Little of present members of ESN Lithuania could remember National Platform without Vytenis Danyla. In the beginning – respectful Board member of the first Lithuanian ESN section – ESN Vilnius University, later recognized as organizer of many international and national projects, Responsible Party ambassador, who finally became Alumni and participated in NPs as a Chair for more than once. So it was not a big surprise for anyone when applications for the new Board were announced with Vytenis applying for the main position. Few weeks afterwards we can already call him Mr. President. About reasons, prospects, friends and hopes: interview with the newly elected ESN Lithuania President Vytenis Danyla.

Hello, Vytenis! Tell us, how does it feel those first weeks in the position?

Hi! First of all, my application for the position was a bit of surprise for majority of members, so don't lie :) Well first weeks were really busy. As you know, I also have some duties out of ESN, so basically my life consists of three things – work, ESN and sleep. Actually after the election the first thing I’ve thought about was „What have I done?“. This mind still comes time to time, but I'm happy that I've got really strong team and I believe that we will do more than anyone expects. First week after becoming president was really tough. I was happy and sad, determined and disappointed, hopeful and desperate. And all of these feelings came at the same time. Now, after some help from others ESN'ers I really feel great, I do believe in myself and in the bright future together with whole ESN Lithuania.

What have you already done as the President of the network in Lithuania?

Well… Almost nothing :) Sent two delegations to international events (NBM and CEP), participated in ESN Vilnius University board meeting, had a few meetings with the president of ESN Vilnius University Darija, had lunch with ESN Lithuania NR Simona and former HR coordinator Vydūnas, had a meeting with ESN VGTU president Kamilė and had dinner with ESN MRU Vilnius HR coordinator Laura. Of course not to mention constant meetings with former ESN Lithuania president Gintarė. And now I'm answering your questions :)

Let’s talk about dreams. If you would have enough money, time and power, what would be 3 things you would realize within ESN Lithunia?

First thing would be Eurotrip around the Europe with ESN Lithuania members while visiting as much ESN sections as possible (the route is already planned, hopefully it will come true some day). Second is creating a movie about ESN Lithuania and ESN international (probably during this trip). And third... I have never thought about that more. So far had only those two dreams.

And what are the plans for our future with the resources we have? 

Plans are huge. Not sure if they are going to become true. Summer Camp 2014 in Lithuania with ESN members from the whole Europe. Unity of all ESN Lithuania sections. Publicity, so that as much people as possible would know ESN in Lithuania. And of course one very important question: AGM???

Are you happy with your colleagues in the National Board? What are your prospects towards them for this term?

No, they are terrible! Just kidding, I'm very happy to have a team like this, they are real professionals in their fields and I hope that we will make a great team. Unfortunately a lot of them are in their in-term positions till the next NP, but I hope that together we can do a lot more than anyone expects. They are awesome!

How much in your opinion ESN LT has changed during 3 recent years after National Board was established?

Actually it has changed a lot. It's structure, status, policy towards sections and members. However I believe that all of the changes help to move forward. I can see a lot of motivated members in sections. As the organization is growing I believe that members of it are the strongest than they have ever been. The only thing left to do is to make them one family and then no one would be able to stop us :)

What has changed that after all these years in ESN and already being a part of Alumni network you have decided to apply for the head position of the NB? 

Nothing, except that now I believe that I'm ready to be in this position. There was a lot of pressure for me to apply for president position two years ago, the same story repeated last year. However I didn't believe that I was ready for that. It's a long story full of coincidences how I've decided to apply for president position this year. But the main thing is believing being ready to do that. ESN gave me a lot, now it's time to give something back.

What gives you motivation to work for ESN for so many years?

First of all, for me ESN is motivation itself. As I already mentioned, ESN gave me a lot. That's how it got inside my blood and heart. It is the biggest source of motivation for me.

Do you still remember your first year in ESN? How did it look like? 

First year wasn't really special. I was just a mentor in ESN Vilnius University section. After the first semester of mentoring exchange students, there were people convincing me to go to the board of my section. However, I've refused and stayed as a mentor for one more semester. Of course my first year was full of various events, friends, exchange students... It was one big party. After that I've decided to join our local board and that's how my first year ended.

From local to international level during more than few years. Are you looking forward to your first international experience as representative of ESN LT? 

I guess it will be 4 years this December. Well I had my first international experience already. It was Summer Camp'11 that took place here, in Lithuania. But of course I'm really excited and can't wait for my first experience as official representative of ESN Lithuania. Luckily it's not so long to wait until CND.

Anything else you would like to share with the network?

ESN is the best thing that happened in my life so far and I'm very happy that you all are a part of this. Becoming the President is a small step, but it can change a lot and hopefully it will do so :)
Thank you very much, Vyteni! Keep the motivation up and go for those two dreams!