Lithuanian pupils and students & ERASMUS exchange students in Lithuania will say loud that ERASMUS helps to go towards one world idea!

For 11-18 of November North-South Centre of the Council of Europe organizes “Global Education Week”. During this week Lithuanian students and teachers will be encouraged to find out their educational activities, which would make a great impact to their global citizenship.

This year Erasmus Student Network of Lithuania also joins this event providing the society information about the Erasmus exchange possibilities and its’ importance to the development of the global citizenship.

10 ESN departments in Lithuania are inviting all the pupils to participate in the essay contest: 


More information you can find in ERASMUS LETTERS.

On 2nd-4th of March traditional Casimir‘s fair took place in Vilnius attracting innumerable amount of residents and city guests. This fair was special, because according to organizers the number of participants willing to attend this event was higher than ever.  Also charity and support fund “Mothers‘ Union“ continued it‘s tradition and led by noblest aims gathered donations for children with oncological diseases. In addition, the students of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University ESN (Erasmus Student Network) were not indifferent and voluntarily contributed to this campaign by giving all their energy tried to quiver the hearts of passers-by to donate for the children.

The campaign began on Saturday morning, when, though a bit late, the tent of “Mothers‘ Union” was built and there you could buy cards made by children themselves. Guided by the motto “Support for a child – present for you” participants of the fair were able to buy a great gift for themselves and donate 3 Litas for those, who really need them. The charity was gathered in two ways – one stood by the tent and called people to stop by the tent and not just pass by, while others went through the crowd with special boxes, gave out “Mothers Union” calendars and encouraged to donate for children with cancer. Megaphone became an integral tool that helped everyone around to hear calls for help and support.

On Sunday the majority of our guests diceded to take a rest, so Lithuanian students took the lead. The day was really lovely as the sun was shining and setting a good mood. Passers-by were much more curious and interested in what we were doing. Also everybody had a chance to witness an incredible performance of two Erasmus students, who played guitars right here – in Vilnius city center!

Another thrilling thing about this campaign is that this year it became international – students from Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, even from Uzbekistan and South Korea (they wrote names in Korean language) weren‘t afraid of cold weather and shared their companionship with others. Most people think that Erasmus students only party and have fun, but according to Julius Zaburas, who was the cordinator of this project and also curated the students during this campaign, students living in our country for 5 months (some even stay for 10 months or more) certainly want to assist the local community and give something back in return for the hospitality. „All of them are full of ideas, which we really want to make come true and in collaboration with other organizations (in this case „Mothers‘ Union) we can achieve so much“ – said Julius.

We hope that this is not the last project of ESN VGTU. Futher plans and ideas are being developed. We are very grateful for everyone, who organized and participated in „Casimir‘s Fair 2012“!!!  

Donations collected throughout this campaign: 3220 Lt.

More information about charity and support fund:

From the 19th to 23rd of January 40 people from 32 countries of ESN gathered in Trondheim, the second largest city in Norway (a.k.a. the Ice rink) for the Social Erasmus Coordinator Meeting (SECM).
First day everyone got a tour through the city and later had a relaxing dinner and an evening in a Norwegian sauna.  
During the second day, SE coordinators presented the SE projects of their countries. Each coordinator had the opportunity to learn about the projects each country is having and to get ideas for the new ones. After the plenaries, everyone got back to the hostel and got ready for Euro Dinner which took place in the city center. During Euro Dinner the participants shared their traditional dishes and had fun dancing and playing Limbo.
On the 21st January, the morning started with an open discussion about Social Erasmus projects, its concept and whether SE needs new pillars for the projects (such as cultural, health). Later the coordinators were divided into 3 groups. This day was dedicated for workshops about PR/Communication, Budget/Finansing and Project management. After the workshops, everyone gathered in the main room to have another discussion about SE projects and when the discussions ended, the participants were guided up on a mountain to the tallest building in Norway (rotating restaurant) for the dinner. After it everyone got back to the hostel just to prepare for a Masquerade party, where few nominations for a few distinguished people were given: Miss World, Mr. Universe, Nicest Bum, Best Hair, Best Dancer, Biggest Flirter, Funniest person, etc.
On the last day of the meeting, some people started to leave, but the others had another day of workshops, which have covered Teambuilding, Motivation and Event organization workshops. After these, there was a surprise for everyone - the Northern Lights in Trondheim were visible, so this made usual evening to be an extraordinary one! For dinner the OC provided everything from nowadays Norway cuisine – tacos, which now are probably the most popular dish in Norway. After dinner part of the participants went to play some Bowling, others stayed at the hostel.
On the 23rd January, most of the participants were already gone away, but the others, who still had a few hours in Trondheim, went for a city tour.
All in all, SECM was a very good experience for all SE Coordinators, because we have not only got an opportunity to find out about the projects other countries are making, but also we were encouraged to learn some new useful things during the workshops.
More photos may be found here.