ESN LT Alumni - is a club uniting former ESN'ers of ESN Lithuania, who finished their studies and their activities in ESN (local or national level). ESN LT Alumni was established on the 1st of February, 2013 by former Head Coordinator Julius Zaburas. The club consists of the Board and club‘s members. It is also a part of International Alumni Network where it's represented by National Alumni Coordinator (NAC). The club is actively involved in international level as the former Head Coordinator – Julius – was also one of the members of the International Board of ESN Alumni 2013/2014 and we have organized an International ESN Event – ESN Alumni Medley Vilnius‘2014. ESN LT Alumni club is proud having a full support of ESN Lithuania and a possibility to attend all National events.

The main goal: uniting former ESN'ers of ESN Lithuania, whose experience could be used in favour of ESN Lithuania in international, national and local levels.

Motto: Former ESN Lithuania helping present (future) ESN Lithuania.