Pros of being an OC member

Do you know what motivates ESN members to take up a challenge to become a member of Organising Committee?


What does it mean to be a Treasurer of a National Event? It is a great opportunity to receive knowledge in financial structures and it’s a good way to practise.

Being a Treasurer of a National Event you have the opportunity to make other OC members happy or not. You let them to buy stuff or no. You have an excel file and you make this file colourful and other just look and say “what?” and then you try to explain, because everyone should understand it, especially the OC.

Being a Treasurer is not just about money. It’s opportunities, generating ideas and of course it’s team work. The OC team has one main aim to have a great event and one should support the other and must work like team and think about other OC members before and during the event.

To sum up, this position is one of the most important - without money you can’t have things (Capitalism 101) however, you should understand each other and the OC as well to reach the main goal: TO HAVE THE BEST EVENT.

Every ESN event is just a new possibility for you – a possibility to grow, to find your true talents, to discover something you didn’t know was even there. But of course it is a challenge too – the road you will be taking will have his own ups and downs. But that is the beauty of possibilities, and for me – that was the greatest beauty of ESN.

Being a part of CEP OC was one of the biggest challenges that I had. During this event, I truly understood how important it is to have a team - not a group of people with different views. Moreover – this event and my team showed me all the different ways for me to improve as an individual and for all of us as a team.

All in all, I could say that without ESN and all possibilities that I have taken, I would not be who I am today and I am just wishing you will take the best from it.