The biggest... First time with guests from 4 universities of Vilnius and Kaunas. Great event took place in Mykolas Romeris university on 19th of April – traditional, already 8th time – „Erasmus Got Talent“, which was organized by ESN MRU Vilnius together with International Exchange Unit. It was also the last step of project Erasmus for Schools, which connected Erasmus students with a lot of pupils from three schools – Telšiai Žemaitės gymnasium, Jonas Basanavičius gymnasium from Vilnius and Kėdainiai Šviesioji gymnasium. During this project Erasmus students went to schools and became „one day teachers“, so in the end children arrived to our university to participate together with exchange students in Erasmus Got Talent.

In the begining the mix of moderators – Erasmus student and mentor introduced our beloved judges – Rihanna, Adele and Enrique Iglesias, who also made their own shows. Then Coordinator of incoming students Ieva Tondrykaitė of International Exchange Unit welcomed everyone and our superb event got speed. What was interesting enough – this time we had quite many mixed shows – Erasmus students invited their mentors to join. We were absolutelly amazed with dance show of ESN MRU Vilnius mentors and their mentees, who worth to point out were awarded even in two categories – got sympathies of audience in „Public Vote“ and „Judges favorite“. 

Most of the performances we had were connected with songs, dances and playing instruments. But it is worth to mention great comedy guy from Greece – Stefanos Antypas, who got a lot of applause and made all audience to die from laughing. He was so into attending our show that after performance he just ran straight to the airport, such a high desire to participate everywhere!

Our great guests from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) – duet Emil and Gintarė were singing few songs and made their own mini concert, which was really worth to get „The best duet“ nomination. We also welcomed two piano players from ISM (International school of management) and Vilnius university (VU). This time we had quite many dance shows, but one of them was really exclusive - two salsa dancers from Vilnius university (VU) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical university (VGTU) made excited everyone with such a passionate and energetic dance show – of course it was clear – they were the best in category of „The best dance“.

During the event everyone was highly surprised we have so many talented Erasmus students. They were playing guitars, piano, violin, drums even self-made instruments. Two erasmus students – Peter and Camille together with their mentor Gabrielė created really nice band and performed two different shows – classical and modern one, for their perfect musicians skills they were nominated as „The best band“ of Erasmus Got Talent. One more band sang few their own created songs and won in the category of „The most creative“.

On the same participants‘ rights were competing children from Erasmus for Schools project. One music band with charming girl ahead from Telšiai Žemaitės gymnasium sang really cheerful song and won in category of „The best song“. Big team of dancers from Jonas Basanavičius gymnasium performed two dances – classical and modern – and proved that they deserved to win Erasmus Got Talents and got „The best of the bests“ nomination.

All audience had a pleasure to watch, applause and support all participants, everyone had really great time. We want to say thank you to everyone who performed and showed their talents, creativity, amazing dancing and singing skills, it was really nice show! You proved once again – Erasmus really got talents!

With love,

ESN MRU Vilnius