Have You heard anything about the Legendary Boat???
• 2200 international participants
• 777 cabins
• 38 local ESN sections
• 6 ESN countries
• 7 DJ’s – 3 dance floors
• 5 restaurants – 5 shops
• 4 saunas – 2 pools
• 3 days – 2 nights
• 2 harbors
• 1 unforgettable event!
All this and even more is waiting for you at the ESN Sea Battle SPRING 2014!!!!

ESN Lithuania is happy having a chance to offer an opportunity even for 168 people from Lithuania to be convinced that this is one of the greatest party you may have!

Places were distributed according to the amount of exchange students studying in the certain university, which ESN section belongs to. Please check the numbers:
• ESN Vilnius University - 29 places,
• ESN VGTU - 28 places,
• ESN MRU Vilnius - 25 places,
• ESN VMU - 23 places,
• ESN KTU - 26 places,
• ESN KuK, ESN KK, ESN ISM, ESN ŠU, ESN SMK, ESN LEU gets 6 places per section,
• ESN VDA - 3 places!

!Some sections might not fill up all of their places, free places will go to the people who will be in the waiting list according to their registration time!

Registration form >>PRESS HERE<<

DEADLINE to registrate - 16th of February, 23:59.
Later on you have to give money to your Section Local Coordinator (Contacts below). Registration is over only when the money are paid. (DEADLINE to pay for the ticket : 23rd of February)

DEADLINE for sections to transfer money - 28th of February.

Who is responsible in your section?
ESN KuK - Karolina Čižaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karolina.cizaite.9)
ESN MRU Vilnius - Jaroslaw Doda (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaroslaw.doda)
ESN VGTU - Aistė Zentelytė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aiste.zentelyte)
ESN ŠU - Greta Brukauskaitė(Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greta.brukauskaite)
ESN KTU - Lina Žukauskaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lina.zukauskaite.1)
ESN KK - Dovilė Paliulytė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/padovile)
ESN SMK - Aistė Danilevičiūtė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aiste.danileviciute)
ESN VDA - Gabrielė Čiapaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gabriele.isnesta)
ESN VU - Gabrielė Lynikaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilmizzgabriele)
ESN LEU - Emilis Dubovičius (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilis.dubovicius)
ESN VMU - Karolina Tuminauskaitė (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karolina.tuminauskaite)
ESN ISM - Kasparas Subačius (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kasparas.subacius)

You can find your section contacts here -> http://www.esnlithuania.org/content/sections

Participants must agree to the rules of the organizators. Every participant will have to sign a contract. Documents are attached below.

ESN Sea Battle 2014 Spring will be held on 31st of March - 2nd of April.

Official Facebook event

For more info contact your section coordinator or Sandra Rimavičiūtė (Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/sandra.rimaviciute), ESN Sea Battle National Coordinator by [email protected].

See you on the Boat! And traditionally... it's time to start learning the ESN Sea Battle Movement!


ESN Sea Battle happens twice a year and every time gets more and more attention. Few years ago Lithuanian delegation used to gather around 50 people and 2 Group Leaders. In Sea Battle 2013 Fall between 2000 students from all over the Europe Lithuania was already presented by nearly 200 exchange students and even 9 Group Leaders. Growing numbers only can approve the slogan of these years ESN SB which was inviting to “discover the Erasmus legend”.

M/S Baltic Queen for two nights actually became a boat that rocked with all the activities, organized by ESN, and all the enthusiasm brought there by exchange students. Karaoke evenings, hangout area for board games, classes for dance and languages – everyone could find his own and special way of having fun. Besides that 2 dance floors were always welcoming for students who wanted to stay dancing until the dawn.

Event for two nights from 17 to 19th of November participants had an opportunity to be a part of one of the greatest celebrations of exchange students life in Northern Europe. Organized by ESN Sweden as the main responsible together with ESN Denmark, ESN Norway and all Baltic States event already for the 9th year gathers thousands of students for the cruise between Tallinn and Stockholm. Following ESN Sea Battle will invite already this spring, so be ready and do not miss the chance to become a small part of the legend!

About SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting in few minutes together with SocialErasmus Lithuania coordinator OnutėBumbulytė!


SECM –  SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting. This time National and Local SocialErasmus coordinators decided to meet in Prague, Czech Republic.

Me as a National SocialErasmus Coordinator and Agnė Babelytė as a Local Coordinator departed from Lithuania on 24th of October. SECM started on 25th of October. This meeting lasted for 4 days, till 28th of October. So, we had the most interesting all four days to discuss about SocialErasmus, share our experiences, solve the biggest problems. 
What SECM is for?
SECM  is for all Local and National SocialErasmus coordinators. All SE coordinators from  entire Europe and every single section of ESN are invited. This is a great opportunity to understand the concept of SocialErasmus better, think about responsibilities of SE coordinators for once more. During this meeting you can share your experiences, cover both - positive and negative - sides of it. Also it’s a great meeting for problems solving, searching for solutions together. Sharing ideas is a proper way to be more social, to organise more activities, implement something new in your country, just to be inspired by other coordinators and then realise something you have only been dreaming about. 

What was decided?
During SECM we were speaking about many things. We were trying to figure out, what should the national team look like in the future, what should we do to motivate coordinators and students to contribute in our social activities. We decided that all, National and Local SocialErasmus coordinators, have to register social activities in SE website. If we will cooperate on that, it will be easier for Europe to see what each country is doing and that all together we are doing a lot. This is the best way to share material and let the Europe to know about us. 
What is the most important thing you have learned about SocialErasmus there?
SocialErasmus in not only going to schools as you might think. It’s much more. It’s help for old people to go out from the room, speak with them or even clean forest together. After this meeting SocialErasmus is something more for me. It is all activities which can be useful for society, all things which changes things in a good way. SocialErasmus – being social, feeling better.

What new have you learned?
After this meeting I came back home full of ideas, what I should be changed to make SocialErasmus in Lithuania even better. If you want to change something – just do it, don’t sit in one place and just speak about it.

Did you enjoy being there? 
Yes, a lot. It was great opportunity to meet new people, hear, what others are doing, understand, what should I actually do. For this opportunity to go there I’m saying thanks for my university, International Relations department at Šiauliai university.
Anything more to share?
Reach higher! Go further! Go social!
Thank you, Onute, very much for the ideas shared and wish you to have a fruitful cadency!

Central European Platform is a unique chance for close friends to meet. Definitely closer by distance, frequently by ways of working and attitude towards daily ESN matters. Those are reasons why CEP is the best time to exchange best practices and start partnerships with sections you share similar ESN vision with. President of the oldest section of ESN Lithuania Darija Kupstaitė only proves that by telling that “ESN VU seized the chance and found friends for section. It is ESN-EYE Lodz whom with we are already working on common future plans”. National delegate Tomas Tamulevičius adds that these are not all the news concerning partnerships between sections and much more information about Section Buddies program is soon to be presented during the next meeting of NB.

While participants were not working on partnerships they were invited to listen to presentations of the latest news and changes of the network. Coming upgrade of ESN Galaxy was presented by IT Committee Chair with the special attention to distribution of roles and coming personalization of the system. President of ESN International introduced sections with the upcoming STORY, which will aim at quality of learning mobility, placements and internships and is planned to be one of the biggest research projects conducted by volunteers. Moreover the importance of ExchangAbility was stressed out as for the project which has recently receiver grant from European Commission for the realization of MapAbility. From presentations of international projects to discussions about image of the sections in the public sphere and sharing experiences realized among all CEP countries. Delegates of ESN Lithuania were really excited to hear success stories of all 8 countries of the region. All like one proves that it gave a lot of ideas for what can be done within they sections and what only need to do is to wait a bit for those ideas being realized in practice! 

Every single ESN event would not be as unforgettable as they are without the evening part. At the first night CEP Košice has invited participants to the Slovak Night, where everyone could enjoy national traditional dances. Second evening has gathered 8 different cultures and their cuisines under one roof in the Kulturpark, where no one could simply miss yellow green red army all over the place! The last evening gave an exclusive opportunity to dress up and show the best you have since participants were invited to the Gala dinner. Boys in suits and girls in dresses is the time to prove that ESN can have many different faces: from colorful youth to solid representatives.

Event which has started on 10th and was closed on 13th of October – only 3 days, but which means a lot for our 11 representatives of ESN Lithuania. “It was a fruitful meeting, which gave a lot for me personally and lots of useful information for the sections as well. Starting from Eduk8 trainings for skills development for better management or taking under control some issues, to future plans among friends from different parts of Europe” they claim. So it was: useful, motivating, encouraging to seek for more.

So can you feel the vibe of central Europe?

To bring you back the knowledge from international level of ESN two members of our National Board PR Officer Sandra Baltkojytė and IT Coordinator Laurynas Rašimas had to cross five countries, use four different kinds of transport and try to manage within four currencies. At the end these things does not even matter anymore since delegation successfully reached Timişoara, Romania on 3rd of October, where they have spent three days discussing and exchanging knowledge with nearly 20 National Boards of the network.

Friday, 4th of October

After opening speeches and ice-breakers lead by Eduk8 trainers participants were invited to listen about most innovative ideas, significant events and other worth sharing ideas. NEP  NBM was presented, which has encouraged all the rest of ESN regions consider closer cooperation between national boards. Afterwards discussion about image of ESN sections was opened by IB members, who invited to consider wisely the content for social media. Preferring quality over quantity should be one of the main goals for every single responsible of public face of ESN.  Later on the first day of NBM was continued by presentations of SocialErasmus, Erasmus in Schools and ExchangeAbility, which came back to life after receiving grant from Council of Europe and electing the new team for the following year, which will take care of online mapping of friendly Higher Education Institutions for people with disabilities and will directly coordinate work of volunteers for that.
During the coffee break participants had to choose the small session they want to attend. Attracted by geographical issues of other countries Laurynas has chosen the topic “Geographical distance between sections – how to cooperate?” while our PR Officer attended small session analyzing work of NBs and national committees. After summarizing an hour of discussions, the time came to join 3 hours long activity “Meet your IB colleague”. While our IT  Coordinator was getting to know the most recent changes in the field of webmasters, PR of Lithuania along with other responsible for communication covered many topics, including the image of ESN, variety of tools to form it, duties and responsibilities while working on it and much more. For further information keep updated while following news of ESN Lithuania!

Plenary of the first day was closed at 8 pm and everyone was invited to meet few hours after at the Eurodinner – probably one of the longest and craziest traditions of ESN. Variety of flavors and eager to explore all of them – every real ESNer knows how hard sometimes is to combine it, but during Eurodinner everything becomes possible!

Saturday, 5th of October

Day two has started with an energizer for everyone to wake up and loads of information afterwards. ESN Finland has presented their magazine – first of this kind in the entire network. In it you can find information about working and studying in Finland, their sections, events and their National event: Pirates of the Baltic Sea. Check it all out HERE. Later on posters session has started when the time was given for countries to promote their posters with all the general info of their ESN. During 45min you could get to know how your colleagues work, who with they cooperate, what strong and sometimes weaker sides they have. One of the greatest recent success ESN story was told by ESN Portugal, which is happy about their strong ties with the national agency, can boast about successful national events and is only seeking to grow up from 8 sections to more.  That the information about recent changes in ESN International would not be lost presentation of ESN Wiki was necessary. Source of every single fact of ESN is still a relatively fresh project, which still has to be professionalized, hopefully tools as common form for the information of every country suggested during the discussion will help to achieve that. One more information source of ESN is soon to be under reconstruction, which will not only lead ESN Galaxy towards better  design, but will also provide the system with the better roles system, spread of information and future improvements for the benefit of every single ESNer.

Presentations of Alumni Network, ESN Italy’s national event took place just before the time when the participants were invited to meet their National Buddies. ESN Lithuania together with ESN Czech Republic and ESN Slovakia used the time for experience sharing and possible actions for future cooperation. If the decisions were successful entire of the network will see during following year.

Saturday session was closed with the few hours dedicated for accomplishing discussions with the colleagues of the same field.

Sunday, 6th of October

Last 3,5 hours of the event were dedicated for the last presentations and few more work groups. International Communication Manager promised to release newly updates Section Package in coming months. Best moments of the recent Eduk8 T4T were shared among the network. Future of NBM discussed. Workshops about “How to organize a sport event” and “Motivate sections for the national and international levels” were attended. Day has ended quickly with the last part only remaining: time to say goodbye.

Even if it is goodbye for October, it does not mean we will not meet on December! Until then – let’s stay in touch, dear ESN people!

For growing organization it is essential to build professional basis, which could be transferred from generation to generation. For every motivated volunteer there always comes time to become something bigger and better. That is the moment when some additional skilled help from aside is more than welcome. As a cause of that more than 50 ESNers have gathered together in Cluj-Napoca, Romania for the whole week, which has lasted from 14th to 21st of August. Eduk8 Training 4 Trainers (T4T) this time has invited to deepen knowledge in three different fields: intercultural learning, section empowerment, management and how to become an official ESN Eduk8 Trainer.

This time ESN Lithuania in the event was presented by National Research Coordinator Tomas Tamulevičius (ESN VMU), who already has experienced the power of Eduk8 while participating in their winter meeting last year. But it doesn’t make the new experience less valuable. He claims that “it was an amazing event, full of brilliant moments and fabulous emotions”. Our new ESN trainer says that this time it was more about building one strong team, where every single member of it can trust each other in no matter what situation. 

While discussing the program of the event he also tells that after first days of team-building more time was given for gathering knowledge in non-formal education area. Practical advises how to create trainings, conduct them and to be good at it were shared between professional and future ESN Eduk8 trainers. Following days invited to realize theory. Tomas remembers that “it was a great challenge to give a training for other participants. At the same time it was useful experience since we all received constructive feedback, which allowed us to improve faster heading to the right direction. When the last day of the meeting came, there was a lot to discuss, evaluate and remember, but after all of that the most important moment came when we all were announced as officially approved ESN Eduk8 Trainers”. 

Now fresh Eduk8 trainers are back home and probably already thinking about possible ways to realize gained skills. Tomas sends huge AČIŪ for all members of ESN Lithuania for this opportunity, giant THANK YOU for all the participants and organizers. And as a motivation for future ESN generations he adds: “for one more time I was convinced that ESN is one amazing family, which teaches you to see the best in every single person”. It’s always the right time to join us, isn’t it?

It is hard to leave ESN after everything you went through together. Even you are already graduated, having a full-time job and organizing your free time more carefully than ever before. Probably there is no other ESN Lithuania’s member who could prove it more than Julius Zaburas – the one who did not only create a shelter for graduated ESNers in Lithuania, but also less than a week before was elected as the Head Coordinator of ESN LT Alumni Network for the second time in a row. Let’s talk, why ESN and why for so long.

Hello, Julius! How the summer is going? Does even this period have something in common with ESN?

Hello, Sandra. Firstly I would like to thank you for being interested in our activity, it means a lot for us. And now about ESN - this summer is very important for the club, because we still have to do many "black work" like creating strategies, visions, mission, some promo... Plus everything must be coordinated along with international Alumni. But now when we have new board we are able to work 100% and I believe that during the next national platform you will see many good changes in ESN LT Alumni.

Which experience or memory from ESN experience you cherish the most? For how long you are in the organization already?

I am in the organisation for almost 2 years and from the very beginning I was working with the social projects. This is why as the best memory is having two Spanish students gathering charity for children with cancer while it was snowing outside and the temperature was below zero. :-) Showing to the people that ERASMUS is not only partying is the biggest reward for me.

What makes you stay? Were these years while being a member of ESN VGTU not enough?

ESN changed my life because I fulfilled many dreams there, using ESN I improved as a person. Now it is time to give something back - my main goal is using my personal experience (together with other Alumni) show how cool ESN is. It is not the secret that we have some problems with the motivation of some sections and hope that our help, support can fix this. Plus in Lithuania volunteering among the young people is not so popular but doing it is awesome, right? Why not to come together and prove it!

How did you get attracted to join the organization?

Hmm, the first idea was to party with ERASMUS students :-) But after few weeks I felt that I can successfully represent my country, that I can CREATE projects which can make other people happy. So this is why I still try to do all of this, even the stupidest ideas in ESN can become true. 

How do you try to attract former members of ESN LT to join Alumni network now?

If to say the true I do not try to attract former members of ESN LT at the moment. Now I just want to find out how many former ESN members are really motivated to work because they naturally need for it. Nobody are forced or pushed to be the member of the Alumni. They must have it in their heart. But as I said before during the summer we are working hard and planning to make it much more attractive by presenting ourselves during the next national platform..

Does the tactic work? How big you are today?

I think yes. Today we have 4 - 5 desired ESN LT Alumni members, totally we have 9 official members. 

What future would you like to see for Alumnies in ESN Lithuania?

Now one of the main goals is to get involved in international arena. This year we must present the national coordinator for ESN Alumni International. Talking about the Lithuania, the club is planning to start working on job vacations for former ESN members which will cover many EU countries. We have many ideas which will be revealed during next NP. :-)

What is the message for all ESNers, who just graduated or planning to do in coming years?

Do not hurry up to become an adult. Think of your dream and follow it. And remember - if you were volunteering in ESN, you are special already - use it! If you still want to feel ESN spirit, we are waiting for you. If not - just remember your friends and colleagues and help them when they need it.

Thank you very much!

For the first time in the history ESN Lithuania was elected as the Star of the Week for the ESN ComCom project, which every single week announces the best initiative throughout entire network. 

ESN Lithuania made it to the top with Summer Camp vol.3.

ESN LT Summer Camp becomes a traditional National event in Lithuania, organized for ESN members only. ESN LT Summer Camp'13 was held for the 3rd time, last weekend of June (the 29-30th) in the Sport and recreation center campus of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. It is a non formal event open for all members of all our sections (10 sections + 1 candidate section). The program consisted of lots of fun team-building games, various kinds of workshops, tournaments and free sport activities, free time with barbecue, spending time together till late at night by the fire singing songs and playing guitars. The aim: to create a non formal environment and program for new and old members from different sections and cities, as well as the NB and National coordinators, to get to know each other, make friends and bond, at the same time having lots of fun in the nature by the lake.

Enjoy being a part of famous family ;)

On 14th - 16th of June ESN Lithuania Alumni Club stepped forward into the international arena because two delegates - Julius Zaburas and Faustina Ziberkaitė - participated in ESN Alumni Medley which took place in Kraków. During the tree days of the stay many thing happened and the main aim of presenting Lithuania as active ESN Alumni country was reached.

Lithuanian delegation left Vilnius late Thursday evening and after really long trip has finally reached Kraków on Friday midday. After great welcoming and a shower delegates full of energy started Alumni Medley with the guided tour throughout the city. While walking they have enjoyed not only amazing panorama of the city, but also friendly conversations with Alumnies from all over ESN network. However it the dinner at the end of the day was the part which brought everyone together and allowed to feel spirit of one strong group!

Saturday was more official as not only the sightseeing was included in the plan, but some plenaries also took place. Participant had a 3 hours lasting discussion about the most important things happening not only in ESN International but of course in Alumni Network as well. Board has presented a report with the updates during the period after the last Alumni Medley Meeting in Groningen, covering the images of the future of the network and ideas concerning 25th Anniversary of ESN and possible Alumni participation in it were discussed.

Evening part of the event was proudly opened by tasting traditional Lithuanian drinks and leaving some of them as a present for OC team and Board of Alumni. It is not a surprise that afterwards Lithuania became a desired country for the following Alumni Medley. So maybe Vilnius will be the next meeting point for the most experienced from ESN?

It was not just an unforgettable weekend with absolutely new people, but also very important move towards the development of ESN Alumni Network in Lithuania. Basis are build (and so weak), but as former vice - president of ESN International 2010/2011 Joachim Wyssling said "I saw how you are partying, but now I want to see how are you working". So do not disappoint him! 

written by Julius Zaburas

Traditionally, as spring progresses ESN Sweden invites to the legendary battle in the sea, for the international ESN community  better known as ESN Sea Battle. Thousands of participants, over night ceasing dance floors, two historical capitals of Europe and nearly one thousand booths for ESN members and for ESN countries visting exchange students. Huge event annually attracting more and more attention this year has awaited for a delegation of 150 international students delegation, supervised by 7 Group Leaders and a national ESN Sea Battle coordinator Karol Sakalauskas.

This time to share her experience with us agreed ESN Lithuania‘s Project Coordinator Sandra Rimavičiūtė, who is attending ESN Sea Battle not for the first time:

Every time while coming from the Sea Battle I bring lots of positive emotions together. First of all we were really lucky with the weather both in Tallinn and Stockholm, where we could enjoy the sunlight, so it wouldn’t make sense to complain about the weather. Probably this time one of the greatest our merits was a big Lithuanian delegation, which this time was tree times bigger than the last time, so we didn’t feel that little anymore between other Baltic sections and the possibility to meet your exchange student in the corridors of the cruise was definitely bigger. This time we have managed to avoid any big problems.


Program as always was involving and interesting; I’ve also managed to attend two hours lasting salsa workshop, which I wasn’t bad in though. 

Also what I could tell is that at the first night Ibiza night club was took over by the members of ESN MRU Vilnius and we stayed there till the very morning and then we met the sun on the deck. Half of the day in Stockholm also didn’t take too long since we had a guide, which leaded us trough the city for the few hours and then we had few hours more to explore city ourselves. 

At the second night we had a Responsible Party and Write on Me – White T-Shirts Party. Both clubs were crowded with people. The ones who wanted to improve their Latino skills at that time were invited to the Latino Party in Tango Lounge.

I am also really satisfied with the work done by Group Leaders. Oscar (the Head OC of the SB) and the security team of the cruise were also satisfied. Quoting the Head of Security at the ESN Sea Battle regarding the security and order at this springs' event: "This was the best event I've participated in so far!". Amazing job everybody!

I think that the result of it is the newly updated GLs standby system.

Also it was a real pleassure to meet people from the previous Sea Battle and to see other known faces.

Long story short, I loved event a lot, every semestre it‘s getting better than the previous one, we‘ve come back full of nice memories, positive emotions – these are the reasons why I wouldn‘t refuse to participate here once again.

Thumbs up and big like!