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Been on Erasmus+ exchange/internship programme or still participating in one? Submit your most precious and most memorable moments for the project My Erasmus Moment!

  • Pick one photo that in your opinion best represents the country or the city of your Erasmus+ programme. It can be monuments, food, traditions, etc.
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05/11/2018 - 10:00 to 30/11/2018 - 23:30

Summer Camp is an informal training event organized for the ESN members from 3 Buddy countries - ESN Lithuania, ESN Poland and ESN Czech Republic. During the event participants will attend various training sessions, team-building and sport activities as well as present their countries during the Eurodinner and share their best practices in an informal way.

---> Place: Kaunas, Lithuania 
---> Date: 22nd -25th June 2017;
---> Spots: 85 in total - 45 for ESN Poland, 20 for ESN Czech Republic, 20 for ESN Lithuania;
---> Localtion: http://www.sadauskusodyba.lt/

---> Price : 60 EUR

Registration: http://www.esnlithuania.org/content/summer-camp-registration

Contacts : Abhiyaan Malhotra : +370 60299532 ; Algeda Šinušaitė : +370 63612383
Email: [email protected]

22/06/2017 - 09:00 to 25/06/2017 - 12:00

Every year Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is having a lot of meetings where members of this network are coming together to discuss on current matters, share their best practices and make decisions in order to run our Network better. One of this type of meetings is Central European Platform (CEP )in which the delegates from 8 countries from the regions are representing their sections and countries.


This year from 27th to 30th of October Lithuanian delegation led by ESN Lithuania National Representative Inesa Cvetkova and ESN Lithuania Projects and Events Manager Indre Engelkyte represented Lithuania in CEP 2016 Pecs, Hungary. The delegation consisted of 18 members from the sections of different higher education institutions of Lithuania.


A lot of topics related with the events, projects, problems or new ideas and the network itself were discussed during this annual meeting. Participants had a chance to attend different workshops and small sessions related to their positions in the network or according to participants’ interests. During Meet Your Colleagues session everyone had a chance to meet people from different sections that are having same positions, for example meeting with Presidents and LRs, or Vice Presidents, or Events Coordinators etc. and to see how other colleagues are dealing with struggles or sharing experience.


During Regional Platform in Pecs sections voted for the ESN Showcase project in which the sections are showing their best practices. This year’s winner of this project among Central European sections was ESN CULS Prague with their best practice "My Section" - an IT tool for pairing international and local students.


Another very important matter for Lithuania during this platform was ESN Lithuania’s candidacy for CEP 2017. After an intense voting ESN Lithuania was elected to host CEP 2017 in Vilnius with the votes of 117 out of 120.


CEP Pecs 2016 was an interesting event for the delegation. We have made a lot of new friends from different sections, and also we got a chance to get to know each other and ESN Lithuania network better.


Written by Dovilė Zujevaitė


All the sections of ESN Lithuania join their forces to make experience of exchange students in Lithuania unforgettable with the combination of a festival and a summer camp – ESCAPE Erasmus Student Camp.

All these days will be full of various activities: orientation games, sports, art workshops, games, brain battle, live music bands, DJ and more. We all know that weather in Lithuania is unpredictable but even that will not be able to make a change on the mood because all of the equipment for the planned activities can be quickly adapted to weather conditions – sun or rain, everybody is provided with the space for having lots of fun.

Not convinced yet? All weekend long nobody has to think about getting to places, finding a bed to sleep or food to eat. Reserved buses will go from the biggest Lithuanian cities to the place of ESCAPE. There are no luxurious hotels but living conditions are respective with the rooms for various size of people groups so everyone gets their own bed and personal space. For your convenience, breakfast, lunch and dinner are also included.

You can buy your tickets here.

23/09/2016 - 10:00 to 25/09/2016 - 21:00
65 € - 75 €

BRUSSELS, Belgium – April 1st 2015 – With the growing demand of the young generation to move both abroad and within their own countries, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and Hostelling International (HI) have decided to join forces, helping young travellers discover new places, learn about new cultures and gain experience through affordable and quality travel opportunities.  

“I am very pleased with this new partnership. We share similar values.” says Angela Braasch-Eggert, President of HI. “Hostelling International stands for inclusivity, learning and understanding other people and their cultures, and is concerned with a sustainable future for young people. We look forward to working together.”

Both HI and ESN believe that mobility is the key to personal development.  “The partnership between ESN and HI can be called a ‘perfect match’. The vision of Hostelling International as a membership organisation with a network of accommodation providers for mobile young people matches 100% with ours. Going abroad is about meeting other people and experiencing different cultures. I am extremely happy that we start this partnership and give all ESNcard holders the possibility to be part of the HI community.” says Stefan Jahnke, President of ESN.

What’s in it for international students? All 130,000 ESNcard holders from the next academic year will be able to  benefit from a free year-long HI membership and discounts in nearly 4,000 quality HI hostels in 91 countries around the globe. Furthermore, with the ESNcard students can access thousands of discounted hostel beds in 38 European countries and the opportunity to participate in cultural events, trips and parties organised by ESN all year-round. The ESNcard can be purchased at any of the local ESN associations around Europe.

With the European Commission’s ambition of 20% of higher education students having had a study or training period abroad by 2020 the first step to be taken is allowing young people to move, explore the world and feel confident doing it. From today, HI and ESN together make travelling easier and more affordable than ever before.

ESN says HI to the World! Will you?

Specialized educational fair of foreign education "Days of International Education 2015" held in Lithuania since 2005. Over the years the exhibition has become widely regarded as one of the most popular activities among school children and adults, managers and leading specialists from various companies and organizations, including secondary schools and universities. Visitors of the exhibition have a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with the world-renowned representatives of high schools and colleges, universities and language centers and choose a suitable training programme in Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Austria , Russia and other countries of the world: language camps, foreign language courses, secondary, vocational and higher education. Main objective of the exhibition is to guide you to success in today's global world through quality education and knowledge of foreign languages.

Admission to the exhibition is free.

Venue - Radisson Blue Hotel Lietuva.

More information about the fair:  www.balticcouncil.lt


12/03/2015 - 11:00 to 18:00

Erasmus Student Network has an opportunity to meet only once a year. Only 3 letters, standing for 641 people, 4 days and the most important event of ESN in general. It is AGM or Annual General Meeting, which was organized already for the 25th time in the history of the organization. This year it took over the city of Milan, Italy from the 3rd to 7th of April.

This time ESN Lithuania in the event was presented by 15 members of the network, representing 10 sections and National Board of Lithuania.

While most of the participants were just packing, National Representatives and special guests were already present in the pre-CNR, which this time has resulted into the growth of network since the 37th country was accepted. From now on ESN Russia is a part of the family.

While pre-CNR was closed and NRs were counting their first days and nights without sleep, cars, busses and plains were bringing hundreds of ESNers from the various corners of Europe to Milan, which at least for 4 days has become European capital of youth.

Thursday, 3rd of April

The first official day of AGM Milano 2014 was opened by Italian minister of Education Stefania Giannini, president of ESN Italy Carlo Bitetto, head of the AGM OC Lorenzo Campini and our dear president of ESN International Stefan Jahnke with wishes to “stay hungry. Stay foolish” and reach for more international experience. After ceremony at Arena Civica was closed and wishes for the fruitful meeting was shared, streets of the city were flooded by ESN Flag Parade, where each country presented their country by dressing up in the colors of their flag. Nonetheless, marching in the streets of Milan was not the purpose, this time ESNers have set a goal for themselves, which was to hug the Duomo di Milano. Symbolizing Europe unifying at the very heart of Milan the goal was successfully achieved. Rest of the day offered a chance to better get to know each other or revive old friendships before plenaries of the AGM have started.

Friday, 4th of April

Schedule of AGM from the beginning promised tough days – waking up at 7 am and having plenaries started at 8:30 am already. Day one has started with the presentations of ESN partners. Italo trains, Generator hostels and FIAT took the stage for few hours. Afterwards the real fun began with the activity reports of the International Board, which were followed by presentation of the recent changes in Erasmus+ program given by representatives of European Commission Runa Vigdis Gudmarsdottir and Daphne Scherer.

After the lunch Flagship project for the year 2014 was presented. New initiative Mov’in Europe will promote mobility as a lifestyle, through the engagement of ambassadors in local, national and international activities. Afterwards the time came to listen to the presentations of candidates to the new IB. Stefan Jahnke and Jesús Escrivà Munyoz as the candidates for the President and Dominique Montagnese, Evagelos Tsoumas as for the Vice-President. Plenaries were closed at 8 pm and participants were invited to enjoy each other’s company and cultures at the Eurodinner in the “Karma” club.

Saturday, 5th of April

Starting from the morning presentations of the candidates to the IB continued with Jonathan Jelves for the position of Treasurer, Robert Klimacki and Cristina Gavrila for the position of Communication Manager and Adam Farnik for the position of Web Project Administrator. Afterwards Ankara and Thessaloniki presented their candidacies for organizing the upcoming AGM as well as Vilnius, Plodiv and Barcelona applying to organize the upcoming Council of National Delegates.

Second half of the day was dedicated to the infomarket with the Higher Education Institutions from 37 countries of Europe represented by ESNers themselves. Event gave a perfect chance for ESNers as well as local students to better get to know the opportunities of continuing studies in the country abroad. Workshops were organized at the same time offering the possibility to better get to know the organization and projects or initiatives related to it. As well as how to use other opportunities offered by European Union.

Saturday was coming to an end and this time ESNers had an exclusive opportunity to finish the day while relaxing in the Aquaworld together with local Erasmus students.

Sunday, 6th of April

The last day of AGM has started with the presentations of 5 international committees of ESN and numerous other projects ESN lives with these days. 5 min dedicated to the Alumni Report and 12 min for our commercial partners, followed by election of the OCs with the amazing results following, that this December ESN international will gather in our capital Vilnius, because ESN VGTU with Indrė Kasiliauskaitė in front got a chance to organize CND Vilnius 2014! While Lithuania is already preparing to host around 120 ESNers this December, Ankara is preparing to welcome more than 700 ESNers next spring while organizing AGM Ankara 2015.

After getting to know places for the future events the most exciting part of the event started with the election of the new International Board. After minutes of waiting and tension in the room huge applauses were dedicated to the new IB of Erasmus Student Network for 2014-2015:

President – Stefan Jahnke, ESN Sweden

Vice-President – Dominique Montagnese, ESN France

Treasurer – Jonathan Jelves, ESN Sweden

Communication Manager – Robert Klimacki, ESN Poland

WPA – Adam Farnik, ESN Slovakia

Official part was already over, but day still had a lot to offer with Gala dinner waiting. This time organized in the Bocconi University, dinner has offered not only 3 course Italian dinner, but also STARawards of the very best ones of the network, including ESN KTU, which were noticed for having 3rd best logo in the entire network.

After all these days, awarding the best ones and making final photos the time came to close the event. AGM Milano 2014 was over, but it will definitely stay forever in the hearts of nearly 700 hundred ESNers, who left home with passion in their eyes and huge motivation to work for the beautiful tomorrow of the organization.

by Sandra Baltkojytė, ESN LT Communication Manager

Have You heard anything about the Legendary Boat???
• 2200 international participants
• 777 cabins
• 38 local ESN sections
• 6 ESN countries
• 7 DJ’s – 3 dance floors
• 5 restaurants – 5 shops
• 4 saunas – 2 pools
• 3 days – 2 nights
• 2 harbors
• 1 unforgettable event!
All this and even more is waiting for you at the ESN Sea Battle SPRING 2014!!!!

ESN Lithuania is happy having a chance to offer an opportunity even for 168 people from Lithuania to be convinced that this is one of the greatest party you may have!

Places were distributed according to the amount of exchange students studying in the certain university, which ESN section belongs to. Please check the numbers:
• ESN Vilnius University - 29 places,
• ESN VGTU - 28 places,
• ESN MRU Vilnius - 25 places,
• ESN VMU - 23 places,
• ESN KTU - 26 places,
• ESN KuK, ESN KK, ESN ISM, ESN ŠU, ESN SMK, ESN LEU gets 6 places per section,
• ESN VDA - 3 places!

!Some sections might not fill up all of their places, free places will go to the people who will be in the waiting list according to their registration time!

Registration form >>PRESS HERE<<

DEADLINE to registrate - 16th of February, 23:59.
Later on you have to give money to your Section Local Coordinator (Contacts below). Registration is over only when the money are paid. (DEADLINE to pay for the ticket : 23rd of February)

DEADLINE for sections to transfer money - 28th of February.

Who is responsible in your section?
ESN KuK - Karolina Čižaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karolina.cizaite.9)
ESN MRU Vilnius - Jaroslaw Doda (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaroslaw.doda)
ESN VGTU - Aistė Zentelytė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aiste.zentelyte)
ESN ŠU - Greta Brukauskaitė(Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greta.brukauskaite)
ESN KTU - Lina Žukauskaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lina.zukauskaite.1)
ESN KK - Dovilė Paliulytė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/padovile)
ESN SMK - Aistė Danilevičiūtė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aiste.danileviciute)
ESN VDA - Gabrielė Čiapaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gabriele.isnesta)
ESN VU - Gabrielė Lynikaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilmizzgabriele)
ESN LEU - Emilis Dubovičius (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilis.dubovicius)
ESN VMU - Karolina Tuminauskaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karolina.tuminauskaite)
ESN ISM - Kasparas Subačius (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kasparas.subacius)

You can find your section contacts here -> http://www.esnlithuania.org/content/sections

Participants must agree to the rules of the organizators. Every participant will have to sign a contract. Documents are attached below.

ESN Sea Battle 2014 Spring will be held on 31st of March - 2nd of April.

Official Facebook event

For more info contact your section coordinator or Sandra Rimavičiūtė (Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/sandra.rimaviciute), ESN Sea Battle National Coordinator by [email protected].

See you on the Boat! And traditionally... it's time to start learning the ESN Sea Battle Movement!


ESN Sea Battle happens twice a year and every time gets more and more attention. Few years ago Lithuanian delegation used to gather around 50 people and 2 Group Leaders. In Sea Battle 2013 Fall between 2000 students from all over the Europe Lithuania was already presented by nearly 200 exchange students and even 9 Group Leaders. Growing numbers only can approve the slogan of these years ESN SB which was inviting to “discover the Erasmus legend”.

M/S Baltic Queen for two nights actually became a boat that rocked with all the activities, organized by ESN, and all the enthusiasm brought there by exchange students. Karaoke evenings, hangout area for board games, classes for dance and languages – everyone could find his own and special way of having fun. Besides that 2 dance floors were always welcoming for students who wanted to stay dancing until the dawn.

Event for two nights from 17 to 19th of November participants had an opportunity to be a part of one of the greatest celebrations of exchange students life in Northern Europe. Organized by ESN Sweden as the main responsible together with ESN Denmark, ESN Norway and all Baltic States event already for the 9th year gathers thousands of students for the cruise between Tallinn and Stockholm. Following ESN Sea Battle will invite already this spring, so be ready and do not miss the chance to become a small part of the legend!

About SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting in few minutes together with SocialErasmus Lithuania coordinator OnutėBumbulytė!


SECM –  SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting. This time National and Local SocialErasmus coordinators decided to meet in Prague, Czech Republic.

Me as a National SocialErasmus Coordinator and Agnė Babelytė as a Local Coordinator departed from Lithuania on 24th of October. SECM started on 25th of October. This meeting lasted for 4 days, till 28th of October. So, we had the most interesting all four days to discuss about SocialErasmus, share our experiences, solve the biggest problems. 
What SECM is for?
SECM  is for all Local and National SocialErasmus coordinators. All SE coordinators from  entire Europe and every single section of ESN are invited. This is a great opportunity to understand the concept of SocialErasmus better, think about responsibilities of SE coordinators for once more. During this meeting you can share your experiences, cover both - positive and negative - sides of it. Also it’s a great meeting for problems solving, searching for solutions together. Sharing ideas is a proper way to be more social, to organise more activities, implement something new in your country, just to be inspired by other coordinators and then realise something you have only been dreaming about. 

What was decided?
During SECM we were speaking about many things. We were trying to figure out, what should the national team look like in the future, what should we do to motivate coordinators and students to contribute in our social activities. We decided that all, National and Local SocialErasmus coordinators, have to register social activities in SE website. If we will cooperate on that, it will be easier for Europe to see what each country is doing and that all together we are doing a lot. This is the best way to share material and let the Europe to know about us. 
What is the most important thing you have learned about SocialErasmus there?
SocialErasmus in not only going to schools as you might think. It’s much more. It’s help for old people to go out from the room, speak with them or even clean forest together. After this meeting SocialErasmus is something more for me. It is all activities which can be useful for society, all things which changes things in a good way. SocialErasmus – being social, feeling better.

What new have you learned?
After this meeting I came back home full of ideas, what I should be changed to make SocialErasmus in Lithuania even better. If you want to change something – just do it, don’t sit in one place and just speak about it.

Did you enjoy being there? 
Yes, a lot. It was great opportunity to meet new people, hear, what others are doing, understand, what should I actually do. For this opportunity to go there I’m saying thanks for my university, International Relations department at Šiauliai university.
Anything more to share?
Reach higher! Go further! Go social!
Thank you, Onute, very much for the ideas shared and wish you to have a fruitful cadency!