Even after more than a week, participants of the ESN Summer Camp, which was held on the 11-15 August, are sharing their positive experience and photos on social networks. That shows the Summer Camp was really successful and memorable! ESN members are therefore grateful for organizers from ESN Lithuania and for KTU, VDU and KK as these universities supported the event and in this way contributed to a great success.

There were totally 59 ESN members from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Sweden, Germany and Lithuania. As the Camp was based on team building, both lectures and games were organized. Organizers invited Nijolė Petkevičiūtė from VDU and professional trainer Andrius Jarašiūnas to conduct some lectures. During the trainings, it was concentrated on the personality, team building and the problems related to this. Participants were learning to cope with their fairs, work together etc. Funny team building games were played as well.

For sure, various attractions also help to build a team, so organizers thought about this and prepared some nice surprises. Participants could use sauna, hot water tub, drive water bikes, play basketball or valleyball. Eurodinner was organized too. Campers were extremely happy to have the water fight as well as night orientation game. For some of the participants it was completely new experience. After the busy day, it was possible also to spend the evening nicely sitting by the fire place.

Summer Camp by ESN Lithuania was organized also in 2010, but at that time only Lithuanian members of ESN could participate. So, this year the conception of the event became broader as it became international. With lots of positive experience, fun memories, bigger motivation to work further on for ESN, participants promised to come back to Lithuania once again. Organizers are also happy about the success, so ESN Lithuania is seriously thinking to continue this nice tradition of having Summer Camp for ESN members.