During the recent weekend, staring from the early morning of 16th of March participators of already 14th National Platform of ESN Lithuania met each other once again in a purpose of improving work, sharing experiences, gathering information and exchanging ideas. Challenging national event which encouraged not only to consider in which direction future work of organization should be developed but also to enjoy the rising quality of the NPs.

Despite the Survival Guide, shared with participators weeks before the event, and present moderator for the second time in the history of ESN LT even the opening was different – this time the network was welcomed by the representative of Education Exchange Support Foundation. After meeting and greeting covering more serious topics followed. President of ESN Lithuania discussed the meaning of being a volunteer and significant role of it which in some ways is useful while creating a good image of not only ESN, but of entire Lithuania as well. 

Later the recent Bling Bling party was discussed with the arising idea to elect the future coordinator for the one of the most successful events of ESN Lithuania. ESN LT Alumni has also played a significant part in a program presenting their motives of foundation, followed by future plans and vision. And so did the Social Erasmus with Kristina Seleziova in front of it. Coordinator of SE in Lithuania talked about the results which were achieved through the latter quarter. Also ideas for the future were presented with a promise to present them all in the official page of SocialErasmus in Lithuania.

One more happy new is that ESN Lithuania keeps growing not only in quality, but also in quantity! The new section candidate – ESN SMK (University of Applied Social Sciences) was approved as the 11th possible section of ESN network in Lithuania with ESN VGTU as their buddy section which will monitor the work of the candidate until the next NP. Happy moments were not over with this change only. After accepting new member candidate time for guests came. Michal Sikora from ESN Czech Republic and Stefanos Antypas from ESN Greece presented their ESN countries, methods of organizing work there and ways of solving arising problems. The day ended with discussions about coming ESN Olympics and relaxing in non-formal environment. 

During the second day of the National Platform many statements of National Board members were made, covering the recent results of their cadencies – participation in various international events, making ESN Lithuania more visible in international context same as in the local one. Also effort while organizing workshops and gaining the best results from it. Or even supporting the particular members of the network to take part in those workshops. One of the recent and the best examples of it – participation of Tomas Tamulevičius in Eduk8 Winter in Valencia, where trainings for the better team work, management of projects and their realization were organized. Tomas (ESN VMU) was glad to admit that it was an event worth time and money invested in many different ways. His workshop and positive reviews after the one only proves that with ESN you can always go further and help others to go with you.

That is how the recent weekend looked like under the sky of ESN Lithuania. But the life there never stops, so keep up with our website to get the latest news – about NBM Dijon, coming AGM and all the other local, national and international events approaching. 


P.S. Huge thanks for ESN ISM for organising one more beautiful event for the entire ESN of Lithuania!
Photos might be found HERE.