When ESN VMU was approved as the OC of the following National Platform not everyone wanted to leave the capital and move to Kaunas for these few days, but seems that hard work, consistent planning and united team fulfilled their promise that there will be No Problems in Kaunas from 1st to the 2nd of December.

Second NP in Kaunas during the history of ESN Lithuania brought together more than 50 active members including and the first Chair of NP in ESN Lithuania’s history. It was Orinta Movsesjan who bravely stood in front of everyone and kept the right order. Therefore at the end of the NP all the sections approved that CT should be elected for every single NP. One more step forward a better work quality was made continuing with the fact that even 6 different workshops were organized by 6 different members of the NB covering the topics from visual identity and marketing finishing with the basics of HTML code. 

Besides that during winter NP much more various information about present projects, outcomes of recent activities and future plans were presented. Kristina Selezniova (present SE LT coordinator) gladly represented visible SocialErasmus improvement in Lithuania, which might be followed on the new SE Lithuania page. Sandra Rimavičiūtė (present ESN LT Project Coord.) talked about the Sea Battle 2012 Fall and about the better level which this project has reached even with plans to organize a Responsible Party in the following SB. Gintarė Vaiginytė (present ESN LT president) together with Augustė (ESN Vilnius University) explained about the new action plan for the reviving project Invest in Lithuania, which is starting from the following February. Later on it was followed by the presentation of Being a Jew, which is officially starting already from this Sunday. Many other topics related to Responsible Party, CEP Graz 2012 and even new partners were covered. 

Apart of that many other opportunities for the members of ESN Lithuania’s networks was offered. One of them – Eduk8, which is inviting to participate all the potential future trainers on almost any topic. In the past workshops have been organised on topics like effective communication, team building and leadership, constructive feedback and conflict management. Also members were encouraged to join international committees of ESN and use opportunities to Reach out for more – go international!

While trying to improve skills of ESN members international students mustn’t be forgotten as well, that’s why the idea brought back from CEP Graz 2012 to participate in ESN Olympics were presented for the NP and approved by 8 from 9 sections, who were present on 2-nd day of NP. International students should start practicing their running, swimming, soccer skills, because already this spring they will be invited to Poland to show the best they can and ESN Lithuania will be there for them with all the help to win the gold!

From activities for international students to Corporal Identity of ESN, to energizers and even development of future ESN Lithuania with inclusion of strong Alumni role. Presentation made by ESN VGTU Alumni Julius Zaburas offered to appoint 5 places for Alumni in every single NP together with the right to choose and approve the participants themselves. Moreover, creation of Alumni network was initiated with more results soon to come. 

NP finished, members left motivated and prepared to seek for more goals, which might be shared with the entire Lithuanian network in the following NP, which will take place in ESN ISM for the first time since the establishment of the section. Expectations are high, so what is left it is only to wish that after the ESN LT NP Spring 2013 the survey giving the feedback about the event would show the same as it does now, that it was “amazing! Thank you, guys!”. Thank you for being together! ESN unites. 

 By Sandra Baltkojytė.

Attachment Files: 

Ok ok ok ok ok do not panic… and again, what time is it? 9.45? Where are you all??? Lets check again, how much of time left? We suppose to leave in 15 minutes…!

That is how started an adventure called trip to St. Petersburg. Ten more minutes and people started to gather.. I (member of ESN KTU section) was organizing this trip and a mentor - Audrė from KK was helping me a lot. It took a few weeks to plan everything... So imagine how happy I felt afterwards… Nobody was late, everybody came, a great relief came to me.

People studying in KTU, KK and VMU universities who came to Lithuania from Turkey, Germany, Sweden, France, Poland, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Kazakhstan were ready to visit St. Petersburg and enjoy its beauty and oneness.

This is the day, the time and place. Now, hold on Russia, our gang is coming! We are going to be sooo wild and so furious! (10 min. later - everybody sleeps in the bus).

Well, I thought to myself, maybe we are not going to be so wild. But that is completely ok, we will take it leisurely, there is nothing wrong with that, maybe these guys just want to have some rest and peace but not parties and rave...

I have to admit, that it was a first and totally wrong impression of our crew, because just after a noon everybody started waking up, to eat, drink and talk. In brief, it was a habitual waking up time and activity for Erasmus students. Very fast, talks and chatters in the bus, going Kaunas – St. Petersburg, developed in to a massive and unstoppable feast with delicious drinks, foods and even dazzling camera lights, which as appeared later, was dazzling bus drivers so much ,that they even couldn’t see the road.

After a short bus stop for a brief moral education, we could move on towards the town called Narva where we had to spend a night and then, fresh as daisies, cross Russia border. And everything went this way, we didn’t even noticed as we were already going down the road towards the great and remarkable town – St. Petersburg. And indeed, St. Petersburg is amazing. Undoubtedly - one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Architecture, museums, people, everything is so different, exclusive and beautiful at the same time. St. Petersburg was founded by Tsar Peter the Great, that is why the most famous objects that we have visited was somehow related with this remarkable person or his relatives.

At first we went to see Peters and Pauls cathedral in which all the emperors and empresses of tsarist Russia are buried down. It is the first and oldest landmark in St. Petersburg which amazes you by its grandeur and abundance of affluance. Second, a very special place that we went to see was a Catherines summer palace, that personally for me, was the most amazing thing that I have seen in Russia so far. Its splendour, beauty and luxury made me rethink about those who had it and those who had to die because of it.

The last day in St. Petersburg started quite early by going to one of the world-wide known museums – Hermitage. Just imagine, what an extraordinary feeling you get when you go down those beautifull coridors, staircases and halls that used to be a homes for ones of the most famous historic personalities. Moreover, step after step you discover sculptures, paintings and other masterpieces of the artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Matisse, van Gogh and others... It is quite impossible to describe everything in words. I think the only way you can get visualize Hermitage is to go there and to see everything with your own eyes ...

After these adventures and spectacular views, tired but very happy, we headed towards Lithuania . I must say that because of a remarkable drivers skils, our way back to home did‘nt take a long time and was very decent.

And that my friends is the story about a trip to a land of great Russia whrere a city called St. Petersburg amazes everyones eyes who is lucky enought to see the beauty of its wealth.

Simona Puskunigytė

For 11-18 of November North-South Centre of the Council of Europe organizes “Global Education Week”.

This year Erasmus Student Network of Lithuania also joins this event providing the society information about the Erasmus exchange possibilities and its’ importance to the development of the global citizenship.

Here you can find short movie how ERASMUS, and exchange programs at all, can be benefitial for the person, local society and all the world! ;)

Attention: exchange students did a great job - explained everything in Lithuanian!!!

Thanks for all participants for educating our society!

Lithuanian pupils and students & ERASMUS exchange students in Lithuania will say loud that ERASMUS helps to go towards one world idea!

For 11-18 of November North-South Centre of the Council of Europe organizes “Global Education Week”. During this week Lithuanian students and teachers will be encouraged to find out their educational activities, which would make a great impact to their global citizenship.

This year Erasmus Student Network of Lithuania also joins this event providing the society information about the Erasmus exchange possibilities and its’ importance to the development of the global citizenship.

10 ESN departments in Lithuania are inviting all the pupils to participate in the essay contest: 


More information you can find in ERASMUS LETTERS.

Mentors Days 2012 has started on 18th of May with opening a registration at 10am, share of welcome packs and chatting with the cups of tea and coffee. Exhibition of Different Erasmus was opened as well. People were invited to enjoy moments captured in photos sent to us by past and present Erasmus students. Everything what MD participator could see alive may be found here.

Program has started at 10:30 with an opening word by ESN Lithuania president Gintarė Vaiginytė and Education Exchanges Support Foundation Director Daiva Šutinytė. They were glad to see so many active volunteers in one place already for the 3rd time since Mentors Days are happening for the 3rd time (2008, 2010) as well.

Later we have continued with presentation by Ilona Kazlauskaitė, who presented activities of Education Exchanges Support Foundation, possible mobility programs and all the possibilities connected to this institution. Then stage was given for ESN Lithuania, represented by the Board members. Our NR Ieva Vezbergaitė presented international level of organization, working methods, structure and opportunities of working inside the Network. National Public Relations Officer Sandra Baltkojytė talked about national level of our organization, our inside structure, ways of communication, mean of NP and other things, conserning ESN Lithuania itself. President Gintarė Vaiginytė has finnished the presentation describing various projects, organized all around Lithuania by ESN.

At midday we were invited to a lecture about intercultural communication by VMU lecturer Aurelijus Zykas, who explained many possible differences in different countries like that thumbs up in some countries may refer to something even worse than showing middle finger here. After delicious lunch we continued with session about sensory marketing where unique examples and stories about uncrushable brands as Coca Cola or 4 ways how sound affects people were given. Then we continued with a break, which lasted for 3 hours and gave an opportunity for participators if not to visit a city with a beautiful castle, then enjoy SPA procedures. Evening of 18th invited everyone to a live performance of the band "Do NOT translate". Good old songs and something really new invited everyone to dance until late evening.

New day, new challenges. 19th of May with few more lectures has came. It has offered to listen about about public image of organization - thoughts, which were given by VU lecturer Vilija Gudonienė and will be useful for the future of ESN. Counting almost half of the week after the event we already may see some results here. From 12:20 lecturers and topics has changed. From communication to methods how NGOs should be organized and what are sponsorship opportunities by Martinas Žaltauskas. At the end of this session official and theoretical part of the event was over and only the most beautiful part was left - time of awarding the best of the bests.
First of all winners of the Different Erasmus were announced. IIIrd place for Justina Kraulėdaitė from ESN KTU, IInd for Modesta Gedminaitė from ESN MRU Vilnius and Ist for Justina Kozlovksa from ESN MRU Vilnius. Winners were selected after counting votes of Mentors' Days participators. Congratulations for once more! And those who haven't won... just check how much support have you gained on Facebook by your friends, families and people you haven't even met!
Different Erasmus was changed by Go Public awards. Here the best of 2011 from all ESN Lithuania were awarded:
- Best event: Bling Bling Party by ESN MRU Vilnius, ESN Vilnius University, ESN VGTU, ESN ISLB.
- Best new idea: ESN Diary by ESN KTU.
- Best photo: "Trakai" by ESN Vilnius University.
- Best social project: Help children with cancer by ESN VGTU.
- Best project of 2011: Cultural Nights by ESN VMU.
Day was coming to an end and after lunch only one activity was left. It was National Platform, which traditionally invited to discuss about the latest issues in organization.
Two days, hundreds of people. New ideas. Good old and recently met new friends. Active leisure and lovely weather in a beautiful city. Experiences you won't soon forget. That's why it is worth to be an ESNer!

Photo album here.

During the recent weekend 50 ESNers of Lithuania have gathered together for Spring National Platform 2012. Event was hosted by ESN ŠU in Šiauliai University. More than 10 hours were spent for discussions, new decisions making and of course improving communication between sections and national Board, which this time was represented by Gintarė Vaiginytė, Julija Garšvaitė, Roman Šarpanov and Sandra Baltkojytė.

At the first day of Platform we were finally introduced to the work of ESN ISM, which was represented by their president Pavel. Later we got to know what effort was paid to make BLING BLING party such a success, what are plans for collaboration with Let’s Do It World, how is cooperation with Education Exchanges Support Foundation is going on and what grand event will be organized in Lithuania soon together with their help. Rumor has it that Days of Mentors are coming back once again!

The most important part of the day was when all the participators were invited to sign the documents for the establishment of Erasmus student tinklas ESN Lietuva – organization, which will soon officially represent ESN Lithuania in Lithuania’s law.

Second day invited to discuss about AGM and tools necessary for appropriate representation of the country. Later new budget of the quarter was confirmed with the decisions taken to delegate our ESN LT President to NBM Switzerland and our ESN LT NR to CNR in Island. Furthermore, decisions were made about our new partners – Cocainn Bar and changes of the present national mobile phone operator.  After Gintarė and Julija have shared their experiences from ESN Estonia NP and discussion about communication were made Spring 2012 NP was closed.

Next stop – Mentors’ days, real spring and even more fun with a great company!

Keep in touch with ESN Lithuania!

Photos here.

GoPublic awards are already here again!

Send your applications for:
• the best event;
• the best social project;
• the best picture;
• the best new idea;
• the best best project

until 5th of May (23:59), 2012 to [email protected]!

Your application has to contain a short description of your project/event/photo or idea, provide some visual material as photos from the project or promotional material as posters, leaflets, stickers and etc. Add links to the websites and articles, which have promoted your activities. Writewhy you deserve this award and add anything else what would prove the commision that YOU were the best during the year 2011.

More info in the file attached or [email protected].

Don't be shy & apply!

Attachment Files: 

On 10th January Vilnius sections of ESN Lithuania wellcomed all ERASMUS students by organizing them a huge Welcome party. According to organizators, there should have been around 450 ERASMUS students from Vilnius, Vilnius Gediminas Technical and  Mykolas Romeris universities, International School of Business and Law as well as mentors and their friends. The party took place in Pramogų Bankas, Vilnius.

The topic of the event was BLING BLING, so girls had to wear cocktail dresses while guys were in their suits and shirts. Despite the bad weather and Lithuanian cold, there were lots of people who prepared and shined all night long. The party lasted until 6 am.

This welcome party was one of the first events organized by several sections of ESN in Vilnius. After success like this there will certainly be more unforgettable events organized so follow the news!

This weekend National Platform of ESN Lithuania was organized in Vilnius for the last time these years and for the first time of a new Board, working from the 1st of October. 29 presentations, hours of discussions, new ideas and experiences for sharing surounded by Christmas decorations and music. 

Saturday's program included presentations from various international events as PRIME in Brussels, CEP Krakow,NBM Dublin and CND Siena. The latter event offered to rank sections from being regular to reaching level of good, successful or perfect section. Reflections of NBM Dublin have informed everyone about new ERASMUS program, which will be offered from 2012 with hard working ESN team on its side again. Presentation of CEP Krakow gave all the NP participants some thoughts about possible future cooperation with ESN Poland.


After covering these topics and coffee break National Platform could move forward and discuss about such important issues as ESN Lithuania Budget, ESN cards and future of ESN VPU, which candidacy was rejected after voting of 10 other ESN Lithuania's sections. 

Besides all discussions and reviews all 47 participators of the event had an opportunity to improveESN communication tools using skills, including reminder of  a little bit forgotten ESN Galaxy or ESN Lithuania InfoCentre, during the workshop organized by Ieva Vezbergaitė, ESN Lithuania NR. Furthermore, all participators were introduced to new ESN Lithuania's public relations tools as YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter profiles or separate websites for every single ESN Lithuania section.

Time of the first NP's day has run out with presentations of SeaBattle'11 Autumn and Exchange Days'11 with desicion being made to continue this event in coming years, making no more mistakes and going only further.

Sunday has offered an informative program with presentations of sections, which can be already found in ESN Lithuania InfoCentre, and voting round, which has changed a lot. From now on ESN Lithuania:

• is no more in partnership with S-Travellers;

• in a following NP there will include 5 places for ESN Alumni;

• has new ESN Lithuania's Human Resources Coordinator - Roman Šarpanov;

• Cihan Keskin has bacame ESN Lithuania's IT Coordinator;

• will organize next National Platform in Šiauliai with help of ESN ŠU section.

We thank everyone for active participation, ESN ISLB for organization and hope to see you soon with even more ideas, smiles and experiences to share!

 Photos can be found HERE.

ESN Lithuania and Student Travellers present:


Preliminary programme

Saturday (26 November 2011)

Free bus shuttle from Vilnius and Kaunas
Arrival at Druskininkai in the morning
Registration for the event. Souvenirs. Check in the hotel.
Free time in Druskininkai with the group leader (mentor). City tour with possibility to taste mineral water.
Parade for all international students. Be ready to represent your university and your nationality! Bring your country attributes, flags and colors!
Welcome from ESN Lithuania. Meeting with the representatives of Druskininkai town and Lithuanian National Agency – Educational Exchange Support Foundation. Free time.
Night clubbing: International Party    

Sunday (27 November 20101

Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
Aqua park. Don’t forget to bring towel and your swimming suit
Free time
Departure home

Registration and payments have to be done before 6 November, 2011 via your own university ESN section. Please see sections list here.

If your university/college does not belong to ESN. Register at [email protected] , email Subject “Exchange days 2011 registration” by providing:
First and Last name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Sex, Mobile number, email, your university/college name

By registering you agree with Terms&Conditions