Every semester ESN VGTU in cooperation with International Relations Office not only takes care of hundreds of foreign students from more than twenty countries, organizes events, trips, social projects but also tries to show the variety of cultures to other VGTU students. It is already three weeks since the Korean language course is being held at the VGTU central building every week on Tuesdays. Everyone who has interest in this country, their culture or language specifics, is invited. In order to share all this with people, ESN VGTU asked the member of this organization and the lover of Korean culture Julius Baradinskas to organize this event. Students from South Korea gladly welcomed this idea and were happy about people being interested in their culture.

According to the organizer, the first lecture was more like an experiment, since it wasn‘t  expected to get so much interest. However, attendants expressed the desire to continue learning Korean language. The lectures were attended not only by Lithuanians but also by foreign students – Tajiks, Germans, Turks, Czechs as well as Koreans from VU and ISM universities. In the first lecture only around twenty people has participated, whereas in the third one, the classroom was overfilled.

At the beginning attendants were taught simple Korean words such as hello or thank you, while later they were learning the specifics of spelling, reading and pronunciation. When  Koreans ask students to read the word written on the board, many hands rise. Apart from the language specifics, Korean students have introduced Korean history, famous places, culture as well as the meaning of South Korea flag.  Students were even asked to paint the flag and the best ones were awarded with souvenirs from South Korea.  Besides that, Koreans have shown the most popular TV drama in their country as well as their own filmed video clip with a funny situation. According to students, the most memorable moment so far was national anthem of South Korea that has been sung by Myounghun Lee.

The number of people interested in these lectures is increasing so ESN VGTU is continuing this project. Everyone who would like to join us is invited to VGTU central building every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the room 624. For more information about ESN VGTU check us on Facebook.

Vaida Tracevičiūtė, ESN VGTU