ESN Lithuania successfully implemented Erasmus in Schools project by visiting around 60 schools during the year.
On 25th-26th April ESN Lithuania newbies as well as advanced members enjoyed the sunny spring weather while participating in the national trainings called “Survival KIT Vol.3”
The white T shirt party was organized by 6 ESN Lithuania Sections of Kaunas. On 27th March, one of the biggest night clubs in Kaunas welcomed more than 200 international and Lithuanian students.
Sections visited hildren day centers, orphanages and elderly homes and spread the Easter spirit all over the place.
Over 25 years of supporting international student mobility and over a century of experience in hostelling. How will this cooperation of the two networks benefit young travellers?
Last weekend, 21st-22nd of March, ESN Lithuania once again brought more than 100 participants together to the 23rd National Platform which was held in Vilnius.
New website and webshop of ESN Lithuania were launched! Powered with <3 by IT and PuRe Committees of ESN Lithuania.
ESN KUK was awarded for the best project of the year at Klaipėda University awards.
with Mikas Macijauskas, president of ESN VDK
The weekend of 21st-23rd of November was dedicated to fostering mobility among young volunteers in already third Mentors' Days conference organized by ESN Lithuania and Education Exchange Support Foundation.