New season of ESN Lithuania has started since the 1st of October then the new Board has started their cadency. Not long after, first changes became visible then this website was moved to a new server. Since then everybody could notice not only new design of, but also rising visibility of our 10 sections, because of their new websites, which were created for every single section of ESN Lithuania. You can find them here.

Changes weren’t about to end here. Along with the old facebook group for common issues as flat renting or simply experience exchange, new page was created for posting news under official ESN Lithuania’s name. Same was done with Twitter and YouTube. The latter one still feels lack of your attention, so create or recheck your archives and send video files [email protected] that information about your activity would be spread all around the world!

During 3 months not only technical issues were solved, but also many international events have happened. And gladly not without participation of members of ESN Lithuania. Starting with CEP ending with Winter’s National Platform. More information is given below.

CEP Krakow 2011

3rd-6th of November
Organized by: 
ESN Krakow United
Participants: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary.
Coordinator Team: Italia, Lithuania, Slovenia.

ESN Lithuania delegates:

  • Toma Rimkevičiūtė (ESN ŠU);
  • Ieva Balinskaitė (ESN MRU Vilnius);
  • Kristina Gruodytė (ESN VGTU);
  • Eglė Skulskytė (ESN Vilnius University);
  • Kristina Butkutė (ESN VMU);
  • Justina Kraulėdaitė (ESN KTU);
  • Kristina Kaziukėnaitė (ESN ISLB);
  • Orinta Movsesjan (ESN VMU).

NBM Dublin 2011

11-13 of November 

Organized by: ESN Ireland, Supported by the Higher Education Authority – An tÚdarás um Ard-Oideachas: Irish National Agency for LLP: Erasmus.

ESN Lithuania delegates:

  • Gintarė Vaiginytė (ESN Lithuania President);
  • Sandra Baltkojytė (ESN Lithuania PR Officer).

Only for ESN Lithuania Kenny Ho (NBM Dublin Head OC): 
At first I was wondering why on earth did I apply for an international event? Their were high expectations from my NA and from the delegates which created my insomnia! However it was worth all the stress and I realise the best reward that I and the OC received was the memories we gave to the all the delegates.

The social night events we organised, the city, the university and the Irish people themselves all left an everlasting impression that will last forever and it can never be taken away from them. The OC and myself cannot hide our delight on how well the event went and more importantly we're very proud to be Irish, our friendly attitude, the love of a drink and our hospitality and just as proud to be European. It was a amazing and incredible experience to host ESNers from all over Europe, one that gave me priceless memories and new friends!

PRIME Final Conference in Brussels

13-15 of November

Sea Battle Autumn 2011

14-17th of November

Exchange Days Druskininkai 2011

26-27th of November

Organized by: ESN Lithuania, Student Travellers

CND Siena 2011

1st-2nd of December

ESN Lithuania delegates:

  • Ieva Vezbergaitė (ESN Lithuania NR);
  • Giedrė Gelšvartaitė (ESN KTU, ND);
  • Aušra Balčiunaitytė (ESN KTU, Vice-ND);
  • Cihan Keskin (ESNLithuania IT Coordinator).

ESN Lithuania National Platform

10-11th of December
Winter's National Platform organized by ESN ISLB invited various members of ESN Lithuania to discuss about the latest issues, possibilities and what has been done during the recent years. Also a desicion has been made that next time NP will be hosted by ESN ŠU. See you soon! 

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That's how second half of 2011 looks like in words and pictures. New Years has came with new plans and new challenges. With your initiative, positive mood and cooperation we will make them real. See you all soon.