A unicorn. The synonym of success in the professional world. After all, the term itself was coined for the most successful startup companies in the world. But this article is not about Silicon Valley or startups. This article is about you.

It’s not easy to spot a unicorn - especially the mythical one - and yet becoming ‘a unicorn’ seems to be a universally applicable goal. Stand out in the crowd and shine. Don’t we all want this? Sadly, there’s no universal recipe, but we can all work on understanding ourselves and selling our assets in the best possible way. This article is the first in a series on how to become a unicorn yourself - in the job market.

If you’re sitting in a classroom, look around you. These people are just a tiny fraction of all students of your age. Students that will enter the job market at the same time as you will. In fact, around 20 million students graduated in 2015. Now look around the class again. These people will enter the job market having the same education as you.

Our generation is constantly told we’re special. And we are, when it comes to our families. Out in the wild we’ve got to show something extra to stand out if we want to succeed.

It’s easy to say “something extra”, but what exactly should it be? Well, let’s actually take a step back and start from the very beginning. Ask yourself a question: “What am I bringing to the table?” Let’s take the example of Lucy. Lucy is applying for a job to become a nurse. Lucy gave the question a thought and came up with the following answer: “I know how to handle medical equipment, I have an excellent overview of pharmaceutics and I am a gentle yet firm person.” Sounds simple enough, right? Let’s take a close look at Lucy’s answer.


The first thing mentioned by Lucy - “I know how to handle medical equipment” - is a skill. Skills are simply the ability to perform a certain task. Do you know how to cook scrambled eggs? Congratulations, that’s a skill - and very valuable one for having a delicious breakfast.

However, not all skills are relevant for all tasks. Cooking eggs might not be the core skill for being a nurse; that’s why it’s important that we know which skills are the ones we can proudly present to the world. Knowing your skillset well is a must - and knowing which of those skills to show at the right time, that’s what makes you stand out. Don’t worry, we will show you how later on.


Skills are closely tied with knowledge - a good example is Lucy’s 'excellent overview of pharmaceutics'. Knowledge is usually associated with what you learn during your time at the university, but having knowledge itself doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good or useful.

What you’re looking for is pairing the knowledge with the relevant skills, that’s where the sweet spot is. On top of that, in today’s fast-paced world, it’s the ability to acquire knowledge quickly, the ability to jump into an issue without knowledge and learning along the way, the ability to go 80% using the resources we have, that makes for an A-player.

That concept sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it?


What would skills and knowledge be without the third to the Triforce. Being 'a gentle yet firm person' is Lucy’s secret sauce. You’ve probably heard the words 'soft skills' already. Being a team player, being resilient, being persistent on one hand and patient on the other. These are what binds the whole A-player together.

Skills and knowledge on their own are simply not enough today; it’s the extra mile, expressed by the attitudes we are showing to the outer world, that makes a difference in the end. And of course - as you have probably guessed it already - they are the hardest ones to obtain. The soft skills and attitude are completely up to you, to your personal growth.

There we go, the three categories we should focus on to become a unicorn in the job market.So, do you have the right skills, knowledge, attitude? We will look into how to acquire these in the next article.


The first National Platform of the year is already here. This time organized by two sections – ESN VU KHF and ESN KK, it will take place in Kaunas. MASQUERADE – the official theme of the NP. So let‘s all meet together for the 27th time! 

Winter went by...
Plenaries came...
But just as the daylight goes so will the faces fade,
In the nightlong and mysterious Masquerade.
12/03/2016 - 10:00 to 13/03/2016 - 18:00
5 €



If society is a damsel in distress, then volunteers are superheroes who are on call 24 hours a day. Why? Because it is rewarding in so many different ways! If you are wondering whether it’s worth the time then keep reading to find some of the benefits volunteering can offer you.

1. We develop new skills.

Through our work as volunteers we develop soft skills such as adaptability and problem solving, as well as hard skills such as proficiency in a foreign language and networking. Both sets of skills boost our employability and make us competitive in the labour market.


2. We travel.

Thanks to our activities, we can travel all across Europe, discover new places and meet new people. As much as travelling is a fun experience in itself, it also allows us to develop a sense of wonder, foster new values, and helps us realise what it truly means to identify yourself as a European citizen.


3. We learn informally.

Volunteering serves as a reflection of who you are―it shows that you have been active during your student years, that you took initiative, and that you performed in high, decision-making positions which helped you foster entrepreneurial and leadership skills. That is enough to set you apart from other candidates.


4. We work on improving ourselves.

Social interaction is a key component of life. Volunteering makes you open your door to strangers who soon become your family. It pushes you out of your shell and motivates you to work on improving yourself. Soon enough, you become a master of social and communication skills, and presenting yourself to new people brings you joy, not sweaty palms.


5. We learn languages.

Volunteering in an international environment does wonders for your language skills. It helps you improve the language you already know, practise speaking a language you have only started learning or get you into learning one you never thought about before. Plus, it looks amazing on your CV!

gif13.gif gif13a.gif

6. We celebrate differences.

For a continent with as rich a history as Europe, it is important to get a better understanding of other cultures, something we as volunteers have first-hand access to. Understanding leads to respect and respect leads to knowledge. Learning and participating in other people’s traditions, exploring their cuisines and discovering their differences is not only fun, but also rewarding.

giphy.gif giphy (1).gif

7. We make friends.

The amount of people you meet through volunteering is one of its greatest advantages―you make a network so big, making sure you always have someone to turn to. We do not only meet potential employees, we make friends all over Europe which means that as volunteers we can offer you any piece of information you might need.


8. We inspire.

Volunteering can be a stepping stone for you. It is a source of motivation and inspiration—through various volunteering activities you can discover your career path.


9. We help people.

Volunteering is like asking yourself “Would you still do your job, even if you did not get paid for it?” Volunteers are people who are willing to invest their free time into helping others not because they have to do it, but because they want to do it. No matter what you are doing—helping international students find their place in a new surrounding or helping your local community—you matter. And is there a better way to end your day other than hearing a warm thank you?


10. We make a difference.

Interacting with people from other cultures can make you more open-minded, tolerant, and understanding. Volunteering can change your point-of-view, educate you and help you break stereotypes. You find yourself in situations you never thought you would be in, doing things you never thought you would be doing. You acquire knowledge and skills that can become your lifeline. Volunteering opens a whole new window of possibilities and experiences. You stop wanting to become better than other people and you start wanting to outgrow yourself. You become your own superhero.

Do you want to join our squad?


Written by Tajana Mohnacki

The project “Erasmus in Schools” was not new for the ESN Lithuania but this year we decided to make it more visible and massive. The team’s aim was to visit schools from all over Lithuania, especially in small cities and villages. As a result, almost 60 schools have been visited in one academic year. What is more, the members of Erasmus Student Network were enthusiastic about spreading mobility for the youth communities of schools.

All the preparations for making these visits more useful united SocialErasmus coordinators of local sections, ESN members and incoming Erasmus students from different countries. This beautiful team made the project unforgettable and useful for every young people as they were well informed about the program.

Some impressions from different sections of the ESN Lithuania:

ESN KTU: The pupils raised their awareness of ERASMUS+ program and its opportunities. They had a chance to ask questions about studying in KTU, scholarships and which countries are the best for ERASMUS studies. Students and pupils gathered to listen to the international students’ experience of studying and living here in Lithuania, cultural differences and many other interesting issues. Foreigners together with pupils were communicating in an informal environment. 

ESN LEU: This project gave students a wonderful chance to represent their country and its most interesting facts. All their presentations were different in some way: some showed a video about their country or town, some taught some words in their native language, some presented the most famous people who are known worldwide, some listed scientists' inventions and some even performed their traditional dances and practiced them with the children. In the end of the event we presented foreign students' postcards filled with greetings and wishes to Lithuanian pupils.

ESN MRU Vilnius: We are really happy and grateful for the schools which welcomed ESN MRU Vilnius members and Erasmus students in a really warm and pleasant way as well as for every single person who participated in the project! Hopefully, the friendship which was established between Lithuanian pupils and MRU Erasmus students will continue further.

ESN ŠU: On the sunny day of 2nd of October Erasmus students joined the volleyball match with pupils of 8th form of “Jovaras” pro-gymnasium. Participating in such events hopefully has increased tolerance between students and children and helped foreigners to easily integrate into our society. Children were so happy that they could take some pictures with foreign students and talk about the differences of their countries and Lithuania and learn some basic phrases in their foreign languages.

ESN Vilnius University: These visits were organized with a specific purpose: to educate high school kids about Erasmus+ exchange program and its giving possibilities. During the stay students and pupils had an opportunity to write a greeting or paint on their t-shirts. After doing so they exchanged those t-shirts as a form of gratitude. The international students accepted this challenge with their heads up and did it well.

ESN ISLB: We were discussing why it is so amazing to be a part of ESN and what the ESN means in general? Also Erasmus+ students talked about their countries, cultures, customs and why their countries are so unique. After listening to those stories there is a big possibility that pupils after finishing their secondary school will be going to study abroad on Erasmus program. We enjoyed our time with pupils who were interested in our program and its mobility. Our Erasmus students made a quiz for everybody, so everyone had a chance to win some amazing ESN prizes.


Most importantly, these visits were not only of presentation type. Gladly, ESN members made those gatherings more interesting by organising various sports events, games, and other activities that helped to promote mobility.

After two semesters of those activities, ESN Lithuania decided to share the experience with other students and organisations of active pupils organisations in order to find out what else we can initiate or change in this project. Discussions were productive, informative, thus we came up with new ideas how organisations can help one another to make this project more useful for community and especially for pupils. 

We hope that this project will get better and better each year and young people will not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Then our task of project will be done.

ESN Lithuania sections never remain calm and this time they boom with an enormous event that the organizers described it as ‘The night that you will never forget’. The white T shirt party was organized by 6 ESN Lithuania Sections of Kaunas. On 27th March, one of the biggest night clubs in Kaunas welcomed more than 200 international and Lithuanian students.

This party was not an ordinary party for it had an intended purpose – to raise students’ awareness about drinking responsibly. The stereotype claims that parties and drinking are an essential part of Erasmus life. In fact, a lot of students admitted that during the Erasmus period their habits changed and not always in the best way. How to behave that a night out socializing with people would not get out of control or end in a shameful way?
The Responsible Party Squad that joined the event was very happy to share their experience and give some useful tips on how to drink responsibly.

The party itself was symbolized by the white T-shirts. It was a fun way to capture names, wishes and impressions about themselves, exchange phone numbers with dance partners, etc. And even if everyone looked the same in the neon light, the things that remained on the white T-shirts were the best reminders of the big night.

It was the first party this year assisted by the Responsible Party Squad and the idea that they spread attracted more people than they had expected. Many students approached to the Squad members who stood out with their Responsible blue T-shirts and a Responsible Party wall behind them. People were curious to find out more about the project and gladly took pictures with them. Exchange students from all around the world talked about their own habits and discussed what influences them to drink. Some were proud of not drinking at all and some were invited to join fun games that checked up their sobriety.

‘We are not policemen nor your parents to tell you what to do and what not to do. We just want you to take care of yourself and have fun’, - shared some ideas member of the Responsible Squad. ‘Even if students forget to be responsible during parties, the next morning finding an Alco tester in their pocket will surely arouse their curiosity and make them more aware of their sobriety’.

We hope that the students had fun in the party and that not-so-white T-shirts were not the only memory they brought back home.

Vilnius University

More professional, experienced and passionate than ever members of entire ESN Lithuania have met this weekend already for the 21st time. Event was organized by ESN Vilnius University from 26th to 28th of September and invited for already (3!) days NP hosted in Vilnius City Municipality. Event was opened by the council of presidents in the afternoon of Friday. Beginning of the implementation of Erasmus in Schools was announced and future long term strategy of ESN Lithuania was discussed within representatives from 13 HEIs of Lithuania.

Following day nearly 100 participants from 13 sections as well as 1 candidate ESN VDK were sharing their best practices of the recent half of the year. Updates of international events as CNR Porto 2014, BEST4 (together with international guest from ESN Switzerland), IT Summer Training were given and most important ongoing projects of the network were presented as Mov’in Europe, HANUL and ESN TEAM hoping to involve many more Lithuanian ESNers. 

Sunday invited sections to express their opinions while voting for the suggested changes. Starting from this weekend one place per national committee will be always ensured in the NP. Along with already established PuRe Committee it was decided to start working on structuring totally new Grants Committee. Moreover decision for the upcoming CND Vilnius 2014 was already made to delegate Karolis Kriuka (ESN VMU) as National Delegate and Gintė Skersytė (ESN SMK) as vice-National Delegate of the country. Ramūnas Adamonis (ESN VGTU) was approved as National Coordinator for Multilingual Lithuania.


Some more minutes were dedicated to the National Board which ends its term on the 1st of October. After goodbye speeches National Representative Simona Patašiūtė, Communication Manager Sandra Baltkojytė and Partnership Manager Simas Ivanauskas have finished their already 2-3 years long lasting work within ESN Lithuania. 

All the weekend was dedicated to 25th ESN Anniversary and contained lots of activities for upcoming social media campaigns. Participants for once more were encouraged to join the ThunderClap action, participate in activities, organized by PuRe Committee. Results coming on Octeber 16th, the 25th birthday of Erasmus Student Network.

OC: ESN Vilnius University

CT: Head - Julius Zaburas (ESN LT Alumni), Darija Kupstaitė (ESN Vilnius University)

Next NP: by ESN KTU, hosted in Panevėžys

Photo report here (by Evelina Kurtinaitytė, ESN VMU / ESN PuReCom / ESN ComCom) & here.

The biggest and the first ever section of ESN Lithuania has just celebrated their 10th anniversary. 10 years of helping exchange students, organizing already 3 NPs and raising many past and present members of the National Board. Every stage of this growth would not be possible without a leader behind. So today for a talk we invite Darija Kupstaitė – the president of the oldest section in Lithuania, ESN Vilnius University. 

Hello, Darija! On Friday you just had 10th birthday of the section, how did it go?

Hello! Actually, it is hard to evaluate the whole event at the moment, we need some time to think and discuss about it. However, it was something big. We are very lucky being with ESN VU at this magical time. In general, everything went just the way we wanted (only the cake was a little bit too big). We talked about what ESN VU has achieved during 10 years period and we shared the greatest moments with our closest people around. Of course, we were surprised by the amount of presents we got, our buddy section even created a video! On behalf of ESN VU – thank you ALL for being with us.

How would you evaluate your section at the moment? What are your strongest areas? What are you specifically proud of what your section does?

The section is waking up from a long winter sleep I could say. Sometimes it is very hard but we have lots of plans and we have a goal. We will not stop until we have done everything we can. That makes me feel that ESN VU is a strong section. It is not about the areas or actions we are strong in, it is about the people. People whose are motivated and have strong values. These people are our members and they are the ones I am mostly proud of!

How big is your section by members and how are the tasks shared within the team?

In total, we have more than 100 members. We have more than 80 mentors and more than 50 ESN’ers. Some of them have both names: mentor+ESN’er. Every semester we are getting bigger and bigger, more and more students want to join us. It might be a little bit difficult to understand how we are sharing our tasks, I should draw a table of the whole ESN VU structure. Basically, the board has the biggest responsibilities. We have different coordinators on the board who are responsible for their field (leisure, PR, travels and ect.). We also have Senior Mentors and some particular projects coordinators who are not on the board but also have huge responsibilities. For example, we have Erasmus in Schools, Enjoy Learning Languages, Multilingual projects coordinators. Even though we have our own responsibilities, we are helping each other and working as a team.

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself, like, what is your ESN story?

I found out about ESN once my friend became a mentor. It was two years ago, in 2012 winter. After few months of communicating with exchange students I decided to become a mentor. I did not even realize that I can do more than take care of exchange students and actually I was not interested in anything else. During the first month of my mentorship, one of mentors asked for help, she was ill and I had to be an ambassador of Responsible Party instead of her for one time. However, I liked the project so much that I stayed there for the whole year. And that is how my ESN story started. I got to know “older” ESN’ers, some of them saw a potential in me and encouraged me to apply for a position on the board. I became a coordinator of leisure activities. Couple of months passed and I was elected as a vice president. It was in winter of 2013, so after one year of the first touch of ESN I was a vice president of ESN VU and a coordinator of leisure activities. Some more months passed and I became a president of the oldest section in Lithuania. I started my second year in ESN as a president of ESN VU and it still continues.

And maybe you can reveal your top 3 ESN experiences?

That is a very good question! It is very hard to mark out only 3 experiences... Well, I could list three experiences which thought me the most. The first one was definitely being one of the OC in organizing Bling Bling party last year. I was a newbie in ESN and already was chosen to organize the biggest event of the semester. It was really challenging as we knew nothing about such kind of even. The  second one was CEP 2013. I thought I know what is travelling abroad with a group of people and how to handle difficult situations... It turned out that I knew nothing about that. The third huge experience was (and still is) becoming a president. I was used to be a leader of a team, however being a president is not only being a leader of a small team. President has to lead the whole organization, president is responsible for everything what is happening in the section and no matter how bad the day might be, president is the one who has to smile all the time.

How do you evaluate your career in the organization? Are there are any plans for your further ESN path? 

Climbing the stairs of ESN career was so quick that sometimes I cannot even understand if it is really me who is doing all those things. One moment I was a scared student who was not sure if she will be chosen as a mentor and the other moment I am a president of the biggest section in Lithuania. It is really amazing and very challenging. I do not have any particular plans for ESN after my cadency in ESN VU ends. Maybe I will only be Alumni of ESN VU or maybe I will apply for the position in the National board… Who knows? What I know for sure is that I will do everything I can to finish my presidency successfully.

Anything else you would like to share with the network (likes, comments, thanks)?

ESN changes lives. It changed my life completely. I only wish to all the readers to feel the change that ESN brings!

Thank you very much Darija for your time and thoughts!


Little of present members of ESN Lithuania could remember National Platform without Vytenis Danyla. In the beginning – respectful Board member of the first Lithuanian ESN section – ESN Vilnius University, later recognized as organizer of many international and national projects, Responsible Party ambassador, who finally became Alumni and participated in NPs as a Chair for more than once. So it was not a big surprise for anyone when applications for the new Board were announced with Vytenis applying for the main position. Few weeks afterwards we can already call him Mr. President. About reasons, prospects, friends and hopes: interview with the newly elected ESN Lithuania President Vytenis Danyla.

Hello, Vytenis! Tell us, how does it feel those first weeks in the position?

Hi! First of all, my application for the position was a bit of surprise for majority of members, so don't lie :) Well first weeks were really busy. As you know, I also have some duties out of ESN, so basically my life consists of three things – work, ESN and sleep. Actually after the election the first thing I’ve thought about was „What have I done?“. This mind still comes time to time, but I'm happy that I've got really strong team and I believe that we will do more than anyone expects. First week after becoming president was really tough. I was happy and sad, determined and disappointed, hopeful and desperate. And all of these feelings came at the same time. Now, after some help from others ESN'ers I really feel great, I do believe in myself and in the bright future together with whole ESN Lithuania.

What have you already done as the President of the network in Lithuania?

Well… Almost nothing :) Sent two delegations to international events (NBM and CEP), participated in ESN Vilnius University board meeting, had a few meetings with the president of ESN Vilnius University Darija, had lunch with ESN Lithuania NR Simona and former HR coordinator Vydūnas, had a meeting with ESN VGTU president Kamilė and had dinner with ESN MRU Vilnius HR coordinator Laura. Of course not to mention constant meetings with former ESN Lithuania president Gintarė. And now I'm answering your questions :)

Let’s talk about dreams. If you would have enough money, time and power, what would be 3 things you would realize within ESN Lithunia?

First thing would be Eurotrip around the Europe with ESN Lithuania members while visiting as much ESN sections as possible (the route is already planned, hopefully it will come true some day). Second is creating a movie about ESN Lithuania and ESN international (probably during this trip). And third... I have never thought about that more. So far had only those two dreams.

And what are the plans for our future with the resources we have? 

Plans are huge. Not sure if they are going to become true. Summer Camp 2014 in Lithuania with ESN members from the whole Europe. Unity of all ESN Lithuania sections. Publicity, so that as much people as possible would know ESN in Lithuania. And of course one very important question: AGM???

Are you happy with your colleagues in the National Board? What are your prospects towards them for this term?

No, they are terrible! Just kidding, I'm very happy to have a team like this, they are real professionals in their fields and I hope that we will make a great team. Unfortunately a lot of them are in their in-term positions till the next NP, but I hope that together we can do a lot more than anyone expects. They are awesome!

How much in your opinion ESN LT has changed during 3 recent years after National Board was established?

Actually it has changed a lot. It's structure, status, policy towards sections and members. However I believe that all of the changes help to move forward. I can see a lot of motivated members in sections. As the organization is growing I believe that members of it are the strongest than they have ever been. The only thing left to do is to make them one family and then no one would be able to stop us :)

What has changed that after all these years in ESN and already being a part of Alumni network you have decided to apply for the head position of the NB? 

Nothing, except that now I believe that I'm ready to be in this position. There was a lot of pressure for me to apply for president position two years ago, the same story repeated last year. However I didn't believe that I was ready for that. It's a long story full of coincidences how I've decided to apply for president position this year. But the main thing is believing being ready to do that. ESN gave me a lot, now it's time to give something back.

What gives you motivation to work for ESN for so many years?

First of all, for me ESN is motivation itself. As I already mentioned, ESN gave me a lot. That's how it got inside my blood and heart. It is the biggest source of motivation for me.

Do you still remember your first year in ESN? How did it look like? 

First year wasn't really special. I was just a mentor in ESN Vilnius University section. After the first semester of mentoring exchange students, there were people convincing me to go to the board of my section. However, I've refused and stayed as a mentor for one more semester. Of course my first year was full of various events, friends, exchange students... It was one big party. After that I've decided to join our local board and that's how my first year ended.

From local to international level during more than few years. Are you looking forward to your first international experience as representative of ESN LT? 

I guess it will be 4 years this December. Well I had my first international experience already. It was Summer Camp'11 that took place here, in Lithuania. But of course I'm really excited and can't wait for my first experience as official representative of ESN Lithuania. Luckily it's not so long to wait until CND.

Anything else you would like to share with the network?

ESN is the best thing that happened in my life so far and I'm very happy that you all are a part of this. Becoming the President is a small step, but it can change a lot and hopefully it will do so :)
Thank you very much, Vyteni! Keep the motivation up and go for those two dreams!

During the last weekend of September (28-29th) National Platform of ESN Lithuania took place under the roof of Vilnius University. More than 15 hours of discussions and decisions resulted in getting to know each other better, gaining experience and ideas from other sections since 9 of them were participating, together with ESN LT Alumni, our candidate section ESN SMK and ESN LEU, which has just applied for candidate status. New members, ideas and suggestions, negotiations and problems solving – 2 days full of ESN Lithuania policy making.

28th of September

On Saturday after sections from Kaunas, Šiauliai and Klaipėda have reached the capital and people from Vilnius have gathered together National Representative Simona Patašiūtė together with CT Vytenis Danyla have opened the Platform with motivating speeches and inspiration for every single ESNer in Lithuania. Afterwards CEP and CND were presented together with opportunities to join them and gather some international experience there. Later on some local experiences were shared with the entire network while ESN VGTU representatives gave a presentation about Summer Camp’13, organized already for the 3rd time in ESN Lithuania history and probably not for the last one.

During the rest of the morning NP was listening to different kinds of reports and presentations given by ESN LT Alumni network, which have even prepared awards for every section for their best project of the recent period. Tomas Tamulevičius has shared his experience in Eduk8 seminar Trainings 4 Trainers, which has happened more than a month ago in Romania and motivated him to apply for the HRC position in the NB. National project coordinator Sandra Rimavičiūtė has presented previous and made an introduction to the present ESN Sea Battle stating clear that it is still one of the most successful ESN projects ever, always sold out within first hours. One more successful project of ESN was presented by the guest of our NP – Xrisa Soulele from ESN Greece, who has presented us SocialErasmus and Erasmus in Schools initiative in her home country.

After the lunch all the rest of the time was dedicated for the reports of the sections and their activities of the recent quarter: welcoming weeks were presented along with mentors activities, which are playing the main role during the first days of exchange students in Lithuania. Presentations were followed by the open discussion initiated by the CT where sections shared their thoughts about the work done by the colleagues. After closing it together with the first day of NP everyone was invited to meet up in the city centre for non-formal activities.
29th of September

Day for the decision making has finally come. After listening to 10 different reports, questions and comments one thing became clear, that NB 2012-2013 deserves one huge THANK YOU for the time they have invested with no return, for the skills for helping to improve ESN  Lithuania, patience and comprehension, attempts to inspire volunteers of the network and to help them with going further – for all of it and much more NP expressed their gratitude for the President Gintarė Vaiginyte, National Representative Simona Patašiūtė, Public Relations Officer Sandra Baltkojytė, Project Coordinator Sandra Rimavičiūtė, Marketing Coordinator Simas Ivanauskas, IT Coordinator Laurynas Rašimas, SocialErasmus Coordinator Kristina Selezniova, Human Resources Coordinator Vydūnas Pakrijauskas, Sea Battle Coordinator Karolis Sakalauskas and last but not the least Responsible Party Coordinator Indrė Kasiliauskaitė.

Not only members of the latter NB gave their presentation, but also a special guest from our partner Scanbalt Experience has arrived to present himself and to discuss possibilities for future cooperation. After the last speech it was already the time to start voting for the new NB and other important matters.

After sections have expressed their will it came clear that the new Board for 2013-2014 goes as follows:
President – Vytenis Danyla;
NR – Simona Patašiūtė;
HRC – Tomas Tamulevičius

PR Officer together with the Project Coordinator stay the same until the next National Platform.