not only because of a recently organized PRIME conference with many important representatives from various institutions, but also because of the changes in national level. On 24-25th Spetember the National Platform was held in Klaipėda. During the whole day many topics were covered and also the new positions were elected.

As we know the previous national board is finishing its work on the 1st October. Since then in our national board and other national positions we will have:

Ieva Vezbergaitė as our new ESN Lithuania National Representative. Some of you might already know her as she already was our NR for one year before and did lots of work to help ESN Lithuania to become what we are now. Congratulations to Ieva and a huge thanks goes to Orinta Movsesjan, the previous NR for the whole year work!

Gintarė Vaiginytė as our new ESN Lithuania President. Gintarė comes from ESN VGTU section and is known as an active participant in ESN Lithuania, introducing some valuable ideas. Congratulations to Gintarė and a huge thanks goes to Giedrė Gelšvartaitė, the previous President for the whole year work!

Sandra Baltkojytė as our new ESN Lithuania PR coordinator. Sandra is quite a new member  of ESN Lithuania, but already participated actively in ESN VMU section, so good luck for her to continue her work on the national level! And a huge thanks goes to Monika Lapėnaitė, the previous PR coordinator for the whole year work!

Julija Garšvaitė as our ESN Lithuania Project Coordinator. Julija was in this position already for one term, so hopefully she will continue her work successfully further on. Congratulations!

It needs to be mentioned that ESN Lithuania stiill hasn't filled the whole places of the board and other national positions. The preliminary date of the next NP is considered to be after a month and the event will be held in Vilnius (by ESN ISBL). So, we encourage all the sections to look for active and responsible candidates to the positions which are still open. These are:

NATIONAL BOARD: ESN Lithuania Vice-president, ESN Lithuania Treasurer.

OTHER NATIONAL POSITIONS: ESN Lithuania IT Coordinator, ESN Lithuania HR Coordinator.

To mention shortly these were other most important things during the NP:

From today we have ten sections in ESN Lithuania! ESN ISM has joined us, so we are congratulating them and wishing a successful work altogether! Welcome to our team!
The report of the year of previous National Board. You can find it in Info center.
Presenting Erasmus for Lithuania schools project, which is going to be held from the middle of September till 18th November.
among all, the various events were presented, possible partnerships discussed and the main problems raised. Altogether with trying to find solutions to the problems we were happy to see that ESN Lithuania is participating in many valuable projects and becoming more and more known both nationally and internationally. Thanks to all who contributed to this!

ESN Lithuania knows how to combine fun and work. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and you get a perfect team;) So, here we want to keep you a bit updated what happened during our last National Platform, which took place on 7 May, 2011 in Kaunas.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate our two members, who now took important positions on our national level. In our National board we now have Edgaras Žydelis as ESN Lithuania Treasurer and concerning other national positions, we congratulate Cihan Keskin as our IT coordinator! It should be mentioned that Cihan is from Turkey, so as you see, ESN has no borders! Congratulations to both!

What other topics were covered:

- Evaluation and presentation of the most important events of ESN, including AGM;

- Presentation of Sea Battle. From now on, Lithuania is the permanent member of it!

- Project RIDE FOR YOUR RIGHTS. You can find more information about it in speacial article on our webpage or on facebook.

- Presentation of Responsible Party which took place in Kaunas. The next such party is planned to be organized in Vilnius! We will inform you about it!

- Is it worth to have reports, annual plans of the activities of ESN Lithuania board? Unanimously voted for it.

- Presentation of Paintball which took place in Šiauliai on 23 April. Winners - KTU "hunters". Congratulations once again!

- ESN ISM as section candidate.

- PRIME report. Results of Lithuania are very good: we have 338 answers!

- some reports of the sections and other questions which make us keep going further and further.

- Summer Camp. Registration will start on 15 May!

Next National Platform of ESN Lithuania will be held on 24 September, 2011. Organizers: ESN KuK. It is planned to last for two days, so get ready!

ESN Lithuania holds a few National Platforms (NP) each year. The first NP in the year of 2011 was held on 26-27th February, organized by ESN VGTU. This NP was unusual in the sense that it took two days. During these two days, most important questions were discussed, some workshops held and so on. According to rules, each section sent five representatives. You weren't one of them and didn't participate in last NP? No problem, here you can find a short description what was going on;)

Presentation CND Milano. The event (Council of National Delegates) took place on 9-13th December, 2010 in Milano, Italy. It was organized by ESN Statale. Generally, it is considered to be the second most important event in ESN. This time ESN Lithuania was represented by three board members: Orinta, Gintarė and Viktorija. Topics which were dealt with: IT updates, History Book, Erasmus companies, fake sections, Section Questionnaire, projects such as ESN Survey, Exchangability, ESN Eduk8, Social Erasmus and PRIME 2010.

 - Presentation CNR, which was held in Eskisehir, Turkey on 10-14th February, 2011. Long Term Communication Strategy was presented. It is planned to establish local representatives, who would deal with information on national level and would make reports. ESN Star Awards discussed: all sections have possibility to take part in this contest and the winners will be announced during AGM Budapest.

Presentation AGM Budapest. (AGM stands for Annual General Meeting) It is coming event, which will be held on 31 March - 4 April, 2011. Generally it is the biggest event of ESN when around 500 members of ESN gather together to decide on the most important questions of our organization.


Presentiation Social Erasmus. You can find more information about it under the title "Projects".

Presentation Responsible Party. The aim of such a party is to prompt young people party with the sense of responsibility, having in mind the negative effect of alcohol.

- Presentation EYV 2011. EYV - European Year of Volunteering. During the tour around Europe, 27 countries will be visited. Information market will also be held in Vilnius on 20-26 June, 2011.

Presenting international initiative "Ride for Your Rights". RIDE FOR YOUR RIGHTS - IT'S TIME TO (EX)CHANGE YOUR LIFE is an European project powered and initiated by Campus Europae, in collaboration with ESN. Participants will bike from Novi Sad (Serbia) to Saint Petersburg (Russia) during this summer (2011) for claiming their rights as European students, aiming at better conditions for mobility programs.

Discussing general questions of running ESN: ESN cards, Erasmus companies, issuing ESN Lithuania statute, not active members, sections' reports. It was decided to have regular reports of each section. It should be made four times a year, three weeks before NP.

- Discussion Regional Platforms. ESN Lithuania decided to move from NEP (Northern Europe Platform) to CEP (Central Europe Platform).

New sections! It was decided to accept University of Klaipėda together with Klaipeda State College as ESN KUK section. International School of Law and Business accepted as a new section with the name of ESN TTVAM. It was also decided to give ISM the status of section-candidate. That means that during next NP it will be decided about further cooperation with this university and for now it needs to go through trial period (with the help of ESN MRU as patron section).

- Presentation GO PUBLIC. Sections presented their best events, ideas in order to promote their activities and to win special title for the section. Read more about presentations and the winners in the article "GO PUBLIC has the winners!"

 - Presentation "Travelling Social Cuisine" which will take place in Kėdainiai on 26th March.

Presentation Summer Camp 2011. It is planned to organized it on 12-15th August in Alaušas valley. More information coming later.