In case your emergency first aid knowledge consists only from what you have seen during an episode from The Office and you can’t stop humming the tune of “Stayin’ Alive”, then ESN Lithuania has a perfect solution together with ESN LSMU - Go Xtreme!

Thanks to Viruthan Yoga-Nathan, who was the main organizer of the event, and his team, people from multiple Lithuanian universities were able to learn valuable information.

This is the third time ESN LSMU has provided the network with this intense one-day event. This time it took place on the 8th of December and covered everything from the recovery position, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to the best ways how to call an ambulance and properly respond to emergency first aid related issues.

The participants were taught by Laurynas Ivanauskas, who is a member of the department of disaster medicine and has also been working for the emergency disaster response team in Kaunas. As someone who has worked for 18 years in the firefighter department and been involved in the activities of a team responsible for dealing with earthquakes, collapses, and other disasters, he was able to perfectly teach the participants.

However, the trainer started by explaining that “medicine students study for 6 years, and today we will try to learn everything in 6 hours”.

Members of various sections of ESN Lithuania tried everything in practice with the help of CPR training manikins, automated external defibrillators, bandages and many more tools that the general public could use when needed. The melody of the famous song by Bee Gees was still in the air during the training of resuscitation, but the participants actually spent time learning the best ways and tricks to help people.

According to the trainer, if a member of the public calls the ambulance and then does nothing, then it might be too late. Multiple participants admitted that they do not think that they have enough knowledge about emergency first aid events, therefore, Go Xtreme was a perfect opportunity for them.

Moreover, Laurynas Ivanauskas found a perfect way to always lighten the mood. The emergence number here is 112, but almost everyone knows the famous 911 from the United States of America. Ever wondered what happens when someone calls 991 in Lithuania? The trainer quickly showed that it is automatically connected to the Lithuanian number and has sent greetings to a friendly dispatcher after explaining that a training is happening and there is no emergency situation during the call.

He ended the training by explaining that a lot of people get in panic mode and freeze during real situations. Therefore, if you act and help, then you truly are a hero. Want to learn how to be one? Participate in Go Xtreme and find out!

Written by Ugnė Zieniūtė