Erasmus in Schools (EiS) is the main activity within the education pillar of SocialErasmus. The aim of Erasmus in Schools is to involve international students participating in a university exchange in school visits in their host country, where they can do a wide range of activities that include country and culture presentations, language sessions and mobility promoting activities.

Student-beneficial aspects

Project offers new ways for international students to expand their knowledge of other cultures and educational systems and enables them to engage in society-beneficial activities bringing them closer to the local communities they live in. Through various activities the project promotes a social attitude to international students while at the same time, combining formal and informal education with intercultural experiences.

Schools-beneficial aspects

Schools who accommodate an international student, on the other hand, can teach children and teenagers the importance of tolerance and cultural diversity, give them an understanding of another culture and mobility in the future, making them more open towards international experiences in their future paths.