SocialErasmus is a project where with minimal expenses we can implement the most beautiful ideas, so this time our SocialErasmus coordinators team agreed with the idea that international wind could take over Lithuanian schools by sending them postcards.
Project “Erasmus Postcards“ is easy to realize: before going to Lithuania Erasmus exchange students are asked to brought few cards with them. Each ESN section chooses the most convenient time them to collect and during certain event students are asked to fill their cards by writing few  phrases in their native language, few sentences about first impression being in Lithuania (in English), the favorite phrase in Lithuanian and other things they want. 
After collecting postcards, ESNers will divide them in equal parts and send to the selected schools of Lithuania, where postcards will be exposed (how – it depends on agreement). ESNers need creativity there: each section has to present ESN Lithuania and themselves as well, ERASMUS exchange program, tell schools about the flows of international students each semester and traditional  activities that ESN offer to them. Also we are glad that our expired SocialErasmus projects as video "Erasmus Unites", telling what Erasmus exchange program is and "Erasmus Letters" are beneficial there – they let us explain better the essence of ESN activities and SocialErasmus goals. 

What is more, most of ESN Lithuania sections for the first time joins “Anti-bullying Week“, which will last from 18th to 24th of March where the main goal will be to implement activities that stimulate tolerance and empathy at an early age children in kindergartens, schools, social centers, children homes. By sending Erasmus postcards, information about ESN and our activities to Lithuanian pupils, we will try to break stereotypes, to emphasize the need of understanding of cultural differences, encourage discussions about Lithuanians‘ tolerance. 
Realization of the project also aims to reveal that ESNers are active, social and open-minded youth and that Erasmus exchange program is direct connection with European youth and that it lets us become more tolerant!
“Erasmus post cards“ + “Anti-bullying Week” = Powerful “Erasmus in Schools” project
This is the way how soon Lithuanian ESNers are going to reach Lithuanian schools!
For more information you can write to National SocialErasmus coordinator Kristina Selezniova:
[email protected] 


Creating future few years ago for me was something I have never imagined. Now I can bravely say "YES, I CAN". Why? Because I have found a place where all dreams can come true!

Once I had decided that I must apply for ERASMUS - I do not know why, but since school years it was something I had to experience. And finally, I got on the bus which led me to the Warsaw where from  I have almost successfully reached my final destination Ostrava Czech Republic by train. I got tricked by the taxi driver, I got lost in the city at the first day while looking for the super - market when some homeless tried to "take" me while waiting for the train. But still it was the BEST decision in my life to seize this opportunity. 

But the real benefits of this adventure started to show up after getting back to Lithuania. First days being at home, going to lectures were SOOO depressing that I had to do something. It seemed that life is going nowhere as everybody was so sad, wasn't smiling... And forget  (wasn’t thinking) about English for sure! 

This is why I have applied to become a mentor - it was interesting - many parties and friends. However, I have started to ask more. As the ESN office was near the house I was living at that moment, I was attending all meetings, I have also started to help other students to find what they did need and finally I had my first project! At that day I felt the opportunity to create something new, I felt the potential of ESN VGTU which were not exploited. Soon I was elected as the Head Coordinator of the Social Projects Committee. It was 100% new as nobody ever tried to do this - maybe this was the main reason which forced me to go further, the possibility to CREATE. My biggest dream to prove that ERASMUS is not only parties and trips became true - for the first time in Lithuania ESN went SOCIAL. 

Now my tenure is over, but new leaders of the committee continue the traditions to follow the earlier events. They continue develop traditions, which came from my heart and were realized with the help of sleepless nights. In my opinion, this is the biggest reward you can get.

Moreover, ESN changed my personal life and character as well. I have met many new people, who became my new friends. I have learned to communicate with different cultures, I have expanded my horizons and showed to others and to myself that everything is possible. Really! Funny story is that I have even got a full-time job as an Engineer with the help of ESN. 

Nowadays, I still cannot stop. One very clever ESN'er said: "ESN is like a drug – at the moment you try it for the first time you either give it up or you never stop using". And I have not stopped untill now and I won't (sorry for those who doesn't like me :) ). At the moment we have started the ESN LT Alumni club - also something we have never done before. Maybe this is the reason I am here - the reason of possibility to CREATE again. 

To sum up, I cannot imagine a day without ESN. There are still many things to do and many challenges to meet. Thank you all who have worked with me, thank you all who are still working - you are the best! 

ESN is the best place to be in!

by Julius Zaburas

More about ESN LT Alumni HERE.

ESN LT Alumni Facebook.

An event, happening three times in a row might be called a tradition. For ESN Lithuania it is so called Bling Bling party, this time organized for the 3rd and not for the last time. Idea to dress up and to spend a night together with international students from 5 different universities and ESNers from 5 different sections this year seemed to be attractive for more than 700 participants.

But who is standing behind all of that and makes the ends meet and everyone enjoy the results of it? These are 4 people who are hiding under two letters “OC”. Today we will talk with one of them - Darija Kupstaitė.

Why Bling Bling?

The organizers of the first party (a year ago) wanted something not so hard to prepare (either for exchange students or for organizers) but at the same time something memorable, shining and sparkling.  That was how Bling Bling theme came up.

So what does the OC made of? What are you responsible for?

OC is made of people from different sections in Vilnius (one person from each section) and those who were organizers of previous parties. We are responsible for everything actually. We are looking for the place, DJ, musicians, dancers, we even had a violin player. We are also trying to get some discounts for students and trying to keep everything in order. Personally I was responsible for tickets, for counting money and paying for everything (I think it is because I am an economics student :) ), also for decorations and together with all other organizers for keeping the order during the event.

As shortly as possible, what are the main stages of organizing this kind of event?

In my opinion the most important thing is a good team. A clear plan of the event should be in the second place and the third stage is about being stick to the plan.

What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced while preparing Bling Bling 2013 Spring?

Definitely the biggest challenge was the place for the event. We couldn’t get the same place as we had during the previous parties. We called to more than 5 places and every time we got an answer “Sorry, no”. But finally we succeed, we found a very nice place, it wasn’t perfect but it was the best option from those that we have had.

Are you happy with the final results?

I’m quite happy, we did everything we could. Of course we made some mistakes but I believe it will be a lesson for everyone. 

What, do you think, is the reason of Bling Bling’s success?

The main reason, I think, is that students were interested in this event more than ever before. We couldn’t believe that there are so many students who want to attend this party.

Maybe something fun or interesting have happened during the evening what all ESN Lithuania would be interested to read about? :)

The most interesting and a bit unexpected thing was that a group of students was waiting for the last tickets since 9 pm (the door was opened at 10 pm). 

ESN Lithuania sincerely thanks for all the organising team for their amazing job done before, after and on 8th of February!

"Yesterday in early morning I was driving a car when suddenly in front of my eyes a truck rammed another car. That car fling away across all road and jumped on the divider. I stopped, leaped out of the car and ran to look was everybody alive - luckily the driver and passenger were OK". This accident showed how brittle our lives can be. 

Concerning this matters, ESN VGTU again showed that they are indifferent to helping others and organized Blood Donor Day. It was held in the middle of Vilnius city center in shopping mall "Gedimino 9" on 1st of December together with Blood Center. 

Members of ESN VGTU were really prepared as music was inviting everybody to join the event, all day few of the volunteers distributed the flyers in the street and inside the shopping center. There were sweets, candies, tea, coffee, board games - everything you need to have a good time! Few ERASMUS student even played the guitar while others were singing (ESN VGTU really have very talented singers). 

Blood Center also was perfectly prepared as they initiated short movie called "Blood Road" where the importance of Donor was explained. The movie was available in Lithuanian and in English. Moreover, they helped to connect all necessary equipment and prepare tables - it was very delightful team work of two separate organizations which were united with ONE GOAL - SUPPORT.

The first Donor who encourage others to join was a girl from Germany. Following the example, student from Turkey, Italy, Spain started to register and fill in the forms, Lithuanians joined too. After few hours, when more and more people got out on the streets, more and more of them came. Finally even quite a big queue appeared near the registration desk. The marvelous thing was that giving the flyers totally worked and some people, who never heard of ESN joined too. They were introduced into ESN with short comment who we are and what we do and after the donation were rewarded with special ESN bracelet. 

According to the project coordinator Kristina Vilčiauskaitė she took responsibility for this event because the situation what matters the donation is very poor - "there is a big lack of donors however people even during such events listlessly look at giving blood. I think that we are strong enough to share this idea firstly with ERASMUS student and also with Lithuanian community and in this way to create wider environment where donations could become a usual thing. Many foreigner students are donors in their countries, but when they come here they do not have any information how to do this - ESN VGTU Donor Blood Day provided them this information and permitted them to donate.

After the day, checking the results made us all smile as there were up to 20 donors! So we would like to say big THANK YOU to the people who agreed to do this, also we say a big THANK YOU to the Blood Center which willingly joined the event, we say big THANK YOU to the administration of shopping mall "Gedimino 9" as they provided all necessary items to make everything in the best way. 

By Julius Zaburas

On the 24th - 25th of November representatives of ESN VGTU together with charity and support fund "Mother Union" participated in the exhibition "Vaikų šalis 2012" (eng. "Children Country 2012") which was held in exhibition hall LITEXPO, Vilnius and joined the opportunity to create the biggest postcard in Lithuania. The result was amazing, because there was created as postcard which height - 2,4 m and width - 1,5 m.

It all started on Saturday early morning when the base of the postcard was delivered - the size of it took breath for everyone who saw it as it was quite hard to imagine how we will manage to fulfill all white area with drawings and pictures. However, when the professional designer began to sketch the Goodness of a Brownie smallest participants of the exhibition bravely joined the company. Firstly they timidly colored the figures, but after some time started to improvise - then flowers became black, there were animals in the sky... The imagination was freed. Everybody who joined the creation of this postcard got a piece of cake. The most interesting thing was to see how this opportunity to remember the childhood and to take a paintbrush involved also adults. Persistently, till the end of the exhibition, they demonstrated their painting abilities while their children were helping them.

Nearby the members of the "Mother Union" introduced the new collection of the postcards. The passers - by had an a opportunity to buy them and support children with cancer.

On Sunday action continued as the postcard was only on a halfway. Professional designer again helped us an organized fast, effective workshop to finish the record on time. After finishing many people wanted to have the photo IN it.


On Monday morning the postcard was delivered to Santariškių hospital and was gifted to the department of Children Oncological Diseases where decorates the hallway.

This project was not the first one organized between ESN VGTU and "Mother Union" - at 2011 winter members of ESN VGTU together with foreigners visited the hospital and performed Christmas event, at 2012 spring ESN VGTU also participated in Saint Casimir's fair, where fundraised charity for children with cancer. According to the ESN VGTU Alumni Julius Zaburas - "support and aid not necessarily must be expressed financially. Sometimes exact work, as this time producing and delivering the base for biggest postcard means much more than money".

For 11-18 of November North-South Centre of the Council of Europe organizes “Global Education Week”.

This year Erasmus Student Network of Lithuania also joins this event providing the society information about the Erasmus exchange possibilities and its’ importance to the development of the global citizenship.

Here you can find short movie how ERASMUS, and exchange programs at all, can be benefitial for the person, local society and all the world! ;)

Attention: exchange students did a great job - explained everything in Lithuanian!!!

Thanks for all participants for educating our society!

On 2nd-4th of March traditional Casimir‘s fair took place in Vilnius attracting innumerable amount of residents and city guests. This fair was special, because according to organizers the number of participants willing to attend this event was higher than ever.  Also charity and support fund “Mothers‘ Union“ continued it‘s tradition and led by noblest aims gathered donations for children with oncological diseases. In addition, the students of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University ESN (Erasmus Student Network) were not indifferent and voluntarily contributed to this campaign by giving all their energy tried to quiver the hearts of passers-by to donate for the children.

The campaign began on Saturday morning, when, though a bit late, the tent of “Mothers‘ Union” was built and there you could buy cards made by children themselves. Guided by the motto “Support for a child – present for you” participants of the fair were able to buy a great gift for themselves and donate 3 Litas for those, who really need them. The charity was gathered in two ways – one stood by the tent and called people to stop by the tent and not just pass by, while others went through the crowd with special boxes, gave out “Mothers Union” calendars and encouraged to donate for children with cancer. Megaphone became an integral tool that helped everyone around to hear calls for help and support.

On Sunday the majority of our guests diceded to take a rest, so Lithuanian students took the lead. The day was really lovely as the sun was shining and setting a good mood. Passers-by were much more curious and interested in what we were doing. Also everybody had a chance to witness an incredible performance of two Erasmus students, who played guitars right here – in Vilnius city center!

Another thrilling thing about this campaign is that this year it became international – students from Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, even from Uzbekistan and South Korea (they wrote names in Korean language) weren‘t afraid of cold weather and shared their companionship with others. Most people think that Erasmus students only party and have fun, but according to Julius Zaburas, who was the cordinator of this project and also curated the students during this campaign, students living in our country for 5 months (some even stay for 10 months or more) certainly want to assist the local community and give something back in return for the hospitality. „All of them are full of ideas, which we really want to make come true and in collaboration with other organizations (in this case „Mothers‘ Union) we can achieve so much“ – said Julius.

We hope that this is not the last project of ESN VGTU. Futher plans and ideas are being developed. We are very grateful for everyone, who organized and participated in „Casimir‘s Fair 2012“!!!  

Donations collected throughout this campaign: 3220 Lt.

More information about charity and support fund:

On 10th January Vilnius sections of ESN Lithuania wellcomed all ERASMUS students by organizing them a huge Welcome party. According to organizators, there should have been around 450 ERASMUS students from Vilnius, Vilnius Gediminas Technical and  Mykolas Romeris universities, International School of Business and Law as well as mentors and their friends. The party took place in Pramogų Bankas, Vilnius.

The topic of the event was BLING BLING, so girls had to wear cocktail dresses while guys were in their suits and shirts. Despite the bad weather and Lithuanian cold, there were lots of people who prepared and shined all night long. The party lasted until 6 am.

This welcome party was one of the first events organized by several sections of ESN in Vilnius. After success like this there will certainly be more unforgettable events organized so follow the news!

This weekend National Platform of ESN Lithuania was organized in Vilnius for the last time these years and for the first time of a new Board, working from the 1st of October. 29 presentations, hours of discussions, new ideas and experiences for sharing surounded by Christmas decorations and music. 

Saturday's program included presentations from various international events as PRIME in Brussels, CEP Krakow,NBM Dublin and CND Siena. The latter event offered to rank sections from being regular to reaching level of good, successful or perfect section. Reflections of NBM Dublin have informed everyone about new ERASMUS program, which will be offered from 2012 with hard working ESN team on its side again. Presentation of CEP Krakow gave all the NP participants some thoughts about possible future cooperation with ESN Poland.


After covering these topics and coffee break National Platform could move forward and discuss about such important issues as ESN Lithuania Budget, ESN cards and future of ESN VPU, which candidacy was rejected after voting of 10 other ESN Lithuania's sections. 

Besides all discussions and reviews all 47 participators of the event had an opportunity to improveESN communication tools using skills, including reminder of  a little bit forgotten ESN Galaxy or ESN Lithuania InfoCentre, during the workshop organized by Ieva Vezbergaitė, ESN Lithuania NR. Furthermore, all participators were introduced to new ESN Lithuania's public relations tools as YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter profiles or separate websites for every single ESN Lithuania section.

Time of the first NP's day has run out with presentations of SeaBattle'11 Autumn and Exchange Days'11 with desicion being made to continue this event in coming years, making no more mistakes and going only further.

Sunday has offered an informative program with presentations of sections, which can be already found in ESN Lithuania InfoCentre, and voting round, which has changed a lot. From now on ESN Lithuania:

• is no more in partnership with S-Travellers;

• in a following NP there will include 5 places for ESN Alumni;

• has new ESN Lithuania's Human Resources Coordinator - Roman Šarpanov;

• Cihan Keskin has bacame ESN Lithuania's IT Coordinator;

• will organize next National Platform in Šiauliai with help of ESN ŠU section.

We thank everyone for active participation, ESN ISLB for organization and hope to see you soon with even more ideas, smiles and experiences to share!

 Photos can be found HERE.

Every semester ESN VGTU in cooperation with International Relations Office not only takes care of hundreds of foreign students from more than twenty countries, organizes events, trips, social projects but also tries to show the variety of cultures to other VGTU students. It is already three weeks since the Korean language course is being held at the VGTU central building every week on Tuesdays. Everyone who has interest in this country, their culture or language specifics, is invited. In order to share all this with people, ESN VGTU asked the member of this organization and the lover of Korean culture Julius Baradinskas to organize this event. Students from South Korea gladly welcomed this idea and were happy about people being interested in their culture.

According to the organizer, the first lecture was more like an experiment, since it wasn‘t  expected to get so much interest. However, attendants expressed the desire to continue learning Korean language. The lectures were attended not only by Lithuanians but also by foreign students – Tajiks, Germans, Turks, Czechs as well as Koreans from VU and ISM universities. In the first lecture only around twenty people has participated, whereas in the third one, the classroom was overfilled.

At the beginning attendants were taught simple Korean words such as hello or thank you, while later they were learning the specifics of spelling, reading and pronunciation. When  Koreans ask students to read the word written on the board, many hands rise. Apart from the language specifics, Korean students have introduced Korean history, famous places, culture as well as the meaning of South Korea flag.  Students were even asked to paint the flag and the best ones were awarded with souvenirs from South Korea.  Besides that, Koreans have shown the most popular TV drama in their country as well as their own filmed video clip with a funny situation. According to students, the most memorable moment so far was national anthem of South Korea that has been sung by Myounghun Lee.

The number of people interested in these lectures is increasing so ESN VGTU is continuing this project. Everyone who would like to join us is invited to VGTU central building every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the room 624. For more information about ESN VGTU check us on Facebook.

Vaida Tracevičiūtė, ESN VGTU